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Would you rather always feel Tired or Hungry 6 months ago 53 votes 15 comments 0 likes
Do you support a Green New Deal in your country Yes or No 6 months ago 49 votes 38 comments 0 likes

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I'm confident you've never met a black person. And being an entertainer is a perfectly legitimate career. I'll save you the trouble: those stats you alluded to don't exist. Definitely not how I would define "normal life", but whatever. Normal salary seems just as ambiguous of a description as normal life. If you want to talk about salaries then we have to discuss the stagnation of wages since the 70s for the middle class (in the US and Canada at least) as well as increasing economic inequality. There's a problem in general with the current state of salaries in the West. As for Black people they get hit harder because of discrimination. In the US, if two people apply for the same job (one with an Anglican name and another with an African name) and have the exact same qualifications the applicant with the African name is far more likely to not get the job (another example of privilege). But Black people tend to be less educated because of privilege (e.g. family less wealthy during childhood, school is poorer quality, targeted by the justice system, etc. etc.). 2 months ago  
Except they don't... I don't know where you're getting that idea from, but it's just not true. I also don't know what "normal life" even means. Black people live just as normal lives as everyone else. 2 months ago  
You're far more likely to get a well paying job with a degree than without one, so it almost exclusively accomplishes A. 2 months ago  
Doesn't even pick the best one either. Avatar is so dope. 2 months ago +1
1. Death Note, 2. Naruto, 3. Dragon Ball, 4. Attack on Titan, 5. FMA. When animes like KonoSuba and One Punch Man get more seasons I'll probably rank them higher. 2 months ago  
Out of the frontrunners I think Biden is the only one that I'm actually worried would lose. He's so out of touch with modern America. Bernie should be able to crush him in the debates. Would have preferred he got paired up with Warren though as she'd do a better job challenging him. 2 months ago +1
I like comedy animes that also contain some good action and One Punch Man is one of the best. 2 months ago  
There's so much to unpack in this comment. First, I don't know where you get this idea that black people are criminals or entertainers (?), but that sounds highly racist. Second, being an entertainer is an actual job, so weird critique. Third, not sure what you mean by "normal life." Fourth, none of these things exist in a vacuum and privilege impacts things like incarnation rate. Fifth, this pride in criminality is 100% not true and racist. Sixth, and most importantly, household wealth impacts children too, which goes on to impact their whole life. The more wealth you grow up in the more "successful" you'll be on average. Have you ever actually met a black person? Because the crazy thing is they are exactly like everyone else just darker skin. 2 months ago  
What do you call it then when white families have disproportionately far more wealth than minority families? I'm not sure if you're aware of the impact wealth has on quality of life, but I can assure you it is quite significant. That's all objective fact, which is borne out in all the data. That's also just the tip of the iceberg. 2 months ago  
I haven't been very active in years so couldn't tell you, but I enjoyed myself here until like 2016. Everyone I talked to kinda left by that point. I don't know if the quality is worse now, but it's a younger crowd 2 months ago +1
I couldn't care less about my race. Race is so inconsistent it makes no sense to put so much weight on it. Unfortunately, I enjoy a lot of privilege in society thanks to my skin colour. 2 months ago  
For me it 100% depends on which voice actors are better. For example with Dragon Ball I prefer dubbed and One Punch Man I prefer subbed. For Naruto I don't mind either, but some characters like Madara sound way more badass in their dubbed voices. 3 months ago  
This seems like a no brainer both economically and morally. Those white nationalists already control the presidencies of USA and Brazil and they've been an unmitigated mess. You'd have to deeply hate your country or be extremely ignorant and misinformed to vote in the alt-right. 3 months ago  
No, just Canadians 5 months ago  
I'm vehemently opposed to capital punishment with no exceptions, so of course I'm going to be opposed to someone mass murdering people based off a highly subjective set of morals. This isn't even justice; it's just some sadistic nut trying to play God. 5 months ago  
