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Retired university researcher and instructor now in private practice. I work for a global, privately-held German firm that supports many household name brands. Analyzing the questions, responses, and comments on provides valuable business intelligence for our clients. I travel the US and around the world speaking to industry groups, business schools (usually MBA programmes), and guest-lecturing at various universities. I will be working on authoring books #3 (on business intelligence) and #4 (leadership) for the rest of 2017 and 2018. I have seen the good, the bad, and the ugly in my lifetime. I try not to judge others even though I do have my own informed opinions. Many of my questions are drawn from news or real-life. I have one pet peeve: It is when know-it-all punks make blatant assertions without any facts or backing. The absolutely galling thing is they think they are being attacked if you disagree with their one-dimensioned beliefs or press them to actually prove their outrageous assertions. In the real world, those fast-talking sophists get chewed up and spit out. Real. Fast. A word of wisdom: do not come empty-handed to a gunfight! I enjoyed a recent sea cruise and am looking forward to more food and drink-inclusive cruises in the near future!

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