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    I'm not stalking you, ha I wouldn't waste my time. But I went to check where my comment was and saw how many arguments you had to try and start with people. And I only made 2 comments on this post you just couldn't shut up about your opinion.  
    No it was a month ago look and you'll find it. I didn't delete anything  
    You're stupid  
    your life is the only one i might consider taking instead of puppies  
    Wow you do not have anything better to do  
    So is your f*cking life  
    you need to get a life  
    I love how you couldn't even argue with me anymore so you went looking for other people to argue with. I swear you acc have no life  
    Nope just gotta find it, I imagine with your worthless life you have all the time you need. F*cking prepubescent twat  
    Do you understand what evolution is?????? House dogs weren't evolved for certain tasks, we breed them with different types to get certain things. For instance we breed a bloodhound (best sense of smell) and a greyhound (fastest). And that way it's pups have a great sense of smell and are fast, perfect dog for hunting. And the reason the dogs so nice is because it had a nice home before that or is use to people. But take a wild dog and it's not gonna be kind.  
    No that's false, the only reason would help you over another dog is because they have loyal characteristics much like wolves. See throw a leader of a pack of wolves into water and put a human in with it. If the human tries to save the wolf the pack will kill you and save the leader themselves because they don't have the capability to understand that you're trying to help. Now a dog, since you're it's owner it thinks of you as it's master, But 2 people jump into water, the dog will only save the owner, unless the owner told it to save the other person. It's not species-ism, it's just a misguided sense of blind loyalty. Because give a dog to a drug lord who treats it well and it will protect the drug lord.  
    It's not a problem with the economy, but to get an extremely obedient dog who help certain people you put in extremely hard work. And for that you pay someone.  
    Scientifically we're all made of atoms and are all equal, all from a stone up to a human. But we're more advanced, we're more intelligent, we've made the largest impact on the planet (good and bad), now we're not the best because we have caused a lot of sh*t. But a dog lives a simple dumb life with no purpose other than what humans give it. We do have a purpose. Would you rather kill a successful human being for instance Thomas Edison or would you kill one human with no purpose, no change he'll make on the world other than end up rotting in the ground  
    I'm not saying dogs aren't useful or a really good thing but an animal isn't more important than a human. A human can do all those things and even better.  
    Not a single f*cking dog morphed into our needs. And god this is grade 9 science. Dogs didn't exist before 32 thousand years. All dogs came from the gray wolf, they evolve to adapt their habitat not evolve for us. Then we started cross breeding them and soon using them for farm work and later as pets. Dogs weren't even meant for us but we messed with nature for our needs. But dogs and wolves are all over the worlds, millions of them will f*cking tear your throat out. Or if ya wanna test it out a bit, go out there and find a stray dog to take home. After half your paragraph i got lost, idk wtf you're rambling on about and im not gonna try and figure out  
    And im not making up facts, when i went to buy a service dog. It cost over 25 grand, while getting a dog train costed 8 grand. All that so a dog listens to you properly  
    look it tf up, and that's you and your sh*tty lives. Other people get married have kids and live a nice life believe it or not. Just because you were a sh*tty child still living with his mother does not mean that children are torment. I'm not saying im biased towards human children im biased towards humans. The f*cking thing we are if you hadn't noticed. How old are u?  
    no omg, does science even exist to u? dogs are predators just like wolves, we just decided they're gonna be pets. They weren't created to be our companions. And notice the f*cking word "sometimes". All animals were created to eat sh*t sleep and reproduce. Don't tell me dogs are different on your idealistic retarded ignorant ass basis. God someone should really throw you into a mental institution. And if humans didn't take dogs and use them for farming and sh*t thousands of years ago they'd be normal wolves. No demon dogs, no nothing. And animals follow instinct dogs grow up around us so they see us as no threat but take in a stray dog or a wild dog and it'd still rip your throat out.  
