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So yah why you be here? There are so many other greater users than me and you decide to go on my profile. Im not going to give any open public information but my name and age hehe:) My name is Cristian..not Ian thats my nickname that i get used to. And I'm 12 years old. Anything else go send me a private message mkay? Mkay bieee

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Which is better Cow(meat of burgers, tacos,etc) or Pig(meat of bacon and bacon and bacon, and spam) 104,003 votes 1,431 comments 4 likes

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well if thats what some people think even tho i mostly listen to it 24/7  
nothing wrong with adopting +4
um your wrong and who the fu*k cares? +2
i was about to be all like bacon bacon bacon and fine...spam... but then i was all like nahhh +1
thinking the egg +2 girl +1
i have a bath tub +297
I bet the director was a girl +2
(clicked wrong one) smoothies are healthier  
been asked b4  
have skill at talent +1
at least i tried +2
How can u be rich when your dumb? +269
How would the big bang exist if nothing created it? +1
ooh ooh ahh aah roar meow POOP  
making mistakes no problem just redo  
pshh durrr  
Whats wrong with it? +2
beats in dub step are amazing...your gonna need that +2
Smart will lead to good job will lead to good money  
My uncle can fix any virus  
omg lose weight these fatty questions...all you do is go to the big loser thingy to make it even easy +1
Have you ever been to spacce  
do it all the time LOL +6
same +35
I'm more famous right?  
although they both suck...its hard to decide..........Magic is better than a vampire and werewolf to hit on 1 woman +1
Im using a mac right now...its boss +1
Surfing.....Bcuz i can't even stand on ima fail +1
Dogs can protect you  
Wish to have infinite wishes then wish for money..Boss right there +1
yes there is +9
both dumb +1
goddd +1
wat is le viddy? +2
wat the hell +4
although yahoo is where my email is i still choose google +2
Don't have a dog +1
sometimes better food +2
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