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The Flash and Doctor Who are the bomb

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    Im not sure it's that kind of close  
    I'm not sure it's that kind of close.  
    God was real but the Big Bang did happen. God was BEFORE the Big Bang. Either that or were all in a f*cking sims game. +2
    My birthday is right before Christmas  
    I don't know who rebbeca black even is  
    My iPad hates me  
    I finnaly faith in humanity, expect the 16% who said Justin beriberi  
    Bush did 9-11  
    I eat mac and cheese with chopsticks  
    They are both sh*t  
    I have both the same exact way  
    Apples bad why not Samsung  
    Chevy is the bomb  
    Android is way better  
    Tetris for life  
    Need to watch the flash  
    They both suck  
    Bing +1
    Also, Apple is horrible  
    Faith in humanity restored  
    Apple shall burn  
    When you hate apple but are using an iPad  
    9-11 was more reason, but we wouldn't have Donald trump calling it 7-11  
    When they say the Big Bang  
    You can find anything on Amazon  
    Not a hard question  
    Do we live?  
    Humanity has come to this, they both suck, but I hate Disney  
    Zombie apocalypse would be cool, as long as you don't die...  
    This is a hard question, since if you pause time you get free smoothies from Wawa, but a rewind button can change bad decisions. They both can affect the future, and ruin yours and other peoples timeline. I take it I watch too much Doctor who  
    Lawyers make WAY more money  
    F humanity if this is actually a question  
    more Time to study the to MAKE more money  
    It's funny how the world has become  
    Voldemort for life  
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