    I mean they would be able to talk, go to the toilet, eat with a spoon, ya know. The bar isnt high for a dogs expectations. And no most dogs either end up family pets or on the streets. Thousands and thousands of dollars to train one dog. Yeah they bring joys to families but a child does more. You're acc a psychopath if you think this is a serious convo comparing dogs to humans.  
    who the hell dies a natural death anymore?  
    if he/she was as horrible as hitler id kill em myself  
    we acc had a government test on this!!  
    pretty little liars type sh*t  
    Btw about that evolved bs, We have genetically modified animals sooo much that we have turned some into purse puppies who live up to a year. And are ya fu*ked? dogs aren't made to breed? I bet u 10 grand, buy a male dog as a puppy not fixed. And tell me that again when it starts humping the sh*t out of ur leg and furniture. And dogs haven't evolved to sh*t. they'll still piss all over ur house, tear sh*t up. I personally, when i lived with my uncle we bought a baby tiger dulled it's teeth a bit and we also had a dog. The tiger was more tame than the dog. Evolution to be our companions my ass  
    haha not in my book, and honestly stupidest sh*t i've heard from u. A baby is torture haaaaaaa, what are u 12? If a baby was torture there wouldn't be 7 billion people in the world rn. Not even counting the billions who have already lived and past. "The puppies definitely know" god u kill me. B*tch a toddler is more intelligent than a dog will ever be. A toddler at 2-3 years will have learned more than any dog has ever in history. Thank god u don't like babies so that insane bloodline of urs ends there  
    8% of the people who voted from germany said the second option  
    3800 total hours of hw in highschool 5952 hours in the summer 1152 in which in school. So add 3800 hours of shool work or add 1152 hours in school into your 4 years of school. Id go for the second one  
    i could achieve my dream for fun  
    eh were both great  
    every chicken has been on the floor that's why ya kill it, clean it, cook it then eat it  
    Bro we created pollution not god, people did this to themselves. God can prevent anything and probably does a lot. We created cancer, we created everything he doesn't owe us anything for him to have to intervene and stop it  
    seeing the stats is honestly the most I've ever been disappointed in people. Like wow  
    Also in all a dogs life the only accomplishment is giving birth other than that nothing. A human has infinite possibilities for accomplishments including having a child. I seriously question your saneness.  
    k, after this ain't gonna try anymore. Rationally and morally 1 human life is way more important than 100 dogs. Your basing your opinion on sector values. Which in my opinion is completely insane. Your going by emotion not rationality. A dog takes just over 2 months of pregnancy to give birth and gives birth to 10 puppies. A woman takes 9 months to deliver a baby. In around 10 months 100 dogs can be born while in 10 months only one. I don't know how else to explain this to you. Ya can't compare a human to a dog. And I guarantee you are an atheist or some animal lover cause that is an extremely irrational thought  
    skill can be worked for, talent cant be  
    already have 5 its not horrible as a kid and when ya grow up it's soooooooooooooo much better  
    idk i do and i don't  
    i could sell very expensive cars to people with signed contracts then turn it back into a briefcase, become a billionaire and buy unlimited drinks  
    public in canada is acc ok plus only bike gl going out of city and sh*t like that  
    What's wrong and unnatural is your spelling and fu*king grammar.  
    Grammar!! Ego's way too high  
    Not that I don't love the queen but I have an issue with the whole royalty concept  
    (Insert perverted dirty guy joke here)  
    If ya grow together you'll most likely love them  
    If ya forget yourself you'd forget who you hate and who you'd like. You'd just remember details about em but you might become a d*ck and like the bad people and lose your friends.  
    Exactly like comparing 50 years of ups or downs or an eternity of peace and everything you've ever wanted  
    I sleep 13 hours during the summer  
    I'd buy companies and what I earn from them I'd donate it +1
    I'm an artist and honestly I don't like the credit. I made an insta page just for my art and nobody knows who I am. I just love the responses  
    pshhhhhhhhhhhhshshshsh a drug dealer isnt like what they show in the movies. Some make 6 figures a year and you'd never find out what they do. Suits and sh*t  
    Sherlock Holmes b*tchessss!!! +1
    168lbs and 6' id like to see em try to fit me in it  
    i dont have a social life so id like to give up my family  
    you literally cant download anything on it anymore  
    im muslim sooo  
    Half of what I own wont help anyone, unless starving people like shooting games and an xbox. I donate any time I can but there's always the feeling that im not doing sh*t compared to how many people there are starving in the world  
    Yo, I'm not gonna waste my time compare dogs to humans. None of my business what you do or think.  
