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What is better? Controller or Keyboard and mouse 454,045 votes 2,501 comments 5 likes
What is better? Google or Yahoo! 36,287 votes 387 comments 1 like
Would you rather Run from the police or Surrender 32,225 votes 368 comments 2 likes
Would you rather Cut your testicles off or Cut HALF OF your Penis off 24,206 votes 717 comments 11 likes
Would you rather get sttabed / slashed in the stomach or shot in the stomach 32,010 votes 408 comments 0 likes
Would you rather Die in lava (naked) or Float in space (naked) 19,798 votes 322 comments 1 like
Would you rather Party every day or Play your favourite video games every day 24,293 votes 290 comments 2 likes
What do you prefer? Alcohol or Soft Drinks 7,651 votes 127 comments 0 likes
Would you rather live in A awesome house with no internet or A shack with fast internet 13,197 votes 152 comments 1 like
Would you rather stop World War III or Zombie Apocalypse 12,516 votes 168 comments 0 likes

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10% chance of death is much less than an average person has lol.Just think of all the crime even in developed countries like USA , or EU countries...  
Well how are you ever find true love if you don't even start searching.It's not like a perfect girl is goning to fall from the sky into your mom's basement and say :"I want to marry you" ...  
football , so why is there a picture of an egg  
it does not say you become a wizard  
you can fly by astral projection  
LOL apple is just shiny sh*t  
WOW RETARDS if you know when somebody likes you , you could just go to the mall and if you see a hot girl/boy who likes you , you could easily talk to them and start a relationship or just a hookup... +541
Flying Spagetti Monster FTW!!! +1
U can give up your computer and than work at walmart 4 a month and buy a new one , which may be even better +1
Both are very important  
You just have 2 wear a condom 2 prevent AIDS , but u can get any cancer randomly , and if you could have the tech to find the cure 4 cancer , then you would probably find the cure 4 AIDS in less than 5 yrs  
you can wipe your ass with that sh*t  
yes it is  
I'm 15 and I drink alcohol like every 2 days or when ever I want :D +4
wish for unlimited wishes , now you don't need money  
Europe , created Americans in 1492  
well east siders hated Tupac and there are millions of Tupac's fans , so LOL  
Talking and sitting 10 hours straight is 0% fun and you could be the lawyer of some criminal so you would technically not save lives , a person that goes to prison , goes there because he did something bad , not because he was an angel  
can't impress a girl with ur ghetto tent , but can easily with ur room in a luxury hotel  
some people would like to be bombarded by paparazzi  
I'd get beat up every day :P  
if you're a guy then there would be a way to start a revolution and you would probably be able to change history , but nobody listens to women in Afgan , even other women. And even if u could start a revolution with the right choice you would just fail because men are stronger than women ...  
If you're the smartest then you would figure out how to be more popular than left , and after school u would be able to make a shiz ton of money , and because you're smart u would figure out how to get any pussy in bars LOL right is obv  
don't swear just cuz somebody preffers a diffrent taste...  
like ur mom  
LOL are you retarded?So what is wrong if he is dead?  
Who killed Pac , what the are the Illuminati planning , When the is gonna be WW3 in which like at least 10 million people will DIE , Do we know that aliens exist ,but the govorment is just hiding it , area 51 ?  
Money does not exist than too , it is just a piece of paper that people BELIVE in and THAT is the reason why it is so powerful. You could even look at the world in that way , like budists , that it is just an illusion , like money and love...  
If it is an awful relationship , than you could just become friends with benifits with that beyoch or just cheat her LOL  
Ok so more people would give 2000 dollars for a sh*tty piece of sh*t that exuals to a PC that costs 200 dollars SMH , I dont wanna live on this planet anymore!!!! +1
How can God even exist if there is nothing behind to create it ?  
Im 15...WIN  
I am cocky lol  
lol i have no sibling so YAY  
I would reason /w ma dawgs  
BOTH but I chose the ability to read minds so I can hit on the hot girls who like me in the mall or something but both are AWESOME PRO TIP:If you wanna fly basejump or just have a lucid dream :D  
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