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    3.6 (better than the past two) 2 months ago  
    Easily 2 months ago  
    That is very hard to understand. You should work on your writing 2 months ago +6
    Definitely (but only once it's proven that they lied) 2 months ago  
    Very cool 2 months ago +1
    UK USA Russia China 2 months ago +1
    Did I? 2 months ago  
    Not a chance 2 months ago  
    No surgery required, then. Fantastic! 2 months ago  
    Not everyone lmao. No need to be a dickhead. 2 months ago  
    A) Matthew 5:17 B) What? 2 months ago  
    A) Why tf does the new testament say to follow the old testament B) What about some of the bad sh*t in the new testament? That's generally avoided. 2 months ago  
    Matthew 5:17 has something to say about that as well 2 months ago  
    What about some of the bad sh*t in the new testament? That's generally avoided. 2 months ago  
    There are instructions and laws in the bible though 2 months ago  
    Do you think it's what Christians do? 2 months ago  
    Ffs mate do you follow every word of your religion? 2 months ago  
    You know not every Muslim follows every Quran verse and kills people, right? Speccy twat. And I'm literally just talking about where I live. 2 months ago  
    then don't go to London you twat 2 months ago  
    Same, it's sh*t 2 months ago +1
    10th and 4th were the best 2 months ago +2
    No question 2 months ago  
    Misclick 2 months ago  
    mate im English and there aren't any muslims around its just white people and more white people 2 months ago  
    Alex fcked up, I imagine 2 months ago +2
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