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I like questions that make me think.

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So I never used Steam before, but I made an account and I just bought fallout. Everytime I try to log in through the steam icon this picture pops up but the website login is fine. Anybody know what to do? Yea! You just.. or Nope sorry bud 3 years ago 86 votes 31 comments 0 likes
Would you rather Listen to music where only the lyrics appeal to you or Listen to music where only the beat appeals to you 3 years ago 118 votes 5 comments 0 likes
Would you rather Wear the same pair of shoes for the rest of your life or Do a hot coal walk 5 times no breaks once every month 3 years ago 66 votes 3 comments 0 likes
Would you rather have Long nails or Short nails 3 years ago 124 votes 8 comments 0 likes
How tall are you? 5'5 and below or 5'6 and above 3 years ago 142 votes 55 comments 0 likes
Would you rather Ask for help or Figure it out on your own 3 years ago 128 votes 38 comments 0 likes
Would you rather Constantly hear voices or Never hear anything 3 years ago 120 votes 11 comments 0 likes
Would you rather Comment down your "New Years Resolution" or Not 3 years ago 89 votes 13 comments 0 likes
Would you rather Murder be justifiable in some cases or Leave the laws as is 3 years ago 109 votes 19 comments 0 likes
Would you rather Eat green grapes or Eat purple grapes 3 years ago 186 votes 32 comments 0 likes
Comment down a question or anything and I'll respond. ...k or No stfu and burn! 3 years ago 69 votes 88 comments 0 likes
How bored are you on a scale from 1-what is life 1-whatever or What is life 3 years ago 69 votes 11 comments 0 likes
Would you rather aliens be Smarter / More advanced than us or Not as smart / Less advanced than us 3 years ago 99 votes 7 comments 0 likes
Would you rather after death Relive your life forever making any change in desicions you want or Go to heaven or hell 3 years ago 93 votes 6 comments 0 likes
Would you rather Rush and get done on time or Attempt perfection and be late 3 years ago 107 votes 3 comments 0 likes
Would you rather have a new species on Earth that is a mix between Human & Horse or Human & Bird 3 years ago 117 votes 6 comments 0 likes
Would you rather have All seasons last a year or All seasons last a week 3 years ago 102 votes 9 comments 0 likes
Would you rather discover the truth about gods existence or nonexistence or be invincible for a day 3 years ago 95 votes 7 comments 0 likes
Would you rather date a black person or date a white person 4 years ago 116 votes 19 comments 0 likes
Would you rather serve a 10 year jail sentence for your mom or let her serve it 4 years ago 128 votes 10 comments 0 likes
Would you rather spend a day as obama or spend a day as kanye west 4 years ago 124 votes 8 comments 0 likes
Would you rather become a mother/father of a human baby this very second (you may not give the child away) or never have kids OR pets ever 4 years ago 123 votes 16 comments 0 likes
Would you rather get filthy rich in a way that disappoints your family or just barely make it through, with only enough money to get by 4 years ago 410,040 votes 2,069 comments 3 likes
Would you rather Eat only cookies for dessert for the rest of your life and no other sweets or Eat only donuts for desert for the rest of your life and no other sweets 4 years ago 124 votes 10 comments 0 likes

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I hope so 3 years ago +1
5'5 the perfect balance 3 years ago  
I srry. x( I'll pm you now 3 years ago  
Oh yah..I was gonna respond but I got nervous and didn't know what to say D': 3 years ago  
Lies! I did respond! I think?? 3 years ago  
Nope, Milwaukee. I didn't even think about the actual meaning of African American until you brought it up. 3 years ago  
I really dc which tbh 3 years ago  
"Cancer"? I don't get it 3 years ago  
Ever since I got my tragus piercing x( 3 years ago  
