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Not necessary. 2 years ago  
Fire,Fire, FIRE! 2 years ago  
WE SHALL RULE ANIME! 4 years ago  
Raped?! 4 years ago  
Love conquers all.Love brings us all together. 4 years ago +1
UNICORN! lol 4 years ago  
japan 4 years ago +1
*English 4 years ago +1
avatar 4 years ago  
*sigh* 4 years ago  
Well,it's actually a matter of opinion. 4 years ago  
Son of Apallo. 4 years ago  
Just cuz a grown man watches MLP does NOT make them a pedo! It teaches them love and tolerance!Something which you DO NOT have!Good day! 4 years ago +2
Cuz it's a good frigin show! 4 years ago  
Loved it :3 4 years ago  
Agreed 4 years ago  
Don't have one :D 4 years ago  
R.I.P Edd :( 4 years ago  
Agreed. 4 years ago  
Iran :3 4 years ago  
I am :3 4 years ago  
*Facepalm* 4 years ago  
What do you think? 4 years ago  
lol 4 years ago  
*sigh* it's fine. 4 years ago  
Just because something is annoying doesn't mean you must hate it 4 years ago  
Well excuse us :P 4 years ago  
Was that really frigin necessary?!You don't ave to be rude to ''our'' beliefs.Sheesh. 4 years ago  
I'm not p'd off. 4 years ago  
Well,just assume you do,which one? 4 years ago  
......You can't just say religion is dumb,that's just an opinion,just because YOU think it's dumb doesn't mean it really is.And excuse religious people for thinking that there's more to life than just birth and death. 4 years ago  
F u dude. 4 years ago  
JB 4 years ago  
*Dies* 4 years ago  
Thank dude :D. 4 years ago +1
animal lover. 4 years ago +2
animal lovers 4 years ago  
animal love 4 years ago  
animal lover 4 years ago  
the power to stop time within a sphere of range. 4 years ago +1
Bowties are un-cool. 4 years ago +2
Rude. 4 years ago  
100%! 4 years ago  
.... 4 years ago  
both 4 years ago +1
F humans! 4 years ago  
JAPAN! 4 years ago  
Smells SO much better. 4 years ago  
A day? 4 years ago +2
I can believe in one. 4 years ago  
I'm just saying.In fact,everything that has ever been thought of is real,just in another universe,if the multiverse theory is true. 4 years ago  
BY A KITTEN! 4 years ago  
The person uses he gun to kill another person,so both. 4 years ago  
DANGIT WRONG ONE! 4 years ago  
Both are most likely real,but B is more awesome. 4 years ago +1
I'n not okay with smoking in any way,shape,or form,but people should be able to chill and ''indulge'. 4 years ago  
There's stuff in this world no one can explain.... 4 years ago  
There could be a god,you don't know. 4 years ago  
Kool Kids Klub. 4 years ago  
That means 3 housr less of school for me! 4 years ago  
YAS THX YOU! 4 years ago  
Unicorn...Lol. 4 years ago  
Freddy FazBear! 4 years ago  
It could of gone to foster home and eventually got adopted. 4 years ago +2
Better to do so then murder a baby.Yes,it is technically murdering;Your taking the life of another human. 4 years ago +2
*Starts chewing with mouth open*.Oops.PLS DON;T KILL MEH! 4 years ago  
... 4 years ago  
Happiness,exploration,love,adventure,achievements,choices,ext. 4 years ago +1
... 4 years ago  
F DA POLICE! 4 years ago  
More fun. 4 years ago  
I KNOW NO BOUNDS! 4 years ago +1
Cool.All I have to do is break a law then time starts over,an then I can live life over again :D. 4 years ago  
So long as it looked awesome when I did so. 4 years ago  
I love red. 4 years ago  
Sword. 4 years ago  
They are special.EVERYONE IS SPECIAL! 4 years ago  
HOW?! PLS TELL US! [I'm not being sarcastic]. 4 years ago  
It's not... 4 years ago  
The soul is your true essence,or,in better terms:You are the soul.You are controlling a physical ''puppet'' right now.The body can be destroyed and he soul can live on.It is intangible.To get a better understanding of the soul: pic's like this can help you better understand it 4 years ago +1
Not after Foxy (or Mangle) bites it off... 4 years ago +1
XD 4 years ago  
#SnoopTurtle 4 years ago +1
