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    Wrong ppl and photos but whatever 3 years ago  
    Listening to Friday for a while is HORRIBLE, but bearable. THE.REST.OF.MY.LIFE. unbearable 3 years ago  
    My singing is already good 3 years ago +1
    Don't watch avatar just chose the hot one 3 years ago  
    YES. I'M NOT ALONE 3 years ago  
    Scary movies always have action 3 years ago +2
    OMG I LOVED LOST. AND CHARLIE WAS MY FAVORITE CHARACTER. Hurley was great too 3 years ago +1
    Maybe not the shows but the movies are great in my opinion 3 years ago  
    This was a hard one, but I really love bacon. Damn it. I wish I could have a bacon dinner WITH Morgan Freeman 3 years ago  
    Earth is EVERYWHERE on earth. You can cause so much destruction. And if I had earthbending to the extent as Toph... then......... 3 years ago  
    Only cause he provides memes 3 years ago  
    This was one of the hardest "would you rather" questions I've ever seen 3 years ago  
    These days Nickelodeon sucks. All the good shows are being replaced with crappy ones 3 years ago +10
    WHAT PET xd 3 years ago  
    BATTLE BEGIN: Kirby eats fire flower and gains the power fire. Mario eats fire flower too. Mari shoots fire at Kirby but Kirby eats eats it. Kirby then eats Mario 3 years ago +1
    Lg and Apple triumph thoguh 3 years ago  
    How good is the sex 3 years ago +1
    Both suck honestly 3 years ago  
    Depends the games, but if they both had the same games then I would choose portable 3 years ago  
    I didn't even know Hotmail was still a thing 3 years ago  
    Neither 3 years ago  
    YAHOO! IS STILL A THING!!!???? :/ 3 years ago  
    For those of you who don't know recently a polar bear was found out of the Artic because of global warming and mated with a grizzly bear. Thus the first grolar bear was born 3 years ago +1
    Don't want spoilers 3 years ago  
    Said the Spawn of Satan 3 years ago  
    Don't care about soccer 3 years ago  
    I'm honestly surprised about the idiots and selfish people in the world. It's disgusting that people think there should be greed instead of religion. Regardless of whether you have a religion or not, you cannot say that religion is worse than greed. People need to understand that a lot of problems are from greed. 3 years ago  
    Tough one 3 years ago +1
    I didn't even know they still made blackberries 3 years ago  
    Sex. 3 years ago  
    Neither honestly 3 years ago  
    I'm 12 so awesome 3 years ago  
    Kill the serial killer 3 years ago  
    This is a good one. But I would just choose to die of old age, therefore I would die when i'm old and have lived a long life 3 years ago  
    I don't want to be immortal 3 years ago  
    I'd hope that they are all murderers and rapists 3 years ago  
    Already have a motto 3 years ago  
    The ability to transport people to other dimensions. So bring them to the worst place imaginable 3 years ago  
    We all know people wouldn't kill themselves 3 years ago  
    After I answered I looked human centipede up and then I realized I would do the other option because that is disgusting 3 years ago  
    All the people that are being offensive should just stop. I respect those who believe in the big bang and those who believe in God. Just stop being offensive to what people believe, it's very stupid and immature 3 years ago +4
    neither 3 years ago  
    No spoilers 3 years ago +4
    It's called refresh 3 years ago  
    I am the Baby Sun from teletubbies 3 years ago  
    IMPOSSIBLE TO ANSWER If the egg came first, where did the chicken come from. If the chicken came first, where did it hatch from 3 years ago  
    A vehicle that has a cup of a never ending amount of beverage of my choice. 12/10 3 years ago  
    I don't think the stereotypical aliens in modern culture, but yes 3 years ago  
    No bleeding. No need to breath. 3 years ago  
    Make food for yourself AND make money 3 years ago  
    Shoot him with a water gun.#Loopholes 3 years ago  
    I'm 12 3 years ago  
    NEITHER 3 years ago  
    They are already ideal 3 years ago  
    rubber what? 3 years ago  
    Only cause of Snoop Dogg 3 years ago  
    Tp be honest I would want to give it all away but I think I would only donate a few million 3 years ago  
    Use my intelligence to find easy ways to lose weight 3 years ago  
    Use your magic to cheat 3 years ago  
    World Peace=End of hunger 3 years ago  
    I'm 12 3 years ago  
    If one of the options was porta-potty then I would hold it till I got home 3 years ago  
    I'm a guy soo 3 years ago  
    I already have Xbox so Wii 3 years ago  
    Use that talent to get rich 3 years ago  
    Hate both 3 years ago  
    I have relatives there 3 years ago  
    I'm skinny. But still fit 3 years ago  
    I live in Canada. Time for a change 3 years ago  
    Then I get money from my lovers 3 years ago  
    If I was a girl 3 years ago  
    Then I know who's trying 3 years ago  
    I have both 3 years ago +2
    I've never had either 3 years ago  
    I'm 12 3 years ago  
    I live in Canada 3 years ago  
    there is such a thing as chocolate ice cream 3 years ago  
    Never had sashimi and hate sushi 3 years ago  
    I would not be able to survive the sudden change of not being able to see. Now I won't know what it's like 3 years ago  
    How fat 3 years ago  
    OREOS FTW!!! 3 years ago  
    Basketball is my favorite sport 3 years ago  
    It never said you had to be a paraplegic forever 3 years ago  
    Lol i'm smart and fit. Plus your brain burns calories so you wouldn't be that fat if you were smart 3 years ago  