A is a lonely and sad existence 3 years ago +1
Tarantulas are cool 3 years ago  
What does that have to do with anything? O.o where are you from means where were you born. In some cases where were you raised 3 years ago  
A lot of people move to different places throughout their lives 3 years ago  
Milwaukee, WI 3 years ago  
Most one pieces suck 3 years ago  
It makes her feel like you missed her a lot and were thinking about her 3 years ago  
I think "pink animal with a big snout" 3 years ago  
Even thought I've seen B, it wasn't too bad but watching it for 8 hours is just no. You'd have to have some terrible browser history to pick that. 3 years ago  
Thanks I'll try that and let you know how it goes 3 years ago  
No but considering I just installed it today and haven't used it at all yet that shouldn't be the problem. And it's not just steam it's any online gaming server. And I already tried resetting the router 3 years ago  
It's in the authors note 3 years ago  
Unfortunately I wouldn't know..because I can't f*cking connect! *cries forever* 3 years ago  
I just checked. That doesn't seem to be the problem everything is in there and with a green check. 3 years ago  
But where is it and how do you delete it? 3 years ago  
Nuh uh I'm starting with 3 like you suggested. :D 3 years ago  
What's system 32? 3 years ago +1
It's not funny I'm about to flip my sh*t! 3 years ago  
Doesn't really matter. Just if I had to pick 3 years ago  
;) 3 years ago  
I can't think of an example where this actually happens 3 years ago  
Nope. We say fall up north 3 years ago  
Live for these nights :D 3 years ago  
The nostalgia 3 years ago +1
I hate the texture of apples 3 years ago  
My favorite was shroeder he was a G 3 years ago  
Haha what the heck? 3 years ago  
Female here 3 years ago  
Nothing wrong with either so I just chose at random 3 years ago  
B is nasty 3 years ago  
You spreadededed your wings and flew and everyone followed 3 years ago  
There's power in numbers 3 years ago  
With a full body suit. 3 years ago  
I really don't see many differences between the two, just seems like a popularity contest. 3 years ago +1
The coals in pic A would probably burn your feet off. 3 years ago  
This is cruel 3 years ago  
I hate pepperoni 3 years ago  
Lol noooo 3 years ago it gray?? 3 years ago  
Wait no I love my dad I change my answer 3 years ago  
In b right now 3 years ago's worse than nothing. 3 years ago  
But I get to use the dildo on her she can't do it on me 3 years ago  
Lol he must have just updated the authors note? 3 years ago +1
Who doesn't? 3 years ago  
Flead and Lollow 3 years ago  
I always make fun of the bully back until everybody laughs and the bully shuts up. 3 years ago  
I can totally see it :p 3 years ago +1
He's a strong independent woman now. 3 years ago +3
Lol, thinkorswim 3 years ago  
Weekends. 3 years ago  
Exactly! I am truly offended. 3 years ago  
This is way too stereotypical 3 years ago +1
Ik I'm just being annoying. 3 years ago  
Masucline? 3 years ago  
>:3 3 years ago 3 years ago  
Odds are your 13 y/o son is going to ask "can I go get some oral?" 3 years ago +1
A is gorgeous! 3 years ago  
5'5 squad! 3 years ago  
*quietly chuckles* 3 years ago  
But..he's trying to kill him and eat him! 3 years ago +3
Niiiiiice 3 years ago +1
Oh yeah, you're probably going to grow 3 years ago +1
How old are you? Because you just might join our squad one day. :3 3 years ago  
:o Oh no you di'ent 3 years ago  
Team 5'5! 3 years ago  
Holy shiet no way 3 years ago  
I understand completely 3 years ago  
Yea maybe I should've split the heights higher up..but you would be surprised how many short guys there are out there 3 years ago  
.....I can tell you wanna fight me. 3 years ago  
But you said it was an hour and six mins so I was closer! Omg I can't deal w/ you rn. 3 years ago  
No an hour is closer to an hour and six minutes than your broad spectrum of "ehh more than and hour but less than two" lol 3 years ago  
