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    How about you have a power. Called power to cure cancer. Tada!  
    The person who came up with this question obviously didn't pass kindergarten yet. You can't be intelligent without knowledge. What an idiot.  
    Justice without mercy is cruelty. I'm merciful  
    I'm a Russian. I'll be fine  
    Learn survival 101  
    I really don't care  
    I'm a guy and I would love to take over Howie's job  
    They're still making Rolls Royce, no more maybachs. I would want something rare. They also have special roof designs  
    Already have one. I don't want more problems  
    Russian offroad cars are the best  
    It looks more appetizing  
    Italy didn't lose to Germany 7-1  
    Coming from the future, it's Miami Heat  
    Rappin'all the way  
    Way easier  
    You will have to work your whole life to become a part of the spetsnaz  
    It was a hard choice but I would love to be like Zlatan more  
    No. Russia will always be better than you  
    Russian army uniforms for life  
    That butt +1
    That's a lot more than 8 kids in that picture  
    Minaj looks so bad in that picture  
    So, die or die?  
    Well, snow also melts and gets you wet  
    I love it  
    Unforgettable memories  
    Stupid question  
    I would definitely make more than 30k playing soccer  
    Learn that 4th language  
    There will be no girls in the hottest place on on earth. Idiot. It's called a desert  
    I don't think they understand. Antarctica IS a desert +1
    Half of zero is still zero  
    Too obvious  
    I'll WIN money  
    It happens every day  
    Come at me Thor  
    Mike at least has some rules to fight by. Chuck Norris doesn't have rules  
    When you're a douche  
    She won't be ugly for long  
    My phone is prepaid  
    RussianRussian life  
    I'm a Russian  
    It shows the sign of aristocrat  
    They never said he borrowed from me  
    Since the beginning of life  
    That's when cars were at their finest  
    People never make deep hot tubs  
    When you're a trumpet player your sore throat will go away  
    Whoever said camaro is dumb cuz you can sell the Bugatti and be left with more than a camaro is worth +1
    I'm a guy  
    This is the stupidest question ever  
    Hamburger is bigger than the hot dog  
    Than I can easily identify who to beat up like a real Russian  
    That's called Russian life  
    Then sell the car  
    Change into better and better and better  
    YES!!!!!!!! SPEAK THE TRUTH  
    Already went to Disney land  
    The picture has WAY more than $1000  
    I'm a guy  
    She has no job. She's just a model that gets paid for having the line of ancestors  
    How about you shut up  
    I don't have an annoying grandma. They're both awesome  
    At least I have a choice of doing it or not  
    Like a boss  
    My phone is prepaid so I will get a new one  
    It would solve a lot of hunger problems  
    Baked cookie dough ;)  
    Cannot start a family without a good job  
    Weirdly AWESOME  
    That's where I am at right now  
    Invest for life  
    Less broken bone and heart  
    You cannot be alive and be a gay Jew  
    I'm a Russian. What do you think?  
    It would be more impressive in the gym. Thumbs up if you agree  
    This is ironic. Geniuses are never miserable  
    Bad drivers are hilarious  
    Dogs can dry  
    Music is a language too thumbs up if you agree  
    Those will make my ten wishes  
    Stop being so detailed  
    Prove older kids wrong  
    My relatives were Polish  
    Russian thug life clothes  
    Then I can beat someone up for making fun of me  
    Martial arts for days  
    I can use force so that animals will understand me  
    Ww3 will happen either way  
    I would be Zlatan's friend, but I will never be Zlatan. There is only one Zlatan. Like if you agree!  
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