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    Kittens aren't my favorite animals but who in their right of mind would want to meet Justin briber un +1
    Ice cream  
    Oxygen tank  
    Who are the people...  
    Go shopping  
    Ronald McDonald is a blooming clown that 26% of ya  
    English :)  
    Go Skype  
    And McDonald's is there  
    Last time I went to the airport we had two iPads stolen from INSIDE my brothers case  
    My dog  
    Minecrafting :3  
    I live in Kent  
    It's always me and my big mouth  
    Wrong blooming button  
    50% 50% votes  
    I'm 11 and 5ft 5 already and a girl  
    Some pen makes my writing rubbish but I just found my dream pen and pencils also make my writing messy  
    Wrong one  
    50% 50% votes  
    And cuter o.o  
    Wrong button  
    I'm 11 and 5ft 5 so no heels thank you very much  
    I wouldn't be able to use dollars unless I was visiting my uncle ...  
    I thought I could make people fall in love with other people not myself  
    Poor beagle anyway I don't have to listen to him do England  
    I don't know what these shops are !  
    I some times wear my pj's when I can't be bothered to pick out and outfit x  
    11 doe  
    I know right  
    I have to say that is NOT what our uniforms look like we still have some class (unlike SOME Americans)  
    I don't care about 'every blonde needs a brunette' only in my best friends but not my lovers  
    Brunette +28
    I'm a girl so..  
    Skip plz  
    Leaving +1
    2015 !!  
    I'm a girl  
    I'm English :)  
    50% - 50%  
    *english football NOT rugby  
    My significant other is my best fiend  
    Go England  
    My little brother always gets more presents than me at Christmas and I have my friends round for a sleepover for me birthday so yea...  
    Go doggies  
    That's already me  
    Oh I love them both  
    One word: revenge  
    I'm leaving this one o.o  
    I'm good at getting my way  
    I like my home place (euro  
    It's more pretty  
    50% - 50%  
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