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Most of my spare time is either spent writing stories, playing video games, or combat training in my basement. I practice archery, accuracy with throwing knives, marksmanship with a wide array of firearms, I'm most adept with handguns, hand to hand knife combat/sword fighting, and sniper rifles. I train with my friend Wyatt Doakes occasionally on weekends. I plan on getting into the mercenary trade when I turn 20. It's the only career that doesn't sound boring as heck. Just 3 more years.

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    Increased survival chance, you can get a lot more done with five minds than one. I've already mastered survival for all scenarios anyways, but it would be more fun I guess, and the experience might make us good friends.  
    Doesn't say you have to dip your ENTIRE finger, in the picture it's just the tip of his finger being dipped. Logic will out!!!!!!!!  
    Too many limiters as a kid, although it would be a bit easier to get away with murder, no one suspects a child! Mwahahaahahahaha!!!!!! +1
    Maximum effort!  
    Yeah! Bleach the pants, then you have white jeans! That'll make you stand out a bit...  
    Bible thumpers can suck my balls, I troll people on Christmas, I don't celebrate it.  
    This is perfectly redundant.  
    My bad, how the heck did I get 'maker' in there? Whoops.  
    Maker me a more effective merc, I could sit on a position waiting for a target for days without a flinch if I needed to.  
    Oh my gesh!!!!!!!!! The things I could do... the things I could get away with!!!! Time to go all out Gatsby!  
    "I'm the mascot of an evil corporation!" said Mickey Mouse maliciously. Screw that noise.  
    Hmm... puppy that will likely have liver failure and die... or cute, healthy puppy that will live to a crisp age of at least 16?  
    No more video games or story writing? ***k that!  
    I already do, it's like I made Rose in a computer, match made in heaven I tell you!  
    Eh? Not to mention you would probably kill the poor dear if you forced your d1ck in her! Fool.  
    "How can you have any pudding, if you don't eat your meat?!" -Who can place this line?  
    By all rights, WW2 really should been lost for the Allied Powers, without the Atom Bomb and our pu$$y attack on Japan, we would have lost. It was so wrong to bomb Japan.  
    You know, Einstein is actually kind of a ***ktard. When he found out the Germans were developing Nuclear weapons, he told the US about it, and when WE started developing nuclear weapons he was shocked. He should have expected that one. We would not have won WW2 without Einstein, and if we hadn't pulled such a b1tch move on Japan.  
    I have no idea which is better, just picked one.  
    So, hmm... Lightsabers and the force... or little pu$$y blasters?  
    Lightsaber! Star Trek has those little pu$$y blasters, best thing since whoopity-frickin'-doo-da.  
    Those 42% are dishonorable dregs. I defend my friends selflessly, they're family. I would do more than take blame, I'd take bullets.  
    Yes! Serve the Czar and maybe be his chief torturer!  
    I'd go to Germany from France. Then on to Ireland!  
    Why would I want to sleep?  
    What in sam hill is funnyjunk?  
    Alopecia is actually not a bad thing, makes you more aerodynamic!  
    The thrill of the hunt.  
    Neither, my brother told me to never stick my d1ck in crazy.  
    I hunt much more effectively in the cover of the shadows.  
    Monochrome would make it easier to spot targets.  
    Can't lose if you take both cases.  
    Oh, wait! Go with the right, and just nab both cases.  
    Just so I could kill him. Crush his windpipe and high-tail it out.  
    Need for Speed: Most Wanted nostalgia!  
    I mean, in many categories, in some we're good, in most though we are not.  
    I'd rather live in Europe, the USA sucks balls.  
    Neither. +1
    How about neither.  
    Great for dozens of things, my favorite thing use Coca Cola for is cleaning change, gives it such a nice color! I've never drunk it though, screw that.  
    I'd rather be under the radar, I am certainly no attention whore. +1
    Books are gateways to new worlds, people who say reading is a waste of time should rethink their lives. I learned at least half of what I know from reading. Pick up a book and learn something people! +1
    I hate hotels.  
    You haven't killed me yet nature!  
    It's all good brah. Who on here DOESN'T find ways around things we wouldn't want to do in most of these?  
    No mental scarring.  
    So you're on of those dumb Texans, eh?  
    You say that now...  
    Bible thumping douche.  
    I already have no cell.  
    I'm a hardcore gamer with a strong passion for story writing, so that suits me perfectly. I suck with social interaction anyways.  
    How loving are we talking here? Because I have a lot of female friends.  
    I've always been fascinated by the world wars, it would a dream come true! And I train with weapons every day, so no problem.  
    Then I can enjoy my spare time, plenty of money to spend when you're off work!  
    Crush his windpipe and leave.  
    I agree.  
    Soon as the door closes, crush his windpipe and sneak out the window.  
    Gamer girl!  
    Hmm... let's see... invulnerability, immortality, I can do whatever the heck I want with that! If I can't die by any means, then no one can stop me.  
    Just crush his windpipe as soon the door shuts and go out the window.  
    Perfect opportunity kill a One D member, because One D sucks D.  
    In any case, I would take the opportunity to kill one of the members of One D, because they suck D.  
    GAMER GIRL!! ***K YEAH!  
    Seriously? Such an easy choice. INVULNERABILITY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  
    Hmm... how about neither!  
    The meat is a bit tough, but not so bad.  
    Yeah! Harley Quinn!  
    The underwear could just have been worn for a few minutes, it doesn't say it necessarily has to have ***t stains.  
    Wait, no! Rewind, I go with the right. Go out in a blaze of glory.  
    Just use the non-abrasive side, duh.  
    You could do the needle safely if you were very, very careful.  
    Since the crap doesn't have any harmful microorganisms, I could douse it in sugar and power through it.  
    It'd be awkward, but it wouldn't give me nightmares.  
    It doesn't say it can't just be a peck on the cheek.  
    It doesn't say you have to clamp down down on ***king thing!  
    Doesn't say I have to get involved with him sexually, just sleep in the same bed once a month.  
    It doesn't say you have to go all out on the Walrus, although if it was a female walrus maybe it wouldn't be so bad if you absolutely had to get nasty with it.  
    Blue waffle was a hoax.  
    Did you know that the $hit in that video was fake? In two girls one cup, the $hit is a mixture of a bunch of things, with a base of cocoa and flour.  
    I... I can't even come up with anything for this.  
    It is highly unlikely you would contract anything life-threatening from the maggots.  
    Once again, excrement can contain bacteria, viruses, and or parasites that would really ruin your day.  
    Joining in once doesn't mean you have to really get into it, you could just awkwardly fondle your mom's breasts or something.  
    It's implied, dickbiscuit.  
    The diarrhea could contain a sh*t ton of harmful bacteria, viruses, and or parasites, ***k that $hit I'm out.  
    Well, at least the corpse won't give me nightmares. And the latter would be so unpleasant.  
    It's not safe to consume blood that is not your own. That could cause many potential complications.  
    It doesn't say you actually have to consume either, but obviously I'd go with the sh*t flavored chocolate. The latter could potentially contain any number of very harmful bacteria, viruses, parasites, ***k that. +1
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