    My dad is not alive anymore 3 years ago  
    It's putting animals down(killing it in a humane way) 3 years ago  
    I don't need to fix anything. Glasses 3 years ago  
    So at first I was thinking to go with the first one. Then I noticed that with me as their god, I will further the advance of mankind. And I would be a fair and nice god 3 years ago  
    I already dance instead of walk anyway 3 years ago  
    I'm a guy 3 years ago  
    I'm 12 3 years ago  
    I could make fun of those movies with them 3 years ago  
    I just noticed it doesn't have to be the Satan form Chrisitanity 3 years ago  
    There are no beiber fans 3 years ago  
    Loophole: use my intelligence to get rich 3 years ago  
    I'm already both 3 years ago  
    34% FOR SMOKING. tsk tsk tsk 3 years ago  
    Only if they aren't actually responsible and if the consequence is not death 3 years ago  
    I could listen to my fav song 60 times in a row 3 years ago  
    There's candy AT Halloween parties 3 years ago  
    I am the older sibling. My brother has it easy 3 years ago  
    Ignorance is annoying 3 years ago  
    Get a new job 3 years ago  
    Already seen avatar 3 years ago  
    Car crash. Then what 3 years ago  
    I love food. And I could be violated 3 years ago  
    My memory is fine 3 years ago  
    Doing what 3 years ago  
    One melts. One doesn't. 3 years ago  
    Watch all my stuff on my cpu. And I have a laptop so I can bring it places 3 years ago  
    This includes the being in love with the person of my dreams. And they would love me back 3 years ago  
    I like both of them but spiderman is one of my favorite superheroes 3 years ago  
    Get her therapy 3 years ago  
    In what relationships do the woman hit the man 3 years ago  
    I WON 3 years ago  
    If you call sitting around, owning a castle, and letting people doing stuff for you work, then sure 3 years ago  
    I don't want to live forever 3 years ago  
    I would honestly prefer coke, but it's just not as healthy 3 years ago  
    Could be dipped for a nanosecond 3 years ago  
    My grandma isn't annoying 3 years ago  
    I already have great vision 3 years ago  
    Better graphics 3 years ago  
    Common sense: use your intelligence to create the most advanced and useful company in the world to become rich 3 years ago  
    If you have fame you ususally have wealth 3 years ago  
    I would prefer France but not as it is right now 3 years ago  
    I'm not against gays 3 years ago  
    Depends how rich, how poor, why am I miserable 3 years ago  
    At least I have food and i'm working 3 years ago  
    What if I have more 3 years ago  
    No one said they wouldn't be hot. Also, use their money to get surgery and become hot 3 years ago  
    There would be no world hunger without war 3 years ago  
    I LOVE HARLEM SHAKE 3 years ago  
    I'm not a good swimmer 3 years ago  
    Prosthetics 3 years ago  
    1.Who said they were bad. 2. Could be The Doctor 3. Science research 3 years ago  
    This is a blessing in disguise 3 years ago  
    I could move 3 years ago  
    Depends the sickness 3 years ago  
    Depends the sickness 3 years ago  
    lol I already am considered to be the smartest person in my class 3 years ago  
    Don't want spoilers 3 years ago  
    It's just 100$ 3 years ago  
    I like the awkward moments 3 years ago  
    My significant other is my friend 3 years ago  
    Cash is a gift 3 years ago  
    One of my friends could just by me a new one 3 years ago  
    I can just find a way to not be miserable 3 years ago  
    But liberty is justice 3 years ago  
    I'm a nerd and i'm short 3 years ago  
    Well I'm smart and the person I want to marry is smart. So our son would probably be smart. Therefore he will use the money to get into therapy or and not by drugs 3 years ago  
    I could actually run away or defend myself 3 years ago  
    That's 200 000$ every year 3 years ago  
    If you do the second one, you're doing drugs and you are driving while you are high(both are illegal) 3 years ago  
    I've always wanted to watch my dreams 3 years ago  
    Depends the movie. Action? Then watch. Romance or Comedy? Listen 3 years ago  
    I live in Canada 3 years ago  
    This could help science research 3 years ago  
    I only chose prison because I was thinking of a stereotypical prison. But it depends how long you're in prison, what kind of prison etc 3 years ago  
    I've always cared about my siblings more than myself 3 years ago  
    I don't play outside much 3 years ago  
    I could fall 3 years ago  
    what would be the difference 3 years ago  
    I've never wanted to live forever 3 years ago  
    I would just make fun of those things since they aren't really there 3 years ago  
    If you knew how to speak it, you could understand it 3 years ago  
    Doesn't mean we can't kiss 3 years ago  
    I could say things in different languages and no one would know 3 years ago  
    I'd just go to the doctor and get better 3 years ago  
    People always make the wrong choices. No one thinks to wish for infinite wishes(which I would do). Then I would wish that I can wish for money 3 years ago  
    Wow I thought I was gonna get outvoted. Plus I don't lie that much 3 years ago  
    I've always wanted to watch my dreams 3 years ago  
    I wanna see what it would be like to be a girl 3 years ago  
    Talking like Yoda would be cute 3 years ago  
    UGH THIS ONE 3 years ago  
    This one. UGGHH 3 years ago  
    OMG this is so sad 3 years ago  

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