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Call me mayo cause i be dressin. I got so much cheese like a fella with foreskin.

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Should I come back? - Igloo Yes or No 1 year ago 36 votes 7 comments 0 likes
Join the Fruits in the great Vegetable/Fruit war! I'm a beautiful fruit or I'm an ugly vegetable 3 years ago 116 votes 16 comments 0 likes

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no it wouldn't 2 months ago +6
oh no 6 months ago  
In your pant? 6 months ago  
go to sleep idiot 6 months ago +1
She's immortal 1 year ago +1
Stop using alts in this tournament 1 year ago +1
If you plan on poisoning the bread or physically attacking people, yes 1 year ago  
No it's fame and money or just money (most likely less of it) 1 year ago  
I'm Igloo if you didn't know but yeah I was pretty new 1 year ago  
I doubt very many people remember what that is lol 1 year ago  
stop 1 year ago  
o sh*t it's u 1 year ago +2
she's 13 1 year ago  
Just because he makes more than $100 dollars a second doesn't mean he'd lose money by making an extra $100 1 year ago +4
subway 1 year ago  
My main account is almost 3 years old and I've known freedom for almost 3 years 1 year ago  
I don't know who that is 1 year ago  
oi 1 year ago  
actually active 1 year ago  
PM me your discord 1 year ago  
So what you're saying is you're 100% sure that there's no higher power and there's nothing that could ever convince you otherwise? 1 year ago  
I like how my favorite show has literally the worst fanbase that I've ever seen 1 year ago +1
people seem to love the constitution until it doesn't line up with their beliefs or affect them directly and positively 1 year ago  
Everyone is agnostic to a degree and if you disagree you're an idiot 1 year ago +2
this guy gets it 1 year ago  
Well lookie who it is 1 year ago  
he used an alt 1 year ago  
TwerkinDolphin, anameok, and a couple other people 1 year ago  
Me and a bunch of old users spammed about 20 pages of questions with gay porn as the images and it stayed up for about a full day before we all got banned 1 year ago  
ᵤₕₕₕₕₕₕ r a c i s t 1 year ago  
yes but not for that 1 year ago  
Witty was definitely the biggest troll of rrrather 1 year ago  
Overrated president but not as bad as A 1 year ago  
Go eat some watermelon, dirtface 1 year ago +2
I wasn't talking to you 1 year ago  
You don't know who I am do you? 1 year ago  
you're still here too? jesus Christ why 1 year ago  
tf you're still here? 1 year ago  
racist cunt hope u die 1 year ago +2
B will take your land and get their land taken from them at the same time 2 years ago  
I mean there's something similar to that already 2 years ago  
where did you hear that? 2 years ago  
lol obviously 2 years ago  
4-6 on school nights 11 on weekends 2 years ago  
? 2 years ago  
British isn't a species, it's a nationality 2 years ago  
done 2 years ago  
Have the man in A lose 150 pounds and get rid of the facial hair and glasses and make his hair 20% more greasy and that's freedom 2 years ago +1
I saw grease and that was pretty dope 2 years ago +2
For some reason I doubt the government will start to hunt down every black person in the world if that gets 100 signatures 2 years ago  
Was this man bothering you? // 2 years ago  
No I didn't lol you got the wrong guy 2 years ago 2 years ago  
I don't remember that 2 years ago  
Oh look it's you can you use your powers to get my igloo account unbanned thx bb 2 years ago  
Looks more real 2 years ago  
The horses name was friday 2 years ago  
.seisatnaf ailihpodep emina otni devloved sah etis siht nehw dab s'ti wonk uoY 2 years ago +1
obviously 2 years ago  
I'll respect her when you personally get me unbanned. 2 years ago +2
Oh and Julio cuz he's tough 2 years ago  
The only person that would be useful in B is Witty because he's 180 pounds of pure muscle 2 years ago  
*pretends to be surprised in an attempt to get likes* 2 years ago  
lmao 2 years ago +1
You know you've been answering too many questions when you find this 2 years ago  
I think I'm a bit late 2 years ago  
If you google black man with long hair wearing a beanie and go to images there are no images of a black man with long hair wearing a beanie 2 years ago +2
Wait are you asking which is a better country or who would win in a war 2 years ago +1
straight child porn 2 years ago +2
Half the people at my school are asian 2 years ago  
You could just become a U.S. citizen you lazy f*ck 2 years ago  
definitely 2 years ago  
I sure hope not 2 years ago  