Dammit! You beat me to it haha 3 years ago +1
Thick;);););) kidding I like men 3 years ago  
I told you. I'm always right, Good night. ;p lol 3 years ago  
Yes I know. But you agreed with me that it would be cool to see a human eagle hybrid but then you have usman in your choice pic lol. But nuh uh Henry is about an hour away from Gwinnett if I'm not mistaken 3 years ago  
I can't decide its way too hard. :,( why would you do this to me I thought we were cool. Lol do you have one?? 3 years ago  
We're an hour away. And lol wrong choice then Ethan, you accidentally picked usman :p 3 years ago  
What's your favorite? Mine is bbq ribs 3 years ago +1
Sorry to barge into your convo, but omg Yessss 3 years ago +1
I laughed harder than I should've at this 3 years ago  
Check your pms 3 years ago  
I think it would be really cool to see a human eagle hybrid. 3 years ago +1
Hmm idk. I guess since none of them can serve a function on their own then all of them are equally as important. 3 years ago  
How excited do you think I was on a scale of 1-10? 3 years ago  
Well ig it is technically alive, just not intelligent. 3 years ago  
You're user is a lie?? Lol, jk nice! :) 3 years ago  
Too shy 3 years ago  
9. 3 years ago  
Love black 3 years ago  
Hi DJ Luigi Waffles :) 3 years ago  
Twas his goal XD 3 years ago +1
Lol im kidding. I really don't know the answer 3 years ago  
....sausage? 3 years ago  
When I'm sad I always end up listening to sad music and don't feel like listening to happy music, so I would go with the movie. 3 years ago  
You're being serious? 3 years ago  
Don't correct me. I said what I said. Haha jk 3 years ago  
Smh. Si señorita :,D 3 years ago  
Hmm depends. What is it? ;p 3 years ago  
Apparently I'm an "advocate" 3 years ago  
Paprika 3 years ago  
My snack cabinet 3 years ago  
Same 3 years ago  
Hotdog 3 years ago  
Yea, bouta month and a half 3 years ago  
;o how dare you invite someone to the check out sesh without permission! :,D 3 years ago  
B would suck... 3 years ago  
;) ;) thx I needed that lol 3 years ago  
*aggresively hands you flowers* let's not fight anymore >:( 3 years ago  
Online, no not really. But I get easily worked up in person. :p 3 years ago  
To the point where I think I should go get checked out.. 3 years ago +1
Neither. Lol jk 3 years ago  
Chocolate is just too good. 3 years ago  
Authors note says you don't die :) 3 years ago  
Procautionary measures can be taken But there's only so much that can be done. 3 years ago +4
Oh, in that case I change my answer. 3 years ago  
But I love myniece and nephew so much :( 3 years ago  
Comfy clothes & pretty scenery :D 3 years ago  
Lol having no one around when I was born? That's would be interesting. 3 years ago  
Go women! 3 years ago  
Overpopulation 3 years ago  
Same thing basically 3 years ago +1
I'm pretty sure he's said this at least once in his life. 3 years ago  
You would die with A 3 years ago +1
DW was a b*tch 3 years ago +2
As a kid, I always thought Oscar was a trash can drug dealer. 3 years ago  
Nice :) that's a long time. Congrats! 3 years ago +1
Lol exactly 3 years ago  
Yum. 3 years ago  
Ewww :c 3 years ago  
.-. *grabs knife and slaps your beak* No no. 3 years ago  
Oh okay I was just making sure you understood the question in its entirety. I'm kind of on the fence so I want to see the good arguments from both sides. 3 years ago  
Some people think it's okay to kill someone if they kill somebody close to them. Say like a family member. And also in some states it's illegal to kill someone that breaks into your house but in some places it's legal. 3 years ago  
Well that's keeping the law as is. I mean stuff like some people say they would kill somebody if they killed some one close to them. 3 years ago  
You're opinion is very legit. 3 years ago +2
Even though he pretended not to see my pm :)))))) 3 years ago  
