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Is just me doing a thing.

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and god didn't put the kid you're killing on earth for a reason? 6 years ago  
put "Grim" in front of it 6 years ago  
Diving 30 meters isn't that hard if you know the right technique 6 years ago  
If I had one, not only criminals would have to worry 6 years ago  
and you still chose it 6 years ago  
100 years back and you would be a few years short of the first world war 6 years ago +1
that implosionpic is not what an implosion looks like 6 years ago +2
I would show poeple what a REAL vampire is: A bloodthirsty, heartless monster instead of a fairy... 6 years ago +2
communism does not limit your rights... 6 years ago  
Well, I'd like to be in an Animé, but not in the one you used. NOT HIGURASHI 6 years ago  
It is produced in your salivary glands from water that you got INSIDE your body 6 years ago  
It is produced in your salivary glands from water that you got INSIDE your body 6 years ago  
you have toenails on both feet, right? 6 years ago  
dammit, wrong one. cooked meat is awful 6 years ago  
you do know they still are big, clawed and aggressive? 6 years ago  
Who in the name of Tacos cares? 6 years ago +2
Yeah, the others can go screw themselves 6 years ago +1
Having sex and POP ur in Australia or Moskau or a Sperm whale 6 years ago  
Here we have a perfect example of the human psychology. if we had a swarm mentality, almost everyone would have picked A 6 years ago +1
food and shelter aren't bad either 6 years ago  
Xray vision would let you see people's bones and, if used too often on the same person, might give them cancer... 6 years ago +1
you do know you can breathe through your mouth, right? 6 years ago +8
A would mean that it feels like you live a LOT longer 6 years ago  
"Noone really dies in cartoons" -Captain Hero 6 years ago  
Of course the world ended back then, only most of you didn't realize. 6 years ago  
She would even have a month extra to decide wether or not in my country 6 years ago  
You kill the Cockroach in your room? Guess again >:D (Sadly, Spiders aren't bugs...) 6 years ago  
GERMANY FTW 6 years ago  
Those who vote A probably are B and vice versa 6 years ago  
I get to choose between a premature girl and a long-haired Llama? 6 years ago  
you don't HAVE to 6 years ago  
Just so you know, cancer was already cured in patients, but as there are so many different types of cancer, that's not really a big thing. 6 years ago +2
Let me guess: you have candy? 6 years ago  
that sounds like some patriotic soviet quote 6 years ago  
These pictures are completely unrelated, except the guy on the left is probably from africa... 6 years ago +1
The problem poeple have with Hitler is, even though he just killed 6 million Jewsand other "races" while Stalin killed 20 million, Hitler did it in a way more awful way. He didn't just execute them like Stalin, he took them from their homes, let them do labour and starvved them until they were too weak and then let them be gassed, shot or beaten to death. Then the bodies were burned to make room and heat the camps 6 years ago +1
I'll take all of those f*ckers with me 6 years ago +3
can't say no to money :P 6 years ago +1
I don't normaly look for any loopholes, but ... isn't my jaw my head, too? 6 years ago +1
What did you day? Did you say Lays potato chips? 6 years ago  
i love both but the B-type games are funier 6 years ago  
It's raining. So? No reason to pussy out of it by using an umbrella. 6 years ago +4
y not zoidberg? 6 years ago  
and why would we? 6 years ago  
both words were not misspelled, they are spelled like that in british english 6 years ago  
me too. i could only go to a turkish neighbourhood and say ... i don't even know what i could say there. 6 years ago  
even though at some parts i asked myself "Why on earth would they need that??" 6 years ago  
a pee stream is not a constant stream. if you stand about a meter above the thing, only drops will arrive on the water. also physics don't like that 6 years ago  
I'll just stand outside and pee into the water :P 6 years ago +2
I'm have a sick and twisted mind. 6 years ago  
Hasser müssen hassen! 6 years ago +1
i guess it's ... *puts on sunglasses* ... HOLY SH*T 6 years ago +11
really? isn't one of them enough? is it streaming out of you like the niagaras once a month or what 6 years ago  
Go out with a BANG 6 years ago  
he problalby meant Mac OSX with "Mac" 6 years ago +1
thats impossible. you either believe or don't 6 years ago +2
As I lay Dying is better in my view 6 years ago +1
In german television, curse words are not censored. you can say whatever the f*ck you want 6 years ago  
I hate everyone and everything equally, so i just picked one of them by chance 6 years ago +1
reading their minds is not manipulating their minds 6 years ago +5
I already have a list .... all i need is the notebook. 6 years ago +3
Everybody loves the SCHWARZWALD! 6 years ago  
if the charger was mexican, they would scream: "IT'S A JUAN-ARM" 6 years ago  
not nessecarily: you can live a week without food until it goes critical. still, depends on how fat you are. 6 years ago  
He just doesn't like Altair, he thinks witches are better. 6 years ago +1
That is so wrong, but i can understand the confusion. The Colosseum is in Rome, together with the Panteon. The Parthenon is in Greece. 6 years ago  
It was painful to read this... 6 years ago +1
Then god would be in hell, wouldn't he? 6 years ago  
You're from the USA and still your english is worse than anything i have ever seen. *looks *but *him 6 years ago +2
*They're 6 years ago  
"drink a gallon of..." 6 years ago +3
for any of these scenarios to be true permanently, the other one has to be true, too 6 years ago  
a b*tch is female 6 years ago  
you would get used to it quickly 6 years ago  
powel* 6 years ago +1
yeah! Bruno doesn't even come close to Adele 6 years ago +3
in your country, yes 6 years ago  
eating tobacco leafs is a LOT more dangerous than smoking lettuce 6 years ago  
Freedom of Religion is a law over here... 6 years ago  
thats the problem: the movies don't go into your mind anymore. Now it's all just jumpscares and gore 6 years ago  
if you cant beat em, join em 6 years ago  
eyeballs are a pretty hard shell with fluids inside. Brains are soft and squishy 6 years ago  
the whole bar or bottle of course 6 years ago  
(\ 6 years ago +1
that depends wich philosophy you follow 6 years ago  
no, squidward 6 years ago  
you can not drink saltwater, you can not find food in the ocean, you will freeze to death 6 years ago  
thats the question asked here 6 years ago  
both are so tasty 6 years ago  
no more bacon? NOT WITH ME! 6 years ago  
well, chitin is pretty hard, so you could only hurt them with armour-piercing bullets. given that there are trillions of them, but not trillions of APBs, we would be crushed by their mouth-thingies 6 years ago  
france isn't poor 6 years ago +4
i hope he means revolution because i have absolutely no idea what a revaluation is 6 years ago +4
that came from the first one but still, it's true 6 years ago  
i want to do both ^^ 6 years ago  
is south korean 6 years ago +7
i hate puppies anyways 6 years ago +1
i love spicy things 6 years ago  
but if you get even, you feel better as the other one suffers too 6 years ago +1
everyone would fear me if they knew my secrets. 6 years ago  
hearts are tasty as hell. especially raw ones 6 years ago +2
i never looked into a bible and i think it would kill me to do so 6 years ago  
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