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    If I was a girl  
    Oops I picked the wrong one  
    If I was a girl  
    Only if I get raped by a girl  
    We could be vampire lovers  
    Gay is stupid  
    If I was a girl  
    If I was a girl  
    I would have choosed the other one but I would never have girl friends because ive never had one and if I dont have any ever I wont have to kill anyone I win  
    Oh shoot wrong one dangit :(  
    It doesent say I cant visit the  
    I dont think you should choose either  
    I would wanna hug both of them  
    If I was a girl  
    Oops wrong one  
    Im home schooled and im pretty sure my house hold knows lol I win  
    I dont see why I would have a broken heart all my life though  
    Im with you there  
    If I could fall from any mountain I pick  
    Oops wrong one  
    If I was a girl  
    Only if im a girl  
    If I was a girl I choose him  
    Oops I picked the wrong one :(  
    If I was a girl thats who I would pick  
    If I was a girl I would choose this one. But im not gay gay is disgusting  
    I own both so I win  
    Well it will probably spread to the rest of the world and you and your friends will already be dead ill be saving the hole world  
    You can always erase your mistakes  
    Surfing makes me feel like im the only person alive :)  
    Would rather just get something from stars or in an out mmmmmmmmm yummy  
    Cake and ice cream thats what I would pick  
    Oops clicked the wrong one lol oh well  
    Of what ?  
    If im really good at singing like the best ever  
    But some people really need it because of there health it just isent fair ya know  
    The problem with marijuana is people dont know how to control them selfs I think it should be legal only if people control it better. But if they cant then just make it illegal still  
    I could just cut it short again  
    I live in california already lol :=  
    If I dident feel sick afterwards or throw up  
    Ill be a drug dealer at a pharmacy lol :)  
    I would be a janitor in real life but in a movie or video game sure ill be a contract killer for money +1
    I dont wach gay stuff gay is disgusting  
    If I was a girl thats who I would pick  
    I dont know what this is  
    I dont know what they are  
    I would rather none of that stuff peiod  
    I dont really know who either of them are  
    A wild dog sure  
    I dont really care  
    Gods not fictional thats like saying hes dead. And he is well alive  
    I already have a xbox 360 so I want a ps3 lol :)  
    You sadi beaver not,beiber lol :) +1
    I want my nick name for my home town because it woud be pickleville  
    I like bkth equally  
    I cant decide I use both very frequently depends on the game really  
    I would just encourage them to lose weight  
    I would wanna drive an awesome car like that not let him or her drive it  
    Gods laws  
    Russian roulette is a stupid game. Its where some people are in a circle and there is a gun with 1 bullet in it randomly placed in the gun. And then you give the gun to 1 person and they shot themselves in the head and if they live they get the money. And it keeps going around the circle like that till the bullet is shot. I think its a max number of 6 people though  
    I would use the lightsaber to save moany more other lives  
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