Population control? There's not even a population problem, so there's nothing to control. 5 months ago  
Obviously, I'm not some edgy loser that jerks off on the idea of Social Darwinism. 5 months ago +2
Bro is already dead, so what kind of díck would I have to be to shít on his family? 5 months ago  
Doesn't really matter to me. They both would be awesome countries to visit. 6 months ago  
lolwut? I'm all for immigration, but this narrative is just weird. 6 months ago  
Australian and New Zealand are nationalities not ethnicities. Both of their mainstream cultures have British roots, but they are multiethnic nations. Besides that, the British are foreigners to NZ, too. 6 months ago  
He's Australian... He was literally the foreign invader 6 months ago +1
AOC is advocating for the highest tax bracket to be raised to 70%. The wealthy aren't having their income taxes raised to 70%; only the portion of income after a certain threshold would be. Also, debt alone tells you pretty much nothing about the economy. It has to be compared to GDP using debt-to-GDP ratio. So as long as the GDP keeps up, the US accumulating more national debt isn't necessarily bad, economically speaking. The debt went up under Obama due to two significant events: ongoing war efforts in the Middle-East and the Great Recession. The Obama Administration really didn't do anything to improve social services. 6 months ago  
It's really not 6 months ago +2
I don't know what "gone too far" means, but universal basic income is an excellent policy to redistribute wealth, raise the standard of living of the poor, and improve the economy. 6 months ago  
Happy birthday! 6 months ago +1
I've always found farewell questions like this kinda lame. I just leave when I wanna leave and then come back in a few months with a new account. 6 months ago +1
I haven't seen any OKC this year yet, since they have yet to play Toronto, but I'll take the young kid with good potential over Hayward. I love Hayward, but I don't think he'll ever be able to fully recover from his injury. I still hope, though. 6 months ago  
Absolutely not. It's lazy, abuse, and extremely counterproductive. There are plenty of studies that show children who are physically abused (even for "discipline") will act out more, become more aggressive and quicker to bad temper, and pay less attention (among other things). It's like pouring gasoline on a fire to put it out. 6 months ago  
The concept of billionaires is undemocratic and immoral, so I'd rather not. Being an absolute ruler is also undemocratic and immoral, but at least that allows me to pave the way for a fair, democratic system. 6 months ago  
We, as a society, should always be focused on making a better future for the next generation. Our inability to innovate leaves us vulnerable to future crises. It's human nature to remain with the status quo and maintain perceived stability, so I don't blame someone for thinking otherwise. 6 months ago  
Suicidal Behaviour Disorder is a real form of mental illness. That by definition makes the person a victim, since it leaves them unable to act rationally. 6 months ago +1
That's not what natural selection means at all 6 months ago +1
Can't go wrong listening to some George Michael or Culture Club tunes 6 months ago  
Subscribe to Pewdiepie is the lamest meme of 2018/19. It is impressive his channel has managed to maintain a lead, though. 6 months ago  
Fúck: Ban, Merlin; Marry: Escanor, Elizabeth; Kill: Meliodas, Diane 6 months ago  
Not enough detail for me to properly assess the first proposal. The second just sounds like it came from straight outta the Holocaust with the barcoding of citizens. I don't understand how the projected national tax rate is relevant and what that even means. I assume this "national tax rate" is income tax (?). What type of tax rate is this? 6 months ago  
I still haven't finished Fairy Tail. It drags on for so long. The plot progression is way too slow. FMA Brotherhood on the other hand is the perfect length and the story moves at just the right speed. You also have excellent plot, setting, and character depth. Every episode is entertaining. 6 months ago +1
Doesn't matter to me either way. I see them as equal, since there's nothing fundamentally wrong with either. There seems to be more explicit discrimination of Muslims in Canada, though. That's probably more a function of the larger and more visible population (at least where I live) as well as geopolitical issues. I'm not aware of the treatment Hindus experience. 6 months ago  
It's not really a function of religion. It's more regional specific. Just ask the Rohingya people. It's the persecution and genocide of Muslim people by Buddhist extremists and Myanmar military and police that still continues today. 6 months ago  
