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Would you rather sleep with... Your same gender best friend or Your opposite gender worst enemy 15,201 votes 210 comments 0 likes
Would you rather sleep with... Your best friend or Your worst enemy 14,984 votes 208 comments 0 likes

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That's a hard choice for me, but I think I will go with Pokemon. +7
I agree with hu-e +4
I could wish for the person of my dreams +5
i could NEVER eat that dog  
BIG BANG THEORY! Sheldon is mah fave!  
Japanese is cool! +2
how many questions are there like this? +3
I don't know these people! +165
an alien like the DOCTOR! yet i have not seen both movies of alien and predator  
red looks cool :) i don't drink wine though +4
give the egg to someone you hate and say it's solid chocolate :P +372
that is not a question. sparkly vampires are not included  
minecraft or WOW +2
spiderman definatly  
I'd be happy, and break that poor person who is immortal out of jail.  
i don't have a facebook account, but i don't have a twitter either.  
Brush my hair 100 times before bed!  
I can bring them up, and make them like themselves. Plus, maybe they will like me more? +4
cannibalism? nice. I like your ideas guest from Alberta.  
anythings better than my worst enemy. EVILLL!!!  
I need my sleep. It's my other reality in there. +3
Im not a boy, but I would preferably be the same size or similar.  
I whisper anyway!  
I would be rich and happy, but that is not a choice :( I think anyone would want to be rich and happy  
how can you dislike both? they are both AWESOME +3
mah friend is NEVER going to be in jail! NEVER!  
im a girl. groin cups would be of no use to me. +4
too bad it never snows here :(  
who doesn't want to go to Hogwarts? +8
everyone says there is no difference. I DISAGREE! +4
monkeys!! YES!!!  
star wars FTW!  
I love twilight, not the book. The time of day, and the realm in Legend of Zelda. Harry potter ftw!  
No one likes twilight +2
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