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    God didn't need to be created, he is the CREATOR 2 years ago +1
    Basically the question is be a nobody or be hitler 2 years ago  
    But not smarter than you 2 years ago  
    Don't have a sister soooo 2 years ago  
    It's same person tho 2 years ago  
    At least I'll still be alive 2 years ago  
    What if the next person you see was Trump? 2 years ago  
    EVERY MAN FOR HIMSELF 2 years ago  
    Oh sh*t I thought "Blue waffle" was actually a blue waffle 2 years ago  
    its a tie right now 2 years ago  
    eww why would you do it with your sister? 2 years ago  
    gross 2 years ago  

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