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Hola, Hei and Hello, and feel free to do whatever you want here.

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What should be the consequences for using illicit drugs As they are now or Moi thinks otherwise *cough* please comment 11 months ago 53 votes 26 comments 0 likes
Is taxation theft? Yes or No. 11 months ago 76 votes 27 comments 0 likes
Would you rather Become immortal or Kill the person you love the most on this earth 11 months ago 70 votes 14 comments 0 likes
Do you see being immortal as a curse or a blessing/a good thing 11 months ago 74 votes 20 comments 0 likes
If it was a total identical clone of you, would you be okay with me killing it? Yes or No 11 months ago 55 votes 1 comment 0 likes
Would you rather Kill your beloved pet or Another human being? 11 months ago 72 votes 10 comments 0 likes

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I see being fat as a choice. Everyone can always do something to avoid it. It's just a difference of effort person to person need take to avoid it. 10 months ago  
for me to be friends with someone i just need a decent conversation, and if i can't get that welp. 10 months ago +1
what? 10 months ago  
Goodbye, mr. horse 10 months ago  
just because it would be easier on me 10 months ago  
its your son, if you don't like him behaving a way then you should tell him so. 10 months ago  
how do you even come up with so good names 10 months ago  
One word, Sweden 10 months ago  
the son is probably so beautiful because he is so talented with makeup. I think that is what he means at least. 10 months ago +1
some may think that the painting of Mona Lisa is beautiful, but someone else may not think that it's beautiful. This means that beauty is not universal, rather a matter of opinion. 10 months ago +1
Fairy/Steel 10 months ago  
sucks that i would need to read everything now. 10 months ago  
he had a choice either go on the school trip or stay at school. 10 months ago 10 months ago  
no, i wish that i had a quirk. 10 months ago  
I would be sad that one of my family members died, but I would probably not feel bad for them. 10 months ago  
chinese 10 months ago  
"and we should let them out" wth dude, i have not said anything about letting any prisoners out or to stop with taxation, if thats what you're referring to. Anyway, i do not see how your analogy makes my analogy false, please explain. btw this site was so not made for long debates :b 10 months ago  
okay, how? 10 months ago  
dude, you high? we still get an election even if someone is "mugged", and you're going off the subject. I was wondering if taxation was theft, but then you come with all this bs about how i didn't get the representative i wanted. In addition, i said "you shouldn't come back" (response) if you didn't have some real arguments why taxation isn't theft.... So don't do that. 10 months ago  
stfu, come back when you have some real arguments why taxation isn't theft and a reason why my example was false. 11 months ago  
it really just depends on the person 11 months ago  
No? You say it isn't theft because we get services back. If i steal your savings from you, and then the day after i give you a Post-it Note. Following your logic that wasn't theft, cause i gave you something back. 11 months ago  
so you do agree that taxation is theft 11 months ago  
wouldn't B kill me? 11 months ago  
Imagine that I hold you up at gunpoint and take $20 from you. I also leave one of my books behind in exchange. When you see me later, you call me a thief and demand your money back. “Oh no,” I say, “I am no thief, for I gave you something valuable in exchange. True, you never asked for the book, but it’s a good book, worth much more than $20.” It doesn’t matter that I gave you a good in exchange, and it doesn’t matter whether the book is really worth more than $20. What matters is that I took your money without your consent. 11 months ago  
A would probably get you killed 11 months ago +1
Can you express yourself better? 11 months ago  
Y'know we pay for the clean water and electricity ourselves. Also even if you didn't use any of the services you would still need to pay your taxes. 11 months ago  
People does it all the time, it is really trending right now. So like why not? 11 months ago  
No it's like saying "would you rather have a good thing happen or a bad thing happen". Also it's just a matter of perspective. What I'm asking is if you would kill someone near to you to also achieve death. I thought it was a pretty good question :' 11 months ago +1
So many people dosent seem to get this, but I don't want to know what the money goes to. I want to know if it's theft or not. Also some people comments that it's partly theft, when the money get used to what we don't want it to go to its theft, but when it does it isn't, I don't get that. If something got stolen from you, but it went to charity. Isn't it still theft? 11 months ago  
what link? 11 months ago  
What does exist tho? 11 months ago  
Okay, the magic to create anything, so long i am able to hold it in my hand. 11 months ago  
but i want to 11 months ago  
Now people will know what happens after death 11 months ago  
the magic power to create anything, so long i am able to hold it in my hand. 11 months ago  
If you don't have a pet, just imagine if you had one 11 months ago  
B is really uncomfortable 11 months ago  
thx man 11 months ago +1
#the one percent 11 months ago  
I feel like praying for some outside force to help you, is like giving up on that you can get rid of your disease. 11 months ago  
That's why you should know what drugs you're taking, then blindly following what other people tell you. Even so, Musta some medicines has a positive effect on you, while homeopathy medicine has no effect. Faith can move mountains, but sugar water can't cure cancer. 11 months ago +3 11 months ago 11 months ago +1
ENTP-A 11 months ago  
same as KP 11 months ago  
So is it anything replacing the oxygen? or are we just exempt from breathing? 11 months ago  
