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    My laptop is old and crap so I'm sticking to my reliable console :)  
    All the attention in the world gets me morphine  
    There'd be some variety, my top 10 list is just my favourite songs/compositions on any given day :P  
    I don't need to rule to be happy in a perfect world  
    I've had like 4 of these questions already, I'm just picking the opposite each time :P  
    My Nan's lovely :)  
    Never used an Apple product before college. Xbox 360 keeps me sane :P  
    Less sharks  
    Filthy rich in any time period is better than Middle-class in 2011! I AM middle-class and I have next to no money! If I had as much money now as a rich person 50 years ago, I'd still have more than I have now!  
    Less Dragons, sea-monsters & dark lords trying to kill me with a voice activated death ray!  
    What kind of simpleton steals from the people who pay them, knowing they have to go back there every working day?! :P  
    I'd rather just stay straight  
    Italy has pizza, ice cream, pasta, red wine tomato purees, history, literature and the only enclave I know by name! France has too much rain :P  
    ...But Rome, Naples, Vesuvius, the Alps and the Sicilian country side, to name a few :P  
    My right hand :P +2
    YOU SUCK! +1
    I gave him the right of way :P  
    Ask me after a few minutes and a USB  
    I've never seen Castaway  
    What's Amd and where have I seen Intel before?  
    What's the difference?  
    ...with a water pistol! :P  
    I've never used Apple  
    I grew up on VHS  
    And yet I always picked Charmander  
    Who's Ms Sirois?  
    This very second is the first I've heard of either of these things :P  
    Pokemon Coliseum  
    My TV actually works!  
    Mmm... Violence :P  
    I don't have enough friends!  
    Colourful bouncy space stuff!  
    It's familiar  
    Ooo Shiny  
    Is there a difference?  
    I know nothing about either of them  
    A little more in my league  
    I know who to kill >:(  
    A British show  
    If I'm in a nice house in a bad country, I run that country!  
    At least she's fake in the right places. Micki Ninja has NO appeal whatsoever!  
    I'm agnostic but would rather believe in something enough that it answers all my problems whether it meant to or not  
    With chicken  
    I don't suit a dress  
    Transferring bank account to...  
    F*** beat! There's more to music than a loud banging noise at a regular interval  
    What is Bon Temps and why would I let anyone bite my neck?  
    Less venom  
    Eggs existed before chickens popped out of them  
    We cannot be the only planet in the universe that can support life  
    It takes a really dense moron to assume that accumulating wealth just because you can is worth anything when your grandchildren are guaranteed to inherit a s*** pile!  
    Did she take drugs or didn't she? This should really answer itself!  
    They do a better job of maintaining the element of the 'unknown quantity'  
    Holding the actions of f***witted ancestors against today's generations is the same thinking that promoted extremism in the middle-east against Europe, the US and UK. So who's walking into Hamburg with a couple kilos of c4 strapped to their chest? +1
    No one can hear what I say anyway!  
    Whatever, screw it  
    They look the same  
    Don't we have that already?  
    It's telekinesis, simpleton!  
    Neither +1
    I can choose to follow my dream then!  
    YOUR mum, sick git!  
    I can take winter stuff off!  
    A different school with less f***wits  
    For once I'd like a computer that F***ING WORKS!  
    I get to kill the cause of my grief!  
    I'm used to it  
    Hurray for fun!  
    I've never used a Blackberry  
    Countries where restrictions are fewer see less crime related to them  
    More purpose  
    Right is right  
    Already alone :P  
    I'm gonna be promoted very soon :P  
    At least it'll be quick & I won't have to deal with trench foot!  
    I can settle for someone I love a lot and loves me back just as much :P  
    Budding chef, right here  
    Save the puppies from toxic everything!  
    A nice change  
    Did you even think about this?  
    I'm sorry, I'm still waiting for the difficult choice I've been expecting :P  
    Done :D  
    I can't shave a face off  
    I already sound like a nerd. I use "big" words, correct people alot, and have asthma! Keep the Rhino in a skirt!  
