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    How does being female help with the sandpaper?  
    Both involve someone eating sh*t.  
    Well then you wouldn't really be a girl. And you wouldn't really be a guy.  
    Shit that tastes like chocolate pudding that tastes like sh*t.  
    It's would you rather, not here's two things you get either way.  
    And you are not guaranteed to even have magic since Muggles exist.  
    I would murder anyone who raped my GF. Just saying.  
    I would be a demon prince. Assuming my mother is normal I am the Half-Blood Prince.  
    1. Crossbow 2. Have them stand right next to you. +2
    Pick off the hair.  
    Well I wouldn't really care about being homeless if I spent every night in a different house.  
    Can I change my answer? I thought they said the same thing.  
    In the words of Ron Burgandy, "Don't act like you're not impressed"  
    Nope, we just hate you.  
    Clowns are creepy  
    What the heck are these from?  
    Make the wedding theme about disappointments and how they end today.  
    I'm fabulous! It's all about me! It's all about me! I'm fabulous!  
    Be rich when betting. +1
    OK, you are like 3 years about the key demographic. That's not saying much.  
    What if it's Justin Bieber?  
    If you can see the future you could cheat on the test by seeing into the future what grade you will get if you pick 'x' answer. Assuming it's Multiple choice.  
    Well at least Barnie loves me.  
    Jason Statham  
    The force is basically controlling the Air.  
    Great Depression less than a decade away.  
    You sir, don't understand Pokemon.  
    Oh look, it's the "holier than thou" person.  
    What do people in the middle east wear?  
    Neither, Bieber sucks.  
    