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Would you rather see outside your window a view of the water or a view of the city 7 years ago 90,881 votes 354 comments 4 likes

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You can go with anyone you want during your vacation 6 years ago  
Can't hate the classic Sponge Bob 7 years ago +1
ummmm neither 7 years ago +1
depends on the movie but l don't like wearing the glasses all the time they could be annoying 7 years ago  
never heard of any of them 7 years ago  
Haha can't foool me! 7 years ago +1
Can't hate the originals 7 years ago  
Why would they make a new Spider Man?? Keep the orginial 7 years ago +1
so cute 7 years ago +1
ANNOYING ORANGE!!! :P 7 years ago +1
Hmmm... Love both but Italian food all the way! :) 7 years ago  
how boring it would be though oh well..not painful or disgusting right? 7 years ago +1
what kind of question is this?.. 7 years ago  
sorry not a cat person 7 years ago +1
I love Kermit the frog :) 7 years ago +3
you would get down the stair allot faster :P 7 years ago +1
you're a better person when you give 7 years ago +1
Good question 7 years ago  
NINJA SKILLS either one really 7 years ago  
You could improve your second life 7 years ago  
don't know any of these 7 years ago  
Can't fool me 7 years ago +3
whew I can travel and never have to pack! :P 7 years ago +2
cottage wouldn't be that bad 7 years ago +4
I would like to walk plz! 7 years ago  
already left handed 7 years ago  
easy b/c i love to swim and dolphins are really pretty animals 7 years ago +1
haha I'm terrible at both 7 years ago  
more exciting to fly 7 years ago  
neither 7 years ago  
? 7 years ago  
you can survive without four days it least you have water 7 years ago  
true 7 years ago  
its more organized and layout is cool like the updates 7 years ago  
The Avengers was a blast! 7 years ago  
50/50 7 years ago  
you can wear a wig right? 7 years ago  
HAHA yes! the Avengers 7 years ago  
you learn when you ask questions more 7 years ago  
3 weeks because you have the rest of the year to have vacations etc. more free time 7 years ago  
hmmm.... interestin 7 years ago  
i skipped too i would never hurt none of them i love them too much 7 years ago  
both really 7 years ago +2
haha both its pasta taste the same :D 7 years ago  
you can eat healthy food that might not taste good to the tongue 7 years ago +6
neither 7 years ago +1
50/50 7 years ago  
both 7 years ago  
hmmm not real good pics 7 years ago +8
i used to live in the city and now i see the view of the water i def. love waking up to the sun hitting the water 7 years ago +71
i dont know any of these characters either 7 years ago  
? 7 years ago  
god kill me if i had to listen to any of them lol :P 7 years ago +1
lol i live in florida... 7 years ago +2
interesting question 7 years ago +7
oh god kill me now if i ever have to listen to him... :S 7 years ago +7
????? :| 7 years ago +2
best friends are there forever bf/gf dont always stay together 7 years ago  
pfft... i basically wear the same kind of outfit every day anyways 7 years ago  
i would allready know what to expect :) and make life better 7 years ago +5
oh darn with 500 words i just text more... :P 7 years ago +3
its worth the shot it could save lots more lives than just 100children's lives but either one would be good 7 years ago +2
3D is ok once i a while but i wouldnt want all of the movies in 3D too much 7 years ago +1
? 7 years ago +2
just think how advanced we would be now 7 years ago  
wow 50/50 :| 7 years ago  
would be impossible 2 eat any of those 7 years ago +1
really non of them 7 years ago +2
easy question 7 years ago  
i can rely on my friends help me find my self :) 7 years ago +6
as long its not my fault for the fender bending the guy is paying 7 years ago  
kind of a obvious question 7 years ago +1
bumble bee autobots roll out 7 years ago +5
baiscially my life right now nothing wrong with it true friends all the way! 7 years ago  
well u can awlays sell the car for a better house another option 7 years ago  
what ever is less painful i guess fire 7 years ago +1
jedi 7 years ago +1
life is great as a kid 7 years ago  
your naive and life is soo much more fun as a kid 7 years ago  

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