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    I would feel betrayed 1 year ago  
    if that is true I would be a jedi motha fers 1 year ago  
    yep this would be great, this is what I see in a perfect dream 1 year ago  
    don't want to die 1 year ago  
    come over here shiloh 1 year ago  
    dater than break up immediately 1 year ago  
    you people make me vomit 1 year ago  
    im gay 1 year ago  
    Realistically it would be terrible to live forever because of all the heartache of all of your friends and family dying in front of nyou and you haveing to go through it, I rather find true love and live with the time that I have , like i fyou agree 1 year ago  
    i am A FREE GAY MAN 1 year ago  
    I just laughed so hard I had an orgasm 1 year ago  
    gettin laid good 1 year ago  
    true love is wort 10,000,000 to me 1 year ago  
    I just got done 1 year ago  
    I just cant 1 year ago  
    never siad you had to eat it like please 1 year ago  
    already have man boobs 1 year ago  
    oh well no one said you had to go without masturbating 1 year ago  
    my dad left when I was 7 1 year ago  
    no no esiad it had to be the sharp side 1 year ago  
    well Im gay and shes hot and she has a dick, no different from the norm 1 year ago  
    im lactose intolerent already happens to me anyway 1 year ago  
    yeah cuz I could Choose how, I falling from the atmosphere into a volcano pepes like if you agree 1 year ago  
    just becuase you dont have a penis doesnt mean that you dont have to put it in your vagina 1 year ago  
    friskies is good for you 1 year ago  
    same 1 year ago  
    whatever ones hotter 1 year ago  
    both? 1 year ago  
    well I think both would be pretty damn cool 1 year ago  
    I chose this one earlier 1 year ago  
    this is actually a delicassy some where in the world 1 year ago  
    yep I wish I could 1 year ago  
    ahh im cringing so hard 1 year ago  
    oh well I rather have my dick 1 year ago  
    im lucky to be a gay person 1 year ago  
    I am barfing 1 year ago  
    the glass can be microscopic, and anyway shove a piece of glass in you vagina 1 year ago  
    im already a boy and I dont want periods 1 year ago  
    bro everyone would choose this 1 year ago  
    I wonder how that feels 1 year ago  
    girls swallow sperm if they can I can 1 year ago  
    Menatsu is right 1 year ago  
    I hope my sister is hot, becuase I don thave one 1 year ago  
    btw it should be small scorpions, the bigger the scorpion the less poison there is like if you agree 1 year ago  
    where is the both option 1 year ago  
    diapers 1 year ago  
    egh I didnt want to choose this 1 year ago  
    I rather kill myself, no one wants saggy boobs 1 year ago  
    mmm that is hard but if girls can do it I can do it 1 year ago  
    Eugh I would gag a lot 1 year ago  
    I rather date someone that I truely love 1 year ago  
    wow too many people want fame and wealth, I rather be able to use magic to float the remote to me when I dont want to get up lol 1 year ago  
    If I ruled there would also be no problems btw arthrum scerw god 1 year ago  
    damn I would go back in time when im older so that I can beat trump in the presidential debate 1 year ago  
    wait, I dont want to get married in the first place like if the same 1 year ago  
    already dont have one 1 year ago  
    damn, I love chocolate 1 year ago  
    man hang out with sea animals and stf that would be awesome 1 year ago  
    im not religious 1 year ago  
    o this is gonna smell terrible, I hate mayo 1 year ago  
    um 1 year ago  

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