Nope but I do have a top comment on a homepage question and I'm still banned haha check out my soundcloud 2 years ago  
Hate when this happens 2 years ago +1
Wait am I missing something? Why is A winning? 2 years ago  
Tomato made a joke 2 years ago  
damn when you said that I didn't think you actually meant it, I'll remember to never talk sh*t again or I'll get banned again 2 years ago  
I wanna see both 2 years ago  
That wasn't the question 2 years ago +1
same 2 years ago  
Yeah that's crazy Israel is behind 9-11! 2 years ago  
Holy smokes main account is at 1111 profile views everybody make a wish! 2 years ago  
You make sense ;) 2 years ago  
Saw free soil party, clicked A 2 years ago  
Eh fam I was framed it was TD unban me @mralex 2 years ago  
Someone passed 3rd grade english 2 years ago  
Voting twice doesn't change the percentage, it just changes what it shows you chose when you comment 2 years ago  
Changing your answer is so 2015, replying to your own comment is what all the cool kids are doing now (no I won't be replying to this comment as an example 2 years ago  
I don't like B at all 2 years ago  
Misclick, I thought it said would you rather. Definitely A 2 years ago  
This is another reason why I was surprised that I was banned, I'm alexw 2 years ago  
I see you got a sex change 2 years ago +1
// 2 years ago  
// 2 years ago  
// 2 years ago  
// 2 years ago  
// 2 years ago  
// 2 years ago  
// 2 years ago  
// 2 years ago  
// 2 years ago  
Hell ya 2 years ago  
// 2 years ago  
I don't hate you I just mildly dislike you 2 years ago  
Unless they're endangered 2 years ago  
I remember who you are but you're not welcome back 2 years ago  
I prefer harry potter 2 years ago  
What 2 years ago  
Roblox has a fanbase? 2 years ago +1
Sick of your sh*t 2 years ago  
you're welcome 2 years ago  
Probably my least favorite country 2 years ago  
How to eat Ramen noodles like a boss 1. Heat and boil water 2. Eat noodle block 3. Drink boiling water 4. Snort powdered flavoring 5. F*ck b*tches 6. Get Money 1 more thing cops should wear sketchers that light up red and blue for when they are chasing on foot. 2 years ago  
for like a month 2 years ago +1
72 3 years ago  
but making a wall and making another country pay for is isn't necessary 3 years ago +1
tough 3 years ago  
Stay in my house 3 years ago  
why? 3 years ago  
k fgt 3 years ago  
hey babe 3 years ago +1
what's the difference? hahahaha I'm so original 3 years ago +1
wow... these results 3 years ago +3
duh? 3 years ago  
not biased at all 3 years ago  
mlg boohbah m8 3 years ago  
n*gger 3 years ago  
deez nuts 3 years ago  
:( 3 years ago +1
no please 3 years ago  
No I am not! 3 years ago  
Leader of the bridge brigade 3 years ago  
Why are you using alts in this tournament? 3 years ago  
Both are good 3 years ago  
I can confirm 3 years ago +2
I think I've had one donut from there in my life 3 years ago  
Probably an alt, I would know because I'm an alt 3 years ago  
Very unlikely that there's not Extraterrestials but t it's not a fact because no one has any proof that they've seen one 3 years ago  
the emo hair 3 years ago  
lol she probably saved it and is using it as her background picture 3 years ago  
That used to be your profile pic 3 years ago  
lol 3 years ago  
lol you like him because of his name? I hope you're not old enough to vote 3 years ago  
bae 3 years ago  
Why is this a 100% when Trump and Hillary are winning? 3 years ago +1
no :( 3 years ago  
don't eat me 3 years ago  
f*ck you 3 years ago +1
Grew up in an igloo then became a tomato that eventually murdered his friend... sounds like a great life story to me 3 years ago  
I'm going to murder my friend when I get out 3 years ago +2
In most situations 3 years ago  
3 years ago  
How to eat Ramen noodles like a boss 1. Heat and boil water 2. Eat noodle block 3. Drink boiling water 4. Snort powdered flavoring 5. F*ck b*tches 6. Get Money 1 more thing cops should wear sketchers that light up red and blue for when they are chasing on foot. 3 years ago  
How to eat Ramen noodles like a boss 1. Heat and boil water 2. Eat noodle block 3. Drink boiling water 4. Snort powdered flavoring 5. F*ck b*tches 6. Get Money 1 more thing cops should wear sketchers that light up red and blue for when they are chasing on foot. 3 years ago +3
Tomato does not approve of you, you're banished from this site 3 years ago  
Which head? 3 years ago +3
Tomato! 3 years ago  
Tomato is joining the army 3 years ago +1
A is slaves 4 years ago  
I'll finally have a friend :( 4 years ago  
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