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    Who said the safer option isn't the more rewarding option? 6 months ago  
    I have an iPhone 5 (sadly) so..... ANOTHER DEVICE FOR MEH! 6 months ago  
    WHAT KIND OF QUESTION IS THIS????? 6 months ago  
    What phone? 6 months ago  
    not to be racist but bugatti SUCCCCCCCCCCCCCCC 6 months ago  
    Do what? I would slap justin! 6 months ago  
    when you crap, it doesn't hurt because it's out already! 6 months ago  
    Crap could be garbage but who said it's not dirty? Crap could also be garbage to you but to someone else, it could be Brussels sprouts covered in currry for all you know! 6 months ago  
    What does it mean to "Get it in the rear?" 6 months ago  
    So this is one of the most dominant questions I've seen 6 months ago  
    You guys know it's healthier to stand up right? 6 months ago  
    A swimming pool is 25 meters. 30 is not much longer 6 months ago  
    Camels don't eat toes 6 months ago  
    Free Service 6 months ago  
    My grandma is not annoying\ 6 months ago  
    I have glasses 6 months ago  
    Aliens are not real 6 months ago  
    For the girls that say you don't have nuts, think about the pain you will have when you give birth 6 months ago +1
    I already have a dog 6 months ago  
    You can make the law to oppose that one law of your choice 6 months ago  
    Your mind can still grow 6 months ago  
    My twitter would blow up! 6 months ago  
    Gamers? 6 months ago  
    Like this is your a boy 6 months ago  

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