You're right. I'm sorry. I won't tell you to shoo ever again 3 years ago  
*boat sinks* FUUUUUU 3 years ago  
Shoo eagle shoo! 3 years ago  
Those taste the dustiest to me haha. What about the black grapes have you ever tried those? 3 years ago  
I'm both 3 years ago  
The purple grapes are sweeter 3 years ago +1
I find this offensive. 3 years ago  
That one was random. And the cat is like srsly screw my owners. 3 years ago  
I really need to learn how to manipulate the gif system though cuz that's cute :,D 3 years ago  
It sent straight to my heart. :D Lol okay I'll shut up now 3 years ago  
Awe that's soo cute :3 3 years ago  
I'm kidding! *runs and hugs you* plz don't be mad at me:( 3 years ago  
Lol did I pick yes? 3 years ago  
A 22 year old in highschool is pretty embarrassing. 3 years ago  
Jk I hate tyga 3 years ago  
Redeagle.. He aight ig 3 years ago  
That's the life right there. But I'm allergic to cats :( it's really unfortunate. 3 years ago  
I love a lot of animals. Lol but ill choose dog for the sake of this question. Wbu what's your favorite? 3 years ago  
Awe I hope things get better for you. 3 years ago +2
Oh welp we have completely different taste because idk who threshold is 3 years ago  
Hey, check your pm's :'D 3 years ago  
I dont really have one that most people dont know about. But I do like kid cudi and I feel like he is a little underrated. Hbu? 3 years ago  
Haha. What drew you that conclusion? 3 years ago  
Do you like it there? 3 years ago  
Oh okay. I know exactly what you mean. The areas that look kind of run down and it always looks dark for some reason. Lol but you're crazy the cold is awesome 3 years ago  
Bye nipple:( 3 years ago  
What's the point of surviving if you have no one to live for? 3 years ago  
Yah i know but i click on it and it doesnt work. But oh well i could care less 3 years ago  
You would hate it in Milwaukee, but you could just fly away from danger..sorry im so stupid 3 years ago  
Oh okay for some reason it doesnt work for me 3 years ago  
Oh, yeah. I've been to Clayton. Dont worry you'll be fine X) 3 years ago  
Apologize to golden for blowing up her notifs. :') Im jk. Is Henry county bad or something? 3 years ago  
You too:) 3 years ago +1
Lotto winners over here! 3 years ago  
Nice. Do you like it here? And what race are you? I would've asked on the other post but golden is probably like omg can you not -.- 3 years ago  
Thats awesome :) Keep up the good work lol 3 years ago +1
The ultimate loophole 3 years ago  
Yes definitely but I can tolerate some heat every now and again. Like at the beach and stuff I love beaches. Which do you prefer? 3 years ago  
Haha thanks you're cool too. I was like :D he called me cool! Oh he was talking to goldenmoon embarrassing. :,D 3 years ago  
Haha yea. But I'm from Milwaukee and both places are better than that as you can probably imagine. 3 years ago  
Lol nah. I wouldn't consider that old you haven't even lived half of your life yet hopefully. 3 years ago  
I love this question!! But I can't choose :( I like spyro and ratchet and clank and basically billions of others. I like video games but unfortunately I can't play any rn. I haven't been able to play the newer ones that I would probably like, like fallout because of that reason. Wbu what's your favorite? 3 years ago  
I'm 17. How old are you? 3 years ago  
I've lived in Douglas and Gwinnett. And I have to say Gwinnett is wwaaaaayy better than Douglas. 3 years ago  
You trying to say only black people can rap?? Haha, I'm mixed. Black and white. 3 years ago  
Oh okay. You should try it it's really good :) 3 years ago  
I'm 17 3 years ago +1
Oh nice. 19 and already a chef cx 3 years ago  
Oh okay how old are you? 3 years ago  
I don't think either are annoying. Feminazis are funny 3 years ago  
I haven't seen either. I watch whichever movie wins 3 years ago  
Omg you should've had your acc name be blue moon. Have you ever had blue moon icecream? 3 years ago  
