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    Fair 1 hour ago  
    Sure. Doesn't make me religious. 1 hour ago  
    Neither sounds good 1 hour ago  
    He's good tho 1 hour ago  
    Definitely 1 hour ago  
    Idgaf 1 hour ago  
    Nice 11 hours ago  
    Much of the stuff in A is sh*t 12 hours ago +1
    To them? Early 2017 12 hours ago  
    Good advice 12 hours ago  
    idgaf 12 hours ago  
    Nope 12 hours ago  
    I imagine so. You spelt Fahrenheit, and it's just under 10' which I think is about 50'. 12 hours ago  
    Both absolutely awful, but B wouldn't necessarily destroy all social freedoms iirc 12 hours ago  
    It's annoying and pointless tho 12 hours ago  
    We noticed a while back 12 hours ago  
    I watched a bit of it. It was amazing. 12 hours ago +1
    B is still quite British 12 hours ago  
    Make sure they keep up the good work 12 hours ago +2
    Idk A 12 hours ago  
    Misclick 1 day ago  
    I was actually ok after my dad stopped forcing me to have buzzcuts 1 day ago  
    ok boomer 2 days ago +3
    Lmao so many people masturbate and they're not losers. You don't and you ARE a loser. 2 days ago  
    oh dear god 2 days ago +2
    ok boomer 2 days ago +3
    I hope we never will 3 days ago  
    You can believe in both (tho I only believe in A) 3 days ago  
    B's going through some bad troubles rn 3 days ago  
    5.9 3 days ago  
    Tf? 3 days ago  
    ok boomer 3 days ago +1
    The boomer mindset like yours (or Boomers from FNV) 3 days ago  
    Easily 3 days ago  
    Both seem like retards 3 days ago +2
    Who wasn't aware? 3 days ago +1
    I always succeed 3 days ago +1
    Definitely 4 days ago  
    Not deluded 4 days ago  
    A tiny building onto a trampoline or a friend's arms 1 week ago  
    *alcohol *tobacco 1 week ago +1
    Ash was an incompetent twit 1 week ago  
    a isn't that hard 1 week ago  
    I drink water a lot 1 week ago  
    I thought of you 1 week ago  
    I hate B with a passion. Then again, I'm hardly a fan of A 1 week ago  
    Ah ok. 2 weeks ago  
    You were being quite unclear. Are you admitting that the YHVH account is you? 2 weeks ago  
    Yeah, obviously 2 weeks ago  
    "you all on this planet deserve to perish in the abyss of despair" 2 weeks ago  
    Why the heck do you think I'll believe you? It's very obvious that it's you 2 weeks ago  
    Who's also? 2 weeks ago  
    No. I'd be incredibly uncomfortable with that, and we'd both end up highly dysphoric throughout it all 2 weeks ago  
    Probably, yeah 2 weeks ago  
    I swear it's now more right wing in that regard. Anyway, it's not like its economy is completely fcked or anything 2 weeks ago  
    She still sucks, she just doesn't suck you 2 weeks ago  
    Ik 2 weeks ago  
    You're, in some ways, stupid and, in most ways, aggressive 2 weeks ago +2
    You're Maksim/Alice Medvedev. You live in Yaroslav. You're 21 years and 361 days old. You're either a troll, or have severe psychotic delusions. You are not God. I, on the other hand, am wasting my time 2 weeks ago +1
    Both awful 2 weeks ago  
    Nope 2 weeks ago  
    Shut up 2 weeks ago  
    Shut up 2 weeks ago  
    Shut up and show some evidence 2 weeks ago  
    Shut up 2 weeks ago +1
    Shut up 2 weeks ago +2
    You're a mindless chad or a whore 2 weeks ago  
    About £350 plus inheritance 2 weeks ago  
    STFU 2 weeks ago  
    Far better sport 2 weeks ago  
    Definitely 2 weeks ago  
    Assuming it just means androgynous 2 weeks ago  
    I probably will be 2 weeks ago  
    catlover sucks 2 weeks ago  
    Exists 2 weeks ago  
    You don't actually believe that, do you? 2 weeks ago  
    Another classic 2 weeks ago  
    Idk 2 weeks ago  
    Far better country 2 weeks ago  
    Sadly I probably won't be able to have any 2 weeks ago  
    Late 2016 was when it went to sh*t for me 2 weeks ago +1
    Although it hurts 2 weeks ago  
    Convince Mila to stay away from the internet 2 weeks ago  
    I don't want to play American Football at all 2 weeks ago +2
    More feminine 2 weeks ago  
    Given that the Christian god is immoral 2 weeks ago +3
    I don't believe in heaven or hell, but you'd probably end up in hell due to your constant threats to torture people eternally 2 weeks ago +1
    Russia is far too socially conservative 2 weeks ago  
    Make money 2 weeks ago +1
    Why did you end that with "Ma"? 1 month ago  
    Perhaps I could make sure that neither Hudson nor Mila uses this site until they are mature. I could also potentially reverse Mila's indoctrination 1 month ago  
    A) You are not cool B) Stop posting questions like this. You will regret this when you are older. 1 month ago  
    Already so 1 month ago +1
    be friends 1 month ago  
    And then I'd manipulate him into giving more wishes 1 month ago  
    Go commit post-hydrophobic rabies 1 month ago +1
    mfcker i was gonna say naegleriasis 1 month ago +1
    ha imagine being sad enough to know all these diseases off the top of your head 1 month ago +1
    Neither lmao. And why would I have a gf? 1 month ago  
    Of course 1 month ago  
    I wish to possess the innate capability to manipulate said genie however I please 1 month ago +2
    And he'll grant that wish perfectly 1 month ago  
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