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Things that bothered you!! Never bothered me!! Dah DahDah DahDah DahDah DahDah Dah!

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    Go out with your dominant hand.  
    A cancerous game kids play these days.  
    Yeah. Venomous stings in your anus hole sounds fun as well.  
    Snows you can make snow angels. Rain just make you sick.  
    Who still uses Hotmail?  
    Steam is life.  
    Have you seen their trailers on that new laptop? It's boss asf.  
    Barney is a dinosaur with lots of imaginations.  
    Mario land is the sh*t when i was a kid.  
    I don't know Pokemon games that much so i randomly pick.  
    I'm a computer freak.  
    I love laptops. Plus it's better to play games on.  
    Why more people voted for Facebook? Well it's their opinion.  
    Mario Kart is my childhood game  
    Facebook is dead.  
    It can be my vomit.  
    Bring back Bruce Lee and tell him to kill Hitler.  
    I can make a time machine. HOORAY!!!!  
    If you know the time and date how you die, then you don't know how to avoid  
    You can't handle the truth. It will kill you if you know. (I don't really know. It's just my opinion.)  
    I want to control stuff than to read other people's dirty minds.  
    Reset your life and get another girlfriend.  
    If you answered the previous question that tells you to be a expert haunted house maker or and expert pumpkin carver, That can follow up your skill into making cool costume. (I think that's how that works)  
    I can scare kids with this creativity.  
    Both of them are extremely old. Neither. I wish i regretted my question. +1
    *Lightsaber. You're welcome.  
    What if you lose the lightsaber?  
    If you have a remote control that you have that control your life, it will have a Pause, and a rewind button. (Where am i gonna find that?)  
    This is the only undecidable question that i have not yet answered.  
    I'm always like that.  
    That song never gets old to me.  
    Girls choose movies. Boys choose games. Let's just stick with these stereotypes.  
    Cash is gifts. Think about that.  
    There's certain friends that i know and i don't like.  
    I don't have friends anyway. And i don't want friends. They're greedy.  
    I want to smell good.  
    More hours...More Sleep...This well be just fine for me.  
    I can't handle the pressure of being the important one.  
    Then the hot girl don't know what sex is then you can have sex with them for free.  
    But with very good grammar. Surprise!!  
    I would eat a hamburger 2x it's size. It will never waste again.  
    Then your mom will say that you are adopted. Do you know how that would feel?  
    That chick who sang that annoying song called "It's friday." Recommended you not to go search it up. (You're gonna do it are you)  
    Disgusting Minecraft kids. Get some fresh air you lazy slump.  
    Mtn Dew is that MLG Drink right there.  
    I don't watch porns. So i'm good.  
    Thieves are dirty.  
    I don't know what is the whole point of Star Trek. Star Wars is the only movie i know.  
    What if you're in that fail compilation. Would you like it?  
    What's a wet dog gonna do to you?  
    Mac is so complicated. I want something easier.  
    Pigs make too much messes.  
    Being overdressed is so uncomfortable.  
    Aliens are worst than WWIII  
    It's just wax. Just clean it out and you'll be fine and not lose internet.  
    It's the sex that counts.  
    When you walk in the classroom and breathe like that people think you're weird. I don't know how you guys think.  
    But they are vicious and wild.  
    It's a game were you have to shoot yourself and get lucky it doesn't shoot your brains out of your head. It's a pretty stupid game if you asked me.This is an old comment yes i know. You probably already knew it by now.  
    That tells you how selfish you are. And i already know you don't care.  
    Then that is not gonna last long my friend  
    You can get another one  
    You look creepy in that photo with the comment. XD. Credits  
    I already dont have a cell phone. XD  
    i pick lightsaber but i want to save the african child  
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