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    Ew +1
    Here's my chance to get a lot of thumbs up so here I go...... MOOOOO!!! +6
    Looks like you don't go to church. +2
    5 second rule! +6
    They would do the same if you were a vampire  
    My chicken Harold created the world. :) +1
    So is your mom! +1
    If your a CELEBRITY'S spouse, you now own their money! Idiots!  
    If your a comedian, your a BOSS +2
    If your blind from birth, you can only dream in sounds because you haven't witnessed sight before. If your deaf from birth, you only dream in visions +2
    Dumbass, bet you've never even had a nightmare. They are scary even though they're not there. The mind tricks you into thinking the dream is reality  
    Were talking about a SHOWER here. Not going outside! DUH!!!!  
    why yes, yes they do. +1
    Why would anyone want to look like a pale, crackhead? +2
    It never said it had to look like that shack! Besides, that mansion you r living in alone is probably haunted.  
    Not if your a girl! :O  
    This question is for guys and I'm a girl so yeah...  
    Dinner with Elmo? I'm straight! +1
    Monkeys are BOSS!!!! +1
    When you guys die, ask God yourself! +6
    Thumbs up if you chose prison break because the boy in the pic is sexy! :) +632
    It's ALOT more awkward dating your bestfriend! Been there, done that.  
    The hottest guy I know is Cody Simpson and Taylor Lautner so I'm good!  
    At least it's private, unless your friend are with you when you get the text. Then your screwed!  
    Never said how many and they slide right down your throat  
    What kind of sick person would post this question?!?! +2
    It never said the jock wore the sock  
    What kind of sick person would post this question?!?  
    Can't have parties in a car! +2
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