    remember atheists are less than 1.3% of the population so don't listen to the few arrogant people trying to shame your belief  
    Latin, Russian, Spanish, French, and Italian. Already know Arabic and English perfectly so that's 7 languages. Way more valuable than 75k, plus helps a lot while im studying bio, chemistry and all that sh*t  
    you'll get better offers eventually  
    kids listen drunk drivers gl  
    my hair gets oily af so i wash it everyday. my teeth i could just use miswak, mouth wash and get my teeth cleaned  
    one you'd be considered crazy smart one you'd be mental asylum worthy but if ya keep ur mouth shut you'd have an amazing life if ya think about it  
    id do sh*t on the bad contests, but enter the best ones every 5th time  
    itd be kinda cool tbh  
    im both tbh  
    im a guy but if i was a girl, lucas looks like a little kid who has a small dick. sorry not sorry  
    everything you've done since you were born have increased your chances of getting cancer  
    i mean to me honestly i just wanna be happy and able to support myself i am already smart but it wouldnt matter to me if i was able to enjoy everything in life  
    if it was lottery id spend it in a week if it was through my hard work id plan where it goes and how i spend it  
    ignorant just means doesnt know its the ignorance and the stubborn combo thats annoying af  
    both!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and ron  
    befriend him and earn power, even tho he's a cunt  
    nah never ever worked out with me and i befriended a lesbian once and sh*t ended up happening. Other people can work it but never seemed to work with me.  
    im use to the smoke part from my dad but i'd never  
    not the time for it rn  
    Being the oldest, needed and looked up to is great and I don't want to give that up  
    anarchy isnt always horrible but i cant live in a country full of racism, supremacists and hate. Pisses me off so much i'd end up in a prison for genocide  
    honestly rich, just cause im not an amazingly social person but id do so much with money. id live in a normal house but fund charities, i dont really care about money almost at all but its the main form of power in this age. and if i can divide it to people who need it risking my happiness i would do it in a heartbeat  
    i love cooking so i dont need someone stealing the fun  
    This was years ago but i agree, i already have a good enough memory but i lived through a war and some things i wish i could forget and bury  
    As much as id love to im not gonna date 6 year olds  
    Check the wording bud, and of course. 1 human life over 100 animals, here's an example for ya. In all my life I've eaten well over 300 chickens and/or cows, lamb... etc. What's the difference between them and a dog? Just cause you get to decide which is used as a pet, or which ends up as fat or in the toilet doesn't mean a dog's life even comes close to the value of a humans. Sure some humans are complete sacks of sh*t, but in this it's a baby, innocent yet way more important. The fact that over half a million would choose 100 dogs over 1 baby is sickening. If we hadn't turned them into soft cuddly pets for kids. they'd be out there hunting and killing. I don't count a dog's life the same as a humans. It's f**ked up that you do.  
    haha many people with degrees are working for minimum wage  
    im not even gonna answer this cause the creator is a fu*cking idiot  
    pollution has killed more animals than animal abuse  
    suspension makes it better for both  
    oh god, id be expelled, jobless, probably arrested. "man i wanna f**k u" -to teacher, get sent to principal, "stop being a fat cunt who only ever gives a sh*t about her paycheck". Goes to job, fired, cops maybe called, i dont trust myself i keep way too much sh*t to myself.  
    i hate how people always have to control other peoples lives when it has 0% effect on them  
    basically its saying travel in time and lose everything or travel the world and lose everything  
    honestly i imagine unicorns would become extinct or put into horrible tests to become ur new handbag if they were real  
    who are the retarded af 300,000+ people who chose 9/11?  
    if playing with 6 people yeah  
    idk why but i dont imagine talking to animals is as great as it seems. and people will see u as crazy, all languages seems sick  
    never tried starbucks so idk  
    hakuna matata bro  
    first of all, what idiot thought of this? second wtf is wrong with people over 600,000 people would decide to kill an baby than dogs. Like i love dogs but i dont even come close to comparing them to humans. That's fu***ed up, if u acc feel compelled to argue to this something is really wrong with u.  
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