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    Shape-shifting 2 months ago  
    Super Saiyan God 2 months ago  
    but how could you die if you can go through stuff? 2 months ago +1
    so... a ghost? 2 months ago +1
    tough, but I think I'm more A 2 months ago  
    very useful together. if you fail to stop in time you won't get too hurt, the thing you hit might be damaged though 2 months ago  
    what's quora? 2 months ago  
    just going out on a limb here... 2 months ago  
    they'll probably put me on anesthesia to do it 2 months ago  
    idc 2 months ago  
    FTFY: would you rather do/build literally anything or try to kill 99 other people 2 months ago +1
    Earth has better WiFi 2 months ago +2
    skinny boi 2 months ago  
    I'd be 50. not bad 2 months ago  
    what was that about? 2 months ago  
    We're answering questions online, do you think we even watch football? 2 months ago +1
    beethoven 2 months ago  
    got it off Google 2 months ago  
    I get that some feminists go a step further than equality, but I don't think it's that severe 2 months ago +1
    misread the question 2 months ago  
    yeah just get one of each :P 2 months ago +1
    the first Google image that fits the size requirements :| 2 months ago  
    PEACE!!!! 3 months ago  
    I obviously mean any shade 3 months ago  
    desperately wanna start over 3 months ago  
    more preferred 3 months ago  
    comedy 3 months ago  
    I'm 20 years old 3 months ago  
    fact? 3 months ago  
    wut 3 months ago  
    despite what state this site apparently thinks I'm from, I'm actually from the Midwestern US, and it has crazy weather 3 months ago  
    to help fund people who are doing stuff like YouTube vids 3 months ago  
    well I'm actually qwerty17, hello! 3 months ago  
    unfortunately misclicked... 3 months ago  
    misclicked. soccer for one year 4 months ago  
    misclicked, I thought it asked if women who keep their rape a secret be charged with a crime 4 months ago +1
    what's B? 4 months ago  
    what's B? 4 months ago  
    it's not waving, there's just not enough gravity for it to drop very low 4 months ago  
    these are pretty "shocking" answers 4 months ago  
    I'm a straight guy... 4 months ago  
    what even is tinychat? 4 months ago  
    I have a couple twix up my sleeve 4 months ago  
    they're chewy, and the colors actually matter 4 months ago  
    is this a trick question? 4 months ago  
    I'm 20 and it hasn't happened yet... 4 months ago  
    I love it when they leave it open for loopholes 4 months ago  
    same 4 months ago  
    escargot 4 months ago  
    covering more ground 4 months ago  
    Option A never says that they don't return it 4 months ago +1
    eyesight is pretty important. if you're deaf than you can at least see what you can use to communicate 4 months ago  
    if I have one... 4 months ago  
    good point 4 months ago  
    better survival chance 4 months ago  
    exactly 4 months ago  
    you could do that with speed too, just saying 4 months ago  
    it would ruin the food chain 4 months ago +2
    more believable 4 months ago  
    hop 4 months ago  
    so... what I am now 4 months ago  
    I never swear in the first place 4 months ago +1
    I believe it's supposed to be A, but a lot of people just say it fast enough that it sounds like B 4 months ago  
    is this a trick question? 4 months ago  
    less dangerous imo, even though both has major drawbacks 4 months ago  
    would help to break my fall 4 months ago +1
    no, I'm saying I'M Qwerty17 4 months ago  
    considering I'm already above age 15, I don't wanna know what that would do 4 months ago  
    have you guys even heard of the King Midas story? 4 months ago +1
    what's the vector exactly? 4 months ago +1
    I'd use it to get just the right color of marker or something 4 months ago +1
    completes my bucket list of at least stepping foot outside of the country for a bit 4 months ago +1
    I may remember you... this is Qwerty17's new account 4 months ago  
    not to mention you're a dog! 4 months ago +1
    get to places faster 4 months ago +1
    less dangerous. you could just choose a different job/hobby if you can't cook 4 months ago +1

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