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About me, you ask?
Well, it won't seem to be too much of a task
But questions about me, what a change from the past
Many dragons I have slew
With my bare hands, may I add too
Alas! The mermaid's voice, so tearing
But why does it seem to be so alluring?
My name, how strange the meaning
So malevolent and evil, it's seeming
Sweet or evil? I would prefer to be dreaming
But sometimes I end up waking up screaming
'Divine' chocolate, I can't stand
"Why?!" you demand
It's hard to understand
For all who want to see my true colors,
I can assure you it's not exactly glorious
Go on then, message me, ask me how I'm doing
I'll probably say, "Oh not much, just listening to music."
"So boring and dull, are you not finished?"
Almost done, just semifinished
Just a few more words and I'm finally done
Pointless and such, but oh well, it's been fun!

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    What it sounds like. Someone who constantly insults, teases, hurts someone and does it on purpose  
    Okay then. 17.  
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