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    My friend gonna die 9 months ago  
    My dream is to get a girlfriend 9 months ago  
    It’s there choice 9 months ago  
    Depends if I’m talking to my crush 9 months ago  
    I hate fighting tryhards in fortnite 9 months ago  
    Ya kill em 9 months ago  
    I’m a good archer 9 months ago  
    Well if I die, then yay 9 months ago  
    Y’all gold diggers 9 months ago  
    A poor caring girlfriend -__- 9 months ago  
    Man, f**k people, I’d steal someone’s wifi 9 months ago  
    I’m not a female -_- 9 months ago  
    None 9 months ago  
    Hey girls, y’all still feel it with y’all pu ss y 9 months ago  
    Unless ur talking to ur crush... 9 months ago  
    What about the console, tv, PHONE, 9 months ago  
    They have face mask on so ya.... 9 months ago  
    Wtf is wrong with y’all??!! less hours but more days, that means less stress per day f***’n idiots 9 months ago  
    I’m both so ummm 9 months ago  
    You can have sex even if ur not married 9 months ago +1
    It killed more people like a lot more 9 months ago  
    I played once, I won, my friend died tho 9 months ago  
    None! 9 months ago  
    Give 7 million to the Africans 9 months ago  
    I can be a hot person and a smart person 9 months ago  
    I. 9 months ago  
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