i would go up to her and say: For some reason, I was feeling a little off today. But when you came along, you definitely turned me on. 11 months ago  
both 11 months ago  
idk mars? its not like you would need to breath. 11 months ago  
are you willing to take those chances onex? That it's "usally" not aging, hmmm? what if i told you that everything you see and think is a lie, hmmmmmmmmmm? we're getting a little off-topic arn't we onex ............. HMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM? 11 months ago  
forget what i wrote it works now ;b 11 months ago +1
at least you can walk around them 11 months ago  
what do you think yourself sir? 11 months ago  
well as i wrote in the description, you won't die no matter what state you're in 11 months ago  
dare to live 11 months ago  
Can't get it to work, maybe i have an outdated version. Whatever it is would you be so nice to help me? 11 months ago  
No, it's like saying that you shouldn't dislike the thief for committing an armed robbery, when he didn't do it. That he committed larceny is inapplicable. Anyway, we can talk about the "larceny" now. You mentioned greed, i don't really get that. Do you mean that your goverment uses the taxes selfishly, or that the citizens are greedy? 11 months ago  
Pull My Finger - Cyanide & Happiness Shorts 11 months ago +1
A would shorten my lifespan incredibly, and don't get me started on how much older you will become than everyone else. 11 months ago  
I would set out ant poison, so all of the ants would die. 11 months ago  
Did you name your mouse after what the last one got killed by? 11 months ago +3
someone is so gonna steal my shoes 11 months ago 11 months ago  
well in norway it is the average age for girls to first have sex 11 months ago  
im not saying it isn't corrupt. im saying:" following the chart the usa is one of the least corrupt countries". In addition, if the chart is made by people that believe America is flawless, wouldn't the usa be in first, since it has no flaws at all? 11 months ago  
yes, of course there shouldn't be any corruption at all, but it doesn't exist such a country. I'm just saying that the usa is one of the least corrupted countrys. So i don't see any reason not to like your country cause of that. 11 months ago  
etherious form?!? idk what that is going on, but i don't think onex has the power to stop this form. 11 months ago  
well it doesn't change your appearance much and apparently it's stronger. 11 months ago  
well it depends which werewolf we are talking about, cause on some werewolves the moon only make them stronger. 11 months ago  
damn, you're a furry? gonna add that on my list of unique things about musta, next to killing a person. 11 months ago  
petting a hippo do sound fun 11 months ago  
probably the one with four eyes. (this is totally off-topic but...)i like how 14 people voted to comment but just 3 have. 11 months ago  
though 11 months ago  
Are werewolves furries? 11 months ago +3
well he probably wanted me not to go into the room cause he is dangerous 11 months ago  
i learnt that at the dentist. He pushed the syringe through my tooth meat, and pour anesthesia in to my mouth. i felt everything and anesthesia tastes awful. 11 months ago  
Wait, do i need to pay for all the travle expenses? 11 months ago  
as much as i want to learn about psychology, i think learning about economics is more useful 11 months ago +1
but following this site the usa is one of those countries that is the least corrupted :/ 11 months ago  
christians doesn't rule norway, but it is still some laws from when everyone was christian in norway. its just that the most popular parties don't care about changing it :b 11 months ago  
more useful with our daily life 11 months ago  
i got four 11 months ago  
B cant do sh*t in our world. 11 months ago  
sad to hear it. May the pet rest in peace 11 months ago +2
Wow, didn't know you were such a badass. I would not be able to kill someone, just immobilizing them. 11 months ago +1
Tell me when you come to v 11 months ago  
it has some annoying laws(like stores are gonna be closed on sunday), but generally its pretty nice to live here 11 months ago  
HA, don't have a brother. just have sisters... 11 months ago  
friendship is a relationship i don't want to lose 11 months ago  
No, i have been tricked! underware is just a netsite where they sell diffrent fonts! 11 months ago  
But my father usually call me a disappointment. 11 months ago  
just kill the poor guy 11 months ago +3
He is the president so idk 11 months ago  
closer to home 11 months ago  
Just because A never smile or laughs. 11 months ago  
im nearly the only guy in my family, i can't be all alone 11 months ago  
is hell really that bad? after a eternity you would get used to it, you would get to know everyone, and so you would start saying "Hey Fred, are you gonna try that old whip again. Actually how is your wife man!" 11 months ago  
sucks that i don't like cola, or else i would have picked B 11 months ago  
i don't like sleeping, so we can stay up to the morning for all I care. 11 months ago  
if Hitler was a fool, then the people that followed him must have been even bigger fools. 11 months ago +1
yeah do whatever you feel like man 11 months ago +1
why would i pick B? 11 months ago  
well you do not need to lead anything, you just live in a dictatorship that worships your ideals 11 months ago  
marry someone that you only have some sympathies for? 11 months ago  
action first questions later 11 months ago +1
The same debate was in Norway. I'm not really updated on it now, but if we were to kill all the wolfs it wouldn't make such a difference, from 120 000 deaths every year to 118 000 (with wolfs only killing 1680 sheeps) 11 months ago  
In A i already have the power that the revolution will give me (if i even succeed at taking the power). I would also just go off if the majority of the people didn't like how i ruled. 11 months ago  
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