Yeeesss. I love to cook. You don't cook? 3 years ago  
At first I read that as "what country". I was about to say you're so sillyyy lol. Rn I live in Gwinnett county. Wbu? 3 years ago  
I don't really have a favorite to be honest. But I really like maroon so I'll just say that for the sake of answering the question. What's yours? 3 years ago  
I don't think so. I actually get cuts on my tongue. Now I only use pineapples to tenderize meat. Haha 3 years ago +1
Already. 3 years ago  
How goes it* 3 years ago  
Sweet. I used to but they burn my mouth now. And so does kiwi :,( 3 years ago  
I got really really bored. Boredom did it not me 3 years ago  
I am a girl. Wbu? 3 years ago  
Kill the rap game. 3 years ago  
If free consensual sex is okay, then so is paying for it 3 years ago  
A tie between mango and peach. And not just because I live in GA. What's yours? 3 years ago +1
Hi guest how goes it? 3 years ago  
Cool idea 3 years ago  
You'd be surprised >:) 3 years ago  
True. But then you could just say miss click. 3 years ago  
I like the fact that you can only vote once and can't change. It's not the end of the world. 3 years ago  
I know. I was watching.....:) 3 years ago  
You guys need to stop :,D 3 years ago  
Nvm I did. If it's true some people have a lot of alts 3 years ago  
It's 57 degrees where I am. 3 years ago  
Perhaps 3 years ago  
Perhaps ;) 3 years ago  
Guys are cute with stud earrings 3 years ago  
The mentality of guys who cheat. 3 years ago +1
Ugh, girls suck when you're a girl. 3 years ago  
You guess guest 3 years ago  
I definitely would never do that, but being attracted to babies is just wrong 3 years ago  
Chevy. You're welcome. 3 years ago  
F*ck pizza, I need my chocolate! 3 years ago  
You people really think you could take good care of a penguin? 3 years ago +1
Rather have a cast then a crutch 3 years ago  
A is pointless and can be preceived as offensive but it's nowhere near as bad as B 3 years ago +1
What if you don't have sh*t to trade 3 years ago +1
I would love to have twin baby boys 3 years ago  
Isn't it cold in Detroit or is nobody from Detroit alive enough to speak on it? 3 years ago +1
Laughs a lot while talking to you 3 years ago  
Debt 3 years ago  
I'm not stable enough. 3 years ago  
It's long neck ;) 3 years ago  
If she pulled out her wang and started to jack off. 3 years ago +1
"You!" 3 years ago  
Thank ya! 3 years ago  
What? 3 years ago  
Yaaaay! 3 years ago  
You pay for women? 3 years ago  
From the looks of it all the guys that picked be picked it for shallow retarded reasons. 3 years ago  
I love going outside and rarely use the Internet. 3 years ago  
Umm a wolfdog? Yes. 3 years ago  
Left over right felt so natural. Then I tried to do b and actually had to think about what I was doing 3 years ago  
I have one dimple.. 3 years ago  
Have the chicken live for 10 years then cook it and eat. 3 years ago  
Lol we're cool, we're cool. :) 3 years ago  
Then why did you choose to lose your thumbs? 3 years ago  
"Si." 3 years ago  
I lied 3 years ago  
Funny. I have neither. 3 years ago  
I was kidding. Whether something is underrated or overrated is relative from person to person. Ik 3 years ago  
It's just..that movie is my obsession mkay 3 years ago  
Both look pretty 3 years ago  
Cutie 3 years ago  
Is B a woman? No disrespect. 3 years ago  
No way! Forrest Gump is underrated. 3 years ago  
No FECK U 3 years ago  
I hate girls that turn on the hand drier at school and then go into the stall. We all know you're peeing, we all pee. 3 years ago +1
I Iike everyone until I have a reason not to, so sure. 3 years ago  
Your profile pic looks amazing! 3 years ago  
No one pop me plz 3 years ago  
Already. 3 years ago  
Pepperoni 3 years ago  
..whet? 3 years ago  
I would die laughing. 3 years ago  
It's all a facade! It's liiieees! 3 years ago  
Safer 3 years ago  
