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    My friend gonna die 10 months ago  
    My dream is to get a girlfriend 10 months ago  
    It’s there choice 10 months ago  
    Depends if I’m talking to my crush 10 months ago  
    I hate fighting tryhards in fortnite 10 months ago  
    Ya kill em 10 months ago  
    I’m a good archer 10 months ago  
    Well if I die, then yay 10 months ago  
    Y’all gold diggers 10 months ago  
    A poor caring girlfriend -__- 10 months ago  
    Man, f**k people, I’d steal someone’s wifi 10 months ago  
    I’m not a female -_- 10 months ago  
    None 10 months ago  
    Hey girls, y’all still feel it with y’all pu ss y 10 months ago  
    Unless ur talking to ur crush... 10 months ago  
    What about the console, tv, PHONE, 10 months ago  
    They have face mask on so ya.... 10 months ago  
    Wtf is wrong with y’all??!! less hours but more days, that means less stress per day f***’n idiots 10 months ago  
    I’m both so ummm 10 months ago  
    You can have sex even if ur not married 10 months ago +1
    It killed more people like a lot more 10 months ago  
    I played once, I won, my friend died tho 10 months ago  
    None! 10 months ago  
    Give 7 million to the Africans 10 months ago  
    I can be a hot person and a smart person 10 months ago  
    I. 10 months ago  
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