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    If he was real, you would've been able to pick pokemon with no issues, but you didn't. Learn some better logic.  
    For a sore throat, you can just eat marshmallows. It's what they were originally invented for.  
    But their OS is product exclusice.  
    I rigged the cake to explode.  
    Beach Picnic  
    Dafuq do you do with 10 priuses?  
    Sleep is too awesome.  
    Immortality and invulnerability are extremely different. Being immortal doesn't mean you can't be killed, it means you won't die of old age.  
    A woman my height would be awesome.  
    Ignorance is annoying.  
    Sympathy, morphine, and lounging around all day. Remind what's so bad about that.  
    It's only the box your giving up. A tv is just a giant version of a computer monitor, which means i can just plug my computer into the TV and stream Netflix, Hulu, or some other internet video service.  
    It doesn't say how. Maybe i spent it.  
    Keep your bigotry to yourself. It's that elitist bullsh*t that starts wars.  
    I know people that are both.  
    All the more reason to invent NerveGear  
    How do i craft an outside? +1
    If i can kick it more than 15 feet, it's not a dog, it's just a barking football.  
    Why are there no viruses for mac?: because mac users don't have any files worth taking.  
    The fact that you know everything means you'd know how to suppress the knowledge you didn't want. You could then do whatever you want without going insane from knowing everything in existence.  
    Getting away with it doesn't mean nobody knows, just that nobody stopped you.  
    Take a 6 shot gun, put one bullet in. Spin the chamber so you don't know where it is, put the gun to your head, and pull the trigger. If you live, you won, if you lost, lets just say the janitor is gonna need a bigger bucket.  
    I NEED BOTH!  
    I sea what you did there  
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