I don't really want either. I like my brown eyes. 3 years ago  
Music wise? Because I think Tyler is overall more entertaining because he's hilarious. Neither of their music is really my type but I like a few songs from both. 3 years ago  
Of course. What else would I use a pumpkin spice latte for? 3 years ago  
Already. 3 years ago +1
3 previous marriages?? That's a lot of failed marriages.. 3 years ago  
Some people might like that tv show then I ruined it for everyone when I could've just stopped watching. 3 years ago  
Woah.. 3 years ago +1
Same. But what is the obvious reason? Lol 3 years ago +1
I'll be grown before I know it I need to start saving up. Plus I wouldn't want to have a threesome. 3 years ago +2
I know you said show but... Lee from the walking dead game because his ass kept falling down -.- 3 years ago +1
Yo Juicey T 3 years ago +1
That would still be male right? Just with an extra Y chromosome. Tbh I didn't even know that existed..well then, you learn something new everyday! :) 3 years ago  
Wait what? She had xy chromosomes but had boobs and a vagina? I know nothing about this but since she has the organs of I female I would consider her female. Especially if her organs are fully functional. As for those rare cases born with both genitalia I would say, and probably their birth certificate would say, their sex is determined by whether they have xy or only x. 3 years ago  
True I'm not sure why I put only :p 3 years ago  
But chromosomes only determine gender. The sperm determines the gender and encourages the egg to grow. But the egg is the actual fetus. 3 years ago  
Eggs have the potential to be life sperm only has the potential to create life. 3 years ago  
No matter how hard you try you can never be a sex you weren't born as 3 years ago +5
A means they want you to drop dead that very second, and b means they wish to erase all signs that you ever existed and every memory you left behind. That's some serious hate. 3 years ago +3
Weird is relative 3 years ago  
Boooo! Get off the staaaaage! 3 years ago +4
True 3 years ago  
I see more guys bxtching about feminists than I see feminists 3 years ago  
This is why balance and diversity is so important. 3 years ago  
What proof is there of gods existence exactly? 3 years ago  
To give away has the word away... 3 years ago  
To give means to have something and allow someone else to take it. Away means to have something no longer be near you. Put the two words together: allowing one to take the object and have it no longer near you anymore. Whether you accepted money for it or not it's the same concept. 3 years ago  
My first kiss was my kindergarten boyfriend. Innocent enough right.. Right?? 3 years ago  
Can whoever picked B please tell me where they got their computer from please? Greatly appreciated. 3 years ago  
Living everyday life everybody has a low chance of dying.. 3 years ago  
I wouldn't want my loved ones sad 3 years ago  
But where did the "w" come from? 3 years ago  
B looks gay for some reason 3 years ago  
Really like this question 3 years ago +1
All I have to do is like it? Lol 3 years ago  
Bs 3 years ago +1
FAMOUS and Internet FAMOUS people will still get approached in public. Lol 3 years ago  
12am is considered morning. 3 years ago  
Either way they're all famous. 3 years ago +1
B would be kinda funny 3 years ago  
If I'm dating you I see potential in you so I would give a second chance if I thought you were worth it 3 years ago +1
You and I think very much alike 3 years ago  
Dead boa 3 years ago  
I'm shy, we can't both be shy! 3 years ago  
You mean mental bullying. I mean physical bullying. 3 years ago  
Lives become living hells from bullying, nobody is hurt by abortion 3 years ago  
Opinion on getting a dog from a shelter vs getting one from a breeder. 3 years ago  
"Best" is in the eyes of the beholder. 3 years ago  
When I'm gone- eminem 3 years ago +1
I'll visit for the rest of my life 3 years ago +2
