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Do you believe in Science (Facts) or God (Fairy Tales) 2 years ago 41 votes 12 comments 0 likes

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Neither 2 years ago  
Neither, they mythical magic man in the sky dosent exist 2 years ago +1
Nice try kiddo, but it doesn't have to be compatible with Three Little Pigs or Red Ridding Hood to be real. I don't know what kind of crack your on to think that science confirms your fallacies, but I want to try some 2 years ago  
Proof? 2 years ago  
Proof? 2 years ago  
Proof? 2 years ago  
Because you can't handle criticism for believing in fairy tales, you're actually the one who's #TRIGGERED 2 years ago  
Proof? It isn't an excuse, you can't just say something and have it be true. I could say you have your head shoved up your arse, but me saying it alone dosen't make it true, it just so happens to be :) 2 years ago  
Spoiler alert: You only get one life, if you waste it by devoting it to a mythical magic man in the sky, you are the dumb arse 2 years ago +1
Oh really? Please delight me in showing this "evidence" you have 2 years ago +1
According to your collection of fairy tales, he actually wants me to burn in hell for all eternity because I like me some men ; ) 2 years ago +1
Oh, please explain. 2 years ago +1
First off, there actually is proof for the Big Bang. Secondly, what if you're belief is wrong, what if it's another religion, then whoever the real God is (which there isn't one) got you pranked. 2 years ago +3
That argue is so flawed. 2 years ago +3
Belief can also make dumb Christians like you jump off skyscrapers. You should do it, trust me, your magical man in the sky will totally catch you 2 years ago +3
STFU DUDE HE ISNT 2 years ago +3
A 2,000 year old collection of fairy tales written by desert people who thought the world was flat isn't reliable, you dumb arse. 2 years ago +1
Why do I want to go on a wild goose chase for a mythical Jewish space zombie? 2 years ago +2
HE DOSEN'T!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 2 years ago +2
Well... my mother and father procreated, his semen got to her egg. After 9 months, give or take, of being nurtured in a womb, my mother gave birth to me with the help of Doctors, that's how I got here 2 years ago  
Actually, in your book he hates many people, I'm gay, therefore, if he was real (which he isn't), he'd want me to burn in the pits of hell for all eternity for genes I had no control over. How's that for all loving? 2 years ago +1
Why would I want to read a collection of 2,000 year old fairy tales written by ancients who thought the Earth was flat 2 years ago +2
We're not gonna burn for eternity, our bones will decay and our souls will cease to exist after we die, you will just have wasted your life, devoting it to a fairy tale 2 years ago +2
Except... they aren't existent 2 years ago +2
He didn't create jack sh*t 2 years ago +1
Really? How am I dumb for following tests and evidence instead of fairy tales? 2 years ago +1
You, my man, are a legend. A truly intelligent soul swimming through a sea of idiots. 2 years ago +2
Proof? You're just lashing out because there isn't but a bit of evidence for your theology, yet there is plenty for the Big Bang 2 years ago +2
Finally, someone in the comments who is smart. 2 years ago +2
No one, dumb arse 2 years ago +1
Not really, millions of minorities had their lives ruined in the name of your magic man in the sky 2 years ago +1
You sound like a kid who found out Santa Claus isn't real. Child, you haven't even hit puberty, Kloe, but you think you're the almighty philosopher because you were told all your life that an all hating magic man in the sky created the universe, Grow up and take a look at some genuine evidence. 2 years ago +1
But God dose not of the existing 2 years ago +1
Oh really? Because the book you hold to such a high esteem seems to think otherwise (I'm gay) 2 years ago +2
Please, there has been tests and evidence to find the Big Bang, whereas all you have is a 2,000 year old book written by desert people. How does chosing evidence over fairy tale make us perverts? 2 years ago +3
Oh please, delight me in how your all hating sky patriarch has been "proven" 2 years ago +3
...wait... it DOES Point to the Big Bang and not to the 2,000 year old book written by desert people... WHAT!? 2 years ago +2
Oh yes! Mr. Estabon says that his all hating sky patriarch is true, so it must be! It's totally not like all the evidence points to the Big Bang... 2 years ago +2
Not necessarily, dumbass 2 years ago +3
It's not that I don't respect it, it's that we shouldn't be praising fairy tale when there is evidence pointing otherwise. Quite a lot of religions hold a lot of beliefs that hold us as a species back and that are quite toxic, such as 'Gays are evil'. 2 years ago +2
So... Your in full brainwashed denial, no matter how much testing and evidence goes into exposing the lack of proof for your all hating sky patriarch, your still gonna believe in him because you were constantly told all your life that a 2,000 year old book written by desert people who thought the world was flat holds more validity than genuine fact. 2 years ago +1
Proof? 2 years ago +2
Really? What proof do you have exactly? Because I think sh*t loads of testing and evidence for the Big Bang Theory holds more validity than a 2,000 year old book written by desert people who thought the world was flat. 2 years ago +3
Your a dumbass, you don't need a god to stay alive, it's called if you're breathing oxygen and you're heart is breathing, you live. 2 years ago +3

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