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    Hiro Nakamura! x3  
    They both have the look of an antagonist. e-e  
    My grandma is awesome!  
    I'll experience some magical occurrence on earth that will make my life adventurous, fun, and joyous forever.  
    I'll be a master pickpocket like Apollo Robbins! x3  
    ...And if you're not religious (like me), you can imagine that people are around you at the movie theater, if your lonely. At the restaurant, take in the presence of the other eaters.  
    I don't like really fancy cars. Old or bad looking cars remind me of my happy elementary school(and early middle school) years when my dad was alive. He drove a really old looking car and a van that didn't look the best, and some of my happiest memories took place in them and out of them, during the time they existed.  
    I love the fun and competition in sports(though, I wish non-sport games counted too. They're more fun and creative.) Then again, musical instruments are really fun, too, and I love the feeling of taking in the emotions of the music as I play. +1
    I like my appearance... a tad bit, but I don't want people to see my new really attractive looks, and only see that. I'd rather stay prettily average and recognizable to those I knew and have known.  
    You could say, "Can I have an orange please?" so you could just rhyme with please instead of orange.  
    There's nothing wrong with being pale.  
    Without arms, I can't draw or write stories, but I could say my stories aloud and watch them be automatically typed, and I could learn to draw using my feet...or my nose. Plus, I need my legs for exercising and running around, playing, walking, etc. Then again... I wouldn't be able to masturbate. I guess I'll have to freaking wait like 8 years, so I'll be out of college, ready to get married and have sex. Hell yes...  
    It's not just guys dude. I'm a girl and I watch lesbian porn, hard yuri, gay porn, hard yaoi, omorashi(wetting and pee desperation), masturbation videos, etc.  
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