I read both options, saw what you did, and still chose the wrong one -.- 3 years ago +1
They hating on you donnie 3 years ago +1
Beef 3 years ago  
Wasting gas money three times a week to go to school for an hour? It's not like you're going to learn much in one hour. 3 years ago +3
Sucks to be black and female for this question.. 3 years ago +3
He seems nice. 3 years ago +1
incest increases the chances of babies with disabilities 3 years ago  
Why would anybody want to have hell in heaven? 3 years ago  
45% 3 years ago  
13 3 years ago  
I'm allergic to pineapple :( 3 years ago  
I would at least try to talk to him and see where he's coming from. At least then if he still wants to do it he knows there are good people in the world and there are things to live for. 3 years ago  
Don't try the gyros chips! They taste stale get the truffle fries chips! 3 years ago  
Hair care 3 years ago  
83% Bernie sanders 3 years ago  
If God knows everything, then he knows everything you're going to do in life and where he's gonna put you 3 years ago +1
29 which is pretty good 3 years ago  
Looks good as hell 3 years ago  
Agh the only question where I honestly couldn't vote 3 years ago  
But cancer isn't a choice and everything listed above is 3 years ago  
Trapped in Forrest Gump 3 years ago  
Unconsciously?? 3 years ago  
Barely 3 years ago  
Wtf kfc sucks compared to Popeyes! How?? 3 years ago  
B looks like he's wearing lipstick 3 years ago  
I need to gain weight. 3 years ago  
Kids have no idea how consenting to sex effects their future. So even if they did consent it's immoral. That's why this is different from homosexuality. 3 years ago +3
Jag-w-are because I pronounce war like wore. 3 years ago +2
Wow. I don't so I guess I just never really realized 3 years ago  
Deist 3 years ago  
I'm allergic to both 3 years ago  
Oh, but the voting is not over yet 3 years ago  
Sometimes it's better to focus on something else than to be sad about something you can't change 3 years ago +1
Gives me time to catch up on that homework I probably didn't do 3 years ago  
Stuff like this is why I could never run a country. Why can't I just burn the field and imprison no one 3 years ago  
Ok B is not skinny, that's anorexic. 3 years ago +1
If you're loyal you can't be dishonest about anything big. And everyone lies. 3 years ago  
Call de popo 3 years ago  
Chicken 3 years ago  
Yellow belly 3 years ago  
Scissors 3 years ago  
Butt hole when you take extreme poopz 3 years ago +2
Food :( 3 years ago  
Bait 3 years ago  
Not if they kill you first 3 years ago +2
Already. 3 years ago +1
If a baby isn't developing right in the womb or has a birth defect then yes. Other reasons no. 3 years ago  
Respect 3 years ago  
Aren't pandas endangered or did I just make that up? 3 years ago +1
You would die faster if you didn't drink. 3 years ago  
Just throw it away and get a new brush... 3 years ago  
Actually I don't care. Whatever I find at the shelter. 3 years ago  
Ahh good point 3 years ago  
Kim Jong is disgusting! I realize it's the thing to hate on Justin Bieber but wtf? 3 years ago +4
That was beautiful 3 years ago  
Neither is relatable. Tf is wrong with you? 3 years ago  
I would not give my worst enemy something she could sell for a fortune plzzzzzz 3 years ago +1
You would know every language and every answer to every test 3 years ago  
iPhone 6 battery life is amazing 3 years ago +1
How is waka flocka worse than juicy j?? 3 years ago  
Yum 3 years ago  
F equal rights lol jk kinda 3 years ago  
They already created those but haven't publicly released them because why would they? 3 years ago +1
Who's paying for blow jobs...? 3 years ago  
Making an account and logging into it doesn't give you more or less knowledge 3 years ago +2
No you wouldn't... 3 years ago +2