Don't cut yourself on that edge 6 months ago  
Although, I do believe organ donation should be an opt-out process. It annoys me that it's opt-in in so many countries like Canada and the US. 6 months ago  
Four of the Sins are pretty much immortal and the one's that aren't will prove troublesome themselves. I'm not sure how they'd even be able to stand a chance at fighting Escanor once it's noon. Natsu wouldn't even be able to take him. King is an excellent ranged fighter who can fly, so getting near him will be hard. Diane is super strong and can manipulate the ground below. 6 months ago  
Nothing... 6 months ago  
I liked pure innocent Christian TerryJuice before he got weird. He was nice. 6 months ago  
Facebook is a cancer to democracy 6 months ago  
"journalists only report the way people want them to" Depends what "people" you're referring to. Either way they should be reporting on the facts not trying to push a narrative. "Free press hasn't become an issue for Israel" Historically the press has been quite free in Israel, but censorship is growing under the current regime. This becomes very apparent with the most recent corruption scandal Bibi had with the media. "Americans were highly supportive of the War on Terror due to the September 11 Attacks and most Americans were under the impression that Bush was telling the truth about Iraq." Yes, and that's the issue. The media didn't properly challenge and correct that major misconception. 6 months ago  
My logic is that the reasonable method that leads to the least amount of suffering is always the best. Self-defence may become a necessity when escape is not a realistic option. However, only self-defence is ever acceptable. Once you move onto the offensive and seek out confrontation then you are in the wrong. People also may be overconfident in their abilities and may believe they are capable of self-defence when they are not. 6 months ago  
"No, militaristic societies glorify war." Not sure what your point is there. "Journalists document events." That's the idea and part of their job, but not always the case. "The IDF's use of phosphorus and the Invasion of Iraq weren't caused by journalists." Yes and no. The degradation of the free press in Israel, which has now become an extension of the Netanyahu government, does go out of its way to justify military measures and spread right-wing Israeli propaganda. In terms of Iraq, the media failed to properly vet the information and were quite favourable to the war. High profile figures in media like Oprah were able to support the effort and still not face proper criticism. 6 months ago  
Bill Gates supports programs to vaccinate children in poorer nations, so I think you greatly misunderstand his logic. Plus, that's not even his field of study, so weird example to bring up. 6 months ago +1
I'd never degrade myself to the point of appearing to support that clown. 6 months ago  
It's only natural for cinema and other entertainment to glorify war. Entertainment tends to do a good job at critiquing war as well with movies like Full Metal Jacket or Saving Private Ryan. However, the job of journalism is to hold the government accountable. The media abandoning that responsibility and supporting the military industrial complex is exactly how we get Israel dropping white phosphorous on innocent children or the US preemptively invading Iraq: a sovereign nation. 6 months ago +2
It's the 21st century; there's no logical reason to seek out physical altercations anymore. We aren't barbarians. The fact that you value the concept of pride over human life is just plain silly 6 months ago  
lolwut? I don't see what's cowardly about removing oneself from a dangerous situation. So people have to get hurt or even killed over... pride? That's silly 6 months ago  
I know right. Shoulda been 100% 6 months ago +1
I don't know. There's some systemic cultural and institutional issues, but I'm not sure I could generalize police officers themselves. Kind of a don't hate the player, hate the game situation. 6 months ago  
It's all good. You got a different way of looking at things. I like you 6 months ago  
lol you're a feisty one 6 months ago  
You're literally putting yourself at more risk if you remain in the area, so you're doing the opposite of defending yourself 6 months ago  
He was a tool 6 months ago +1
I know right. He was a bully 6 months ago  
Reduces firearm related suicides. That alone makes it necessary. 6 months ago +1
I used to, but now I barely even answer questions anymore as it is 6 months ago +1
Your call. Always worked for me, but Ontario is a bit easier to get away with than yours 6 months ago  
Making a new account always works 6 months ago  

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