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    i have one and did you hear about the monkey that tryed to kill its owner?  
    hey i need the money +1
    the wind was blowing  
    gay gay gay gay gay gay gay gay +1
    what!?!? his was and will always be the king +1
    haaaaaaave you met ted? +274
    crazy sexy people lol  
    let him go free, ill find and kill him  
    i'm sexy and i know it.. wiggle wiggle wiggle +1
    ok so if a woman is raped and she gets pregnate.. you want her to haft to look at that baby/ child everyday and remind her of what happned? +1
    then you are just retarded... +1
    i miss the 90s +2
    well, no sharks in the snow +1
    annorexic people are discusting. you can loose weight but dang being that skinney is just nasty +164
    german chocolate +134
    id rather not date an 8 year old  
    ok rap/hip hop was ok back in the day but now its just black guys saggin their pants +2
    umm the pole dancing on stage..  
    hanna because miley is a slut +2
    i could just kill the person i hated.. problem solved +3
    umm not all time  
    yeah yeah yeah i am short but i like.. actually no im fun sized +1
    so could terrorists..  
    gots a cool story to tell  
    P sherman 42 wallabe sidney +3
    your fired! +2
    i dont care i just like being bitten ;)  
    george strait... duhh +1
    alone? hmm have some bad ass parties +2
    she cant help it, she was born this way! lol NO +2
    lol 69%  
    talk all you want, at least i know im on your mind lol +2
    whatever i drink that every morrning  
    agreed! +1
    umm talk to animals because i could tell them to kill everyong who hated me and i could get away with it  
    why not both?  
    popular people get smart people to do their work... +2
    still a better love story than Twilight +2
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