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    no i didnt say that someone still knows my password and said that i promise 10 months ago  
    i'm homeschooled so i'm alleredy home 10 months ago  
    but i don't want to get clapped. a dog could clap me 10 months ago  
    i mean misclick ! ) 10 months ago  
    im 10 10 months ago  
    meany 10 months ago  
    yuck 10 months ago  
    no not really 10 months ago  
    i will do it very softly 10 months ago  
    i've only ever seen snow once in my whole life 10 months ago  
    i don't know if i can take the cash out of it but if i can i would 10 months ago  
    really he isn't real. (i know it's a joke) 10 months ago  
    more normal for me 10 months ago  
    that's not very nice 10 months ago  
    good work i can't wait until i get to 100 days 10 months ago  
    my brother hudson is a youtuber see: 10 months ago  
    don't make god mad 10 months ago  
    i want to suck his peepy 10 months ago +1
    Both 10 months ago  
    we have the Bible but i don't know morals 10 months ago  
    grtk 10 months ago  
    my baby brother is going to type now 10 months ago  
    no it's gross to bite dogs that's all 10 months ago  
    i don't care 10 months ago  
    that's just gross and it's a she 10 months ago  
    i think that they just don't like you : ) just saying 10 months ago  
    i have a dog and she is not easy to walk 10 months ago  
    less noise 10 months ago  
    i don't know any of them 10 months ago  
    i'v never herd of THE LOUD HOUSE in my whole life 10 months ago  
    it just sounds more like a name 10 months ago  
    okay um misclick then : ) 10 months ago  
    what how could you 10 months ago  
    not that i have a partner 10 months ago  
    i'm now not allowed to play games 10 months ago  
    i will play it for 2 seconds and then get the heck out of there 10 months ago  
    TalcumPowber 10 months ago  
    good : ) 10 months ago  
    oops i mean that makes no sens 10 months ago  
    TalcumPower 10 months ago  
    that would be so mean 10 months ago +1
    never 10 months ago  
    ok then TalcumPower 10 months ago  
    NO NO NOOOOO 10 months ago  
    i don't know them 10 months ago  
    that make no sens 10 months ago  
    the other side looks to evil 10 months ago  
    ya!; ) 10 months ago  
    waaa 10 months ago  
    both 10 months ago +1
    .....NOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 10 months ago  
    aaah let me think about that.......... 10 months ago  
    okay 10 months ago  
    still i don't think it counts 10 months ago  
    if it's not kind of then what is it hu? 10 months ago  
    I mean who is Jared? 10 months ago  
    kind of 10 months ago  
    i am 10 10 months ago  
    same as SuperAwsomeFunMan 10 months ago  
    BOTH NOT TRUE 10 months ago  
    i'm sticking my tung out right now for you 10 months ago  
    meany !!!!! 10 months ago  
    no i live in SOUTH Africa it may be together but they are different and i am having a very bad time here thank's to the water shortage here in summer set west 10 months ago  
    i..i..i'm speech less to your sin : ( 10 months ago  
    what do you mean ! South Africa totally exist's and do know how i know well if not check were i live 10 months ago  
    misclick 10 months ago  
    but i live close to it esh 10 months ago  
    aaaa neither i like it just the way i am because god chose whats best for me : ) 10 months ago +1
    more pretty i guess 10 months ago  
    that's just sad 10 months ago  
    i did lot's of prank's yesterday ! 10 months ago  
    no way cool 11 months ago  
    I KNOW I AM little esh but i am home schooled you know so i don't have much to do even tho i have 10 siblings no joke 11 months ago  
    and HOW OLD ARE YOU ! 11 months ago  
    much more fun! 11 months ago  
    because you wouldn't exist 11 months ago  
    if i don't have a life i wouldn't be able to answer silly 11 months ago  
    i never herd it befor 11 months ago  
    i'm 11 11 months ago  
    well i'm11 11 months ago  
    ok as long as cat guy does 11 months ago  
    it's a face like i am opening my mouth 11 months ago +1
    well my mom said that . just FMI how old are you 11 months ago  
    good : 0 11 months ago  
    ooooh ok 11 months ago  
    never mind 11 months ago  
    yes that's it that's why i said gross 11 months ago  
    oops ! 11 months ago  
    cut pic tho 11 months ago  
    why are you talking sooooo much Lord....... wait a minute lord seens when 11 months ago  
    what do you mean by XD 11 months ago  
    ha ha ha very funny 11 months ago  
    BY WAAA I MEAN I DON'T UNDERSTAND ! 11 months ago  
    in the bible it says it is not right to kiss the same gender if they are not family : ( 11 months ago  
    hello : ) 11 months ago  
    wait a minute why on arith did you chose that pic it is just gross 11 months ago  
    what do you men by partner ? 11 months ago  
    only sometime's or i wouldn't bother 11 months ago  
    true 11 months ago  
    waaaa? 11 months ago  
    i would freck out 11 months ago  
    what is this ? 11 months ago  
    no it is a fox 11 months ago  
    what is this even a thing to ask and i really feel bad for that fox NOT WOLF!! 11 months ago  
    i don't have nut's : ) 11 months ago +1
    same 11 months ago  
    i am not such a good speller : ) 11 months ago  
    well my little brother is 9 not my big bro : ) 11 months ago  
    wow that's old no defen's ( i hope i spellt that right : ( ) 11 months ago  
    oops that's how old my big brother is hes 9 11 months ago  
    how old are you? 11 months ago  
    almost 13 : )oops i mean 9; ( 11 months ago  
    my big and mean brother named me that:( 11 months ago  
    she(me)is 11:) 11 months ago  
    what the heck 11 months ago  
    i am that big sister 11 months ago  
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