    I'm not benefiting from this face, even with my AWESOME name  
    Provided people still did the jobs they're skilled in out of necessity, I'd prefer at least peaceful revolution to the government I'm stuck with  
    Less oppression, more awesome  
    Bush is hilarious! "My fellow..." *glances at lapel* "Americans" :D +1
    Buy new friends! :P  
    I don't mind dipping my finger in Pepsi  
    Everything gives you cancer. If you developed an immunity to cancer, it likely will give you cancer!  
    If the years where my siblings will eat me are over, I'd enjoy descending on unsuspecting vermin like a stealth bomber!  
    What use have I for a nutcase running around like a senile speed addict when I'm in it for the relatively realistic experience? Playing on AVP as a lone Predator against an entire team of Colonial Marines was fricking awsome! Playing COD with a lunatic who wouldn't know cover if it penetrated his butthole is a waste of time!  
    £250,000,000,000,000 please, & no paparazzi, I'm allergic! :P  
    PC is fine but my laptop's crap and I struggle making my character move like an actual person with a keyboard  
    All the attention in the world should afford me some f***ing pain-killers!  
    I would accumulate wealth over a very long lifetime!  
    I don't know how to surf properly :P  
    I got a long list of favourite songs :)  
    At least you only have to contend with people and the odd freak natural hazard. Triwizard cup would most definately kill me!  
    Don't know why  
    I've had enough of replacing the gender in comments!  
    F*** those ignorant f***s!  
    I miss too much already (I'm told)  
    Totally torn!  
    Aliens are cool & won't cut off my head & post a clip on Youtube! F***ing ISIS pricks! +1
    I've just won the lottery & about to become rich!  
    I'd love my son whoever he fancied. But if my wife wants to sleep with women, I don't wanna be left out :P  
    Or acoustic... whatever  
    Sexism does have victims, but nobody ever ordered another gender's extermination  
    Good ones are worth the time  
    I like Rugby  
    Hard. Fewer animals that WILL kill me takes the lead  
    Step 1: Find a significant other  
    How is that a question?  
    Mmm... Melted butter  
    F*** adulthood!  
    I'd probably get dumped because of how visually inexpressive I am :P  
    Just. If the pic was a Murcielago it would've been different  
    With a tranquilliser-dart-zooka!  
    I play it safe  
    You can fix the effects of anorexia, drugs damage you for life  
    I've missed out a lot because I am oblivious!  
    I'm afraid of falling  
    I got a whole leg of lamb from a buffet once. I joked that the guy may as well have given me the whole thing, & he did :D  
    I can take it you dick!  
    Space travel is empty and hopeless in our lifetime  
    I can leave  
    Don't need Facebook to text someone  
    Without war the Warlords who rule the most famine stricken countries wouldn't have anything on us trying to feed their people. Dicks  
    Popularity wasn't a big thing where I went to school  
    A prosthetic leg would be easier to use  
    Turned him down once  
    Love hurts & so does dying  
    I'm 50-50 on this but the picture of a puppy won me over  
    If you care enough, make me President!  
    I no speak proper  
    I got a medieval feast for my 18th  
    Wealth is fleeting, hotness lasts a bit longer :P  
    Got book smarts  
    There's always after school *looking at Queens Park High School in a 'thanks for nothing' sort of way*!  
    My enemies are all dead  
    Why is this a question?  
    Nice holiday  
    Who the f*** wants "Mad Dog" as president?! It's like hiring a sitter called "Rapey Dave"!  
    I don't give sh*t about opinions, more people=more worth!  
    Already sick, not nearly bad as virus!  
    F*** chance I'm a millionaire!  
    E'ry doda FLOP! *SLAM*  
    No reason :P  
    Step 1: Find a partner  
    I'm a 90s kid  
    How unlimited? Future too?  
    Hard, but the accent wins it :)  
    I don't give birth, my partner does :P  
    Violence, yay!  
    No tax, billions of £s in less than a decade & willing recruits for my anti-zombie army!  
    I appreciate people, food & knowing whether or not I want to take them home :P  
    The gift of £250,000,000,000,000hidden among my sentimental gifts would not go amiss :D  
    Cannibalism is below me  
    Smart enough to overcome disability!  