Who needs to eat anyway,am I right? 4 years ago  
I could literally fly on Titan. 4 years ago  
English,Japanese,and Tibetan. 4 years ago  
I could never kill an elephant :( 4 years ago  
Prove it... 4 years ago  
Possibly.I think we are more than just a physical body with no reason to exist. 4 years ago  
Sure. 4 years ago  
Ice and life powers. 4 years ago  
Technically they did and/or still do. 4 years ago +2
DANG IT WRONG ONE! 4 years ago  
But they are...DUN DUN DUN! 4 years ago  
Much better. 4 years ago  
Oops,mean't B. 4 years ago  
lol. 4 years ago  
let them do what they want to,it's their choice. 4 years ago +1
You can't act ''black'',and you can't act ''white''. 4 years ago +3
But then water extinguishes fire. 4 years ago +1
Ax from Animorphs. 4 years ago  
TURN UP FOR WHAT?! 4 years ago +1
Water. 4 years ago  
Duh. 4 years ago  
Yup. 4 years ago  
Agreed. 4 years ago  
I'm watching Girl meets World right now... 4 years ago  
6 steaks,2 grilled cheeses,sushi,spaghetti,cookie dough ice cream,BBQ chips,spicy BBQ chips,21 boxes of ''Mike N Ike'',strawberries,a cake shaped like an Andalite,cakes shaped like my loved ones,a cake shaped like a Trex,I would also request all my loved ones and friends to be there,and we would watch movies the whole time,then,I would stab myself in the head and in-turn kill myself after hugging all my friends and loved ones.And before I kill myself I would request to be buried in my hometown with a picture of myself and my loved ones,a single rose,and a copy of Animorphs 1:The invasion on my tombstone. 4 years ago  
Nanjing massacre? 4 years ago  
That's really rude,me and some of my friend are Bronies.Are you saying we ruin the fan-base? 4 years ago +2
Bronies are male viewers of the show.What I jut got from your comment is that male viewers of the show have ruined the show,bot all other viewers are just fine.Am I correct? 4 years ago +2
A water bender better thank Katara,or a wizard with a scar.Hmm. 4 years ago +3
I'm pretty sure it means,when you die,you will ascend to higher levels of consciousness and become a sorta ''God-like'' being. 4 years ago  
Mangle is the most...Flexible,so to say.She can climb walls. 4 years ago  
Looks like Rachel from Animorphs. 4 years ago  
OVER 9000! 4 years ago +1
Agreed. 4 years ago  
THEY'RE BOTH OMOZING! 4 years ago  
Pacifist.Neither.They're both terrible.I would only join the Japanese military. 4 years ago  
Ax from Animorphs.OR HE ALREADY IS REAL!? *X-Files theme song plays* DUH DUH DUH DUH DUH DOO DOO DOO DOON DA DU DU DU DU. 4 years ago  
Still,you can't judge everybody in the fan-base by a few (sorta crazy) Bronies. 4 years ago +2
Not all Bronies ruin the fanbase. 4 years ago +2
In my opinion both are pretty good. 4 years ago +1
Edward...Edward? 4 years ago  
AND LIVE! 4 years ago +1
No. 4 years ago  
I'm not kidding,i' pretty sure I someone on here with the username:Kim Jung Un.But I don't think they were from North Korea. 4 years ago +1
I guess the grammar nazi in me came out,sorry. 4 years ago  
Japan has been around MUCH longer. 4 years ago +1
you don't need to. 4 years ago  
Oh,and for those people saying ''over-population'':If we had REALLY long life-spans,we could invent technology to go to other planets,so earth wouldn't be to over-populated. 4 years ago +2
Well,I am ''The_Cure''. 4 years ago  
(Assuming I was a girl) MY DEIDERA-SENPAI!Lol 4 years ago  
XD 4 years ago  
Someone in my family actually got cancer from smoking,so,no. 4 years ago  
I'm a pacifist (with a temper) so.... 4 years ago  
Is this even a question?JAPAN IS LOVE JAPAN IS LIFE! 4 years ago  
YAS! 4 years ago  
Skydiving! 4 years ago  
Ooh ( ꒪Д꒪)ノ 4 years ago  
THANK YOU,THANK YOU! 4 years ago  
Must be done... 4 years ago  
Omg. 4 years ago  
If your running out of ideas...WHICH HORSE WOULD YOU RATHER HAVE.PLS PLS PLS.DON'T LISTEN TO MR.(Jerk)Cenatuar. 4 years ago +1
At least animals aren't douches. 4 years ago  