Eeeeeverybody jock rides tupac. He was a legend in rap, But expand your mind a little. "Shitty" is relative. Just because you don't like something doesn't mean it's sh*tty. Which is obviously the case or those famous rappers wouldn't be famous right now. And imagine everybody rapping like pac. Like you said he can't be replaced, and there would be no variety. 3 years ago  
Owl 3 years ago  
Everybody knows that you cease to exist but nobody knows if you go to heaven or hell. 3 years ago  
Right 3 years ago  
☺️ 3 years ago  
☺️ 3 years ago  
Very well put 3 years ago  
I would fall from an extremely high place so I would die from the pressure before having to feel the spike. 3 years ago  
You can have an average job and another job that is extraordinary 3 years ago  
I don't know much about anything D,: 3 years ago +2
Lol, I'm not sure. I think they did it so that I would be "normal". I even heard that people who are born with an extra pinky may hold some type of clue to the cure for cancer. Idk how true that is but if it is true pretty awesome I would say 3 years ago  
Better fire fuel 3 years ago  
Yes only a few hours after birth. The only thing left of it is a bump. 3 years ago  
Get a translator 3 years ago +3
I have every allergy 3 years ago  
When I was born I had an extra pinky finger 3 years ago  
How is Justin bieber even annoying? 3 years ago  
Why not what was wrong with it? 3 years ago  
// it was one of my first questions and people hated it so much for some reason. But the vote count though :o 3 years ago  
Thank you for understanding that I know I was wrong. 3 years ago +1
I miss my akita 3 years ago  
Weed is fine by me 3 years ago  
Sacrifice 5 million to save the rest of humanity 3 years ago  
Don't whore around cx 3 years ago +1
.... 3 years ago  
Hate hate hate pepperoni 3 years ago  
So.. a strap on or a scissor... 3 years ago  
I basically am squidward 3 years ago  
I feel like B would make my stomach hurt 3 years ago  
I will eat every last one of my chicken fingers... 3 years ago +2
So sorry for being so dang late but that's still giving it away because it is not in your possession anymore. 3 years ago  
Drinks ladies???? 3 years ago  
I don't smoke and though I don't agree with it I feel others should be free to do so 3 years ago  
With no penetration. We win 3 years ago +1
A state of mind 3 years ago  
Even having to choose one of these animals brought steam to my face 3 years ago  
Loyalty 3 years ago  
With the contribution of heat. Without heat you just get very cold damp clothes. That's why you can't just dry your clothes with a fan. 3 years ago +1
People will just think I have everlasting hiccups 3 years ago  
What if your dream is to go to heaven? 3 years ago +4
So basically are you a boy or are you a girl 3 years ago +1
Fxcked up 3 years ago  
Cats are fast there is no reason they should be getting run over unless they have a death wish lol 3 years ago +1
Based on the answer choice percentage I would have to conclude there is mostly men using this site. 3 years ago +2
Don't carry illegal contraband.. 3 years ago  
I would be dead from drowning in an ocean 3 years ago  
Exactly what I was thinking.. 3 years ago  
What if you love the second as in you care greatly for them so you just settled because you didn't have the first 3 years ago  
But how can they eat you if you have to live with them for a year? 4 years ago  
Wrong one 4 years ago  
For how long? 4 years ago +1
Black and white american. Don't know too much about the heritage 4 years ago +1
Game. Guess which of the two percentages are white people. 4 years ago +1
Chief keef= guilty pleasure 4 years ago  
For some reason I read "hypocritical 18 year old child" lol. 4 years ago  
100% attempt? 4 years ago +1
Why did so many people choose incest?? 4 years ago +1
They never said when. I'll go on the trip to Mars when I'm old and going to die soon anyway. It would be fun 4 years ago  
Lol, I didn't even notice! I guess that could be a loop hole huh? 4 years ago  
Less death. 4 years ago  
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