    My enemy wouldn't live long  
    Marriage is a major step in someone's relationship, & I'd rather live in a world where no one needs divorce  
    Well Facebook isn't helping me keep friends! :P  
    Less Armenian Mafia, more Godzilla :P  
    SHE is my f***ing soul mate! Since when was it up to anyone else to decide who I go out with?  
    Be happy & let others be happy. Dick  
    I'd be aware and capable of complex thought. Dem's da rules  
    I'd rather a lion go straight for my throat than end up like that village in the Lovecraft short  
    Fear me mortals, the night belongs to... BAT-DAM!!!  
    Yay movie-star! Boo not knowing the anthem at an event I know nothing about!  
    I'm BRITISH! If I never see rain another day in my life, it'll be 200,000,000,000,000 years too soon!  
    He'll be a guest in my house & watched like a hawk!  
    Should be fun!  
    I will save my siblings from ISIS & utterly murder those F***ing baby killers!  
    I haven't heard anything about Black recently  
    I do two thing well, EAT & WALK :P  
    Where I won't FREEZE TO DEATH  
    And look over my shoulder the rest of my life? £50,000 is fine  
    Audio books then?  
    I'm BRITISH! A good queue just means all is as it should be!  
    Species of the world beware!  
    Discipline & insane skill or disease & drunken tomfoolery?  
    I believe I could make the world a better place as a politician! :P  
    Replace the words "aren't there" with "scared sh*tless of you & vanish for their own good" & nothing changes! :D  
    Plus the ability to change into someone else :P  
    As long as I can't tell that my paradise is false! :P  
    Torn but leaning more towards mind powers than Klingons!  
    HA HA! I have no history because my computer is S***! >:D  
    I like Gandalf more BUT he'd get me killed!  
    I'd rather go with an ALLEGED sociopath with actual TALENT than a PROVEN sociopath who pisses everyone off!  
    Michael Biehn in Terminator  
    Escaping F***wit-ville is easier without a chain around my leg!  
    Hitler inspired supremacy, Himmler caused the holocaust! Heath Ledger, JFK, Winston Churchill, Teddy Roosevelt & Einstein are worth it!  
    First wish: One additional wish unrestricted by the No Money rule!  
    I'm fluent in friendzonese  
    Unless it's a pug  
    I think everyone is in danger of instant death at least 10% of the time  
    I'm surrounded by happy morons. I don't envy them  
    I already know I will survive (unfortunately)  
    I'd be F***ing Badass!  
    Story of my sex-life!  
    I like cheese :P  
    Harder question please  
    The first step towards infinite power!  
    I want time to really be productive per day!  
    Mermaids kill people for fun  
    Who wants to be competent, clearly spoken, knowledgeable and beautiful? ME! And who wants to be an awkward heavy breather who falls in love with an evil fairy who wants to rip her to pieces and produces a hell-spawn that you're willing to marry off to a druid with an aversion to shirts? Erm...  
    Funny or nothing! :D  
    A younger me is imagining something depressing & awkward? Time to change a life! :D  
    It would be cooler than being asthmatic!  
    Who knows, with more Hebrews in the world, Israel would've brought peace to the middle-east decades ago! No 9-11!  
    Run Tigers, Rhinos & Pandas! The Ants & Hornets will deal with these poacher f***wits!  
    I value people not pussy :P  
    Behold! The car-juggling 8th wonder of the world!  
    Suit up!  
    Music helps everything!  
    I'd have fewer friends but at least I know who they are!  
    RR is like YOLO for the depressed!  
    Because HELL YEAH!  
    I have a far more in-depth Zombie Plan than Take-Nuke-To-The-Face Plan  
    I'd track down the prick who asked this question and beat him with a rabid badger!  
    I've never even visited Amazon  
    Nothing new  
    I'd rather live with no worries than shout out the reason I shouldn't do something stupid before dying horribly and humiliatingly!  
    Those families live on the largest deposits of oil, diamonds, gold and coal in the world! I'd buy the land from them and triple that billion!  
    Assuming that I had every other power that makes flying less suicidal!  
    My way is discovering that Kate Beckinsale is under the plastic mask  
    Everything everywhere will kill me in Harry Potters world!  
    I'd rather have a SECRET wedding than mean nothing to anyone before I die  
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