MUST KI--What?.Animal lover. 4 years ago  
Classic. 4 years ago +3
JAPPPPAN! 4 years ago +2
Otakumon. 4 years ago  
Ax from Animorphs :3. 4 years ago  
A little bit of both. 4 years ago +4
BLUE! 4 years ago  
THEY HURT MY BABY JAPAN! 4 years ago  
Lol. 4 years ago  
I KNOW NO BOUNDS! 4 years ago  
Sup. 4 years ago  
... 4 years ago  
WHAT'S NINE PLUS TEN? 4 years ago  
Does it heal like Rapunzels? 4 years ago  
The other one looks mean. 4 years ago  
ANIMORPHS! 4 years ago +1
UNDER THE SEA! 4 years ago  
YASS 4 years ago +1
Go on a rampage.I would burn building down,rob stores,stuff my face with food,party,shoot people,ext. 4 years ago +3
And you ruined her FRIGIN SERIES! 4 years ago  
Fine,here 4 years ago  
And you ruined her series... 4 years ago  
Most of the time spanking just results in negative effects,including:The child starts to think violence is the answer,they can develop hate for the parents which could result in them becoming rebellious and committing crimes,and other negative effects. 4 years ago +1
You can't ''vote wrong''. 4 years ago +1
Allowing your kids to see that's it's okay to take your anger out on a child (which it's not) is plain lazy/stupid. 4 years ago +5
That's no excuse to hate on her questions.And i'd be fine if people called me The_Virus_-1,Ms.Human. 4 years ago  
Sorry.But why did you hate on her series? 4 years ago +1
Frozen... 4 years ago  
JAPPPPPPPAN!!! 4 years ago  
Can I be an airbender? 4 years ago  
Sometimes...I dream about cheese... 4 years ago  
Can I be made out of fire? 4 years ago  
ONLY because of Yogscast. 4 years ago  
Amazing. 4 years ago  
JAPAN HERE I COME! 4 years ago +1
Agreed. 4 years ago  
THE CAKE IS NOT A LIE! 4 years ago +2
It's a little hard not to when you only see their profile pics. 4 years ago  
Even Avatar had this... 4 years ago +1
Okay,that's just...Wrong... 4 years ago  
WTF is wall ball. 4 years ago  
With a shotgun... 4 years ago  
It would look nice :3. 4 years ago +1
Morgan Freeman... 4 years ago  
Animorphs is soft cover,so... 4 years ago  
lol 4 years ago  
JAPAN!! 4 years ago  
Heights... 4 years ago  
Don't you guys just love the gorillas in the sky in the morning? 4 years ago +1
Couldn't I just kill all of them. 4 years ago  
My Wish:UNLIMITED WISHES! 4 years ago  
Sorry.And I was talking about Mr.Centaur. 4 years ago +1
FU.Thanks bro,for destroying her AMAZING series.Go burn in a pit of fire. 4 years ago  
So?THEY WERE AMAZING! 4 years ago  
As you get older you remember more from your past life. 4 years ago  
Just found this,check it out. 4 years ago  
PLS PLS PLS 4 years ago  
Yes...Everyone would play it!!!!!!! 4 years ago +2
It's the best of all logic :3 4 years ago  
It's amazing! 4 years ago  
We become so connected to them. R.I.P Sarah. ''Clem tried to save her,but Jane was a douche''. 4 years ago  
KKK: Kool Kids Klub :D 4 years ago +3
I only have one thing to say....JAPPPPPPAN! 4 years ago  
To hug someone or kiss them on the cheek? 4 years ago  
I'm actually okay with it,but I chose B because if someone of the same gender of me starts hitting on me,i'd be like:''Bruh!'' 4 years ago +1
You should be allowed to have public displays of affection.This is a free country. 4 years ago  
JAPPPPPPPPPPAN!!! 4 years ago +1
Are you actually gonna make that :0. 4 years ago  
Your the twerkiest of all dolphins. 4 years ago  
I still cry every time I watch a let's play of the game... 4 years ago  
EREN JAGER DA DA DUN DA DA!! 4 years ago  
hdocydsue 4 years ago  
Both 4 years ago  
Triangle=Illuminati 4 years ago  
I want my Senpai to notice me :3 4 years ago  
JAPANESE!! 4 years ago  
and make friends with them 4 years ago +1
Five nights at Freddy's 4 years ago +1
dead 4 years ago  
A this boys and girls is what is wrong with the world,(I chose the wrong choose by accident).Hope you never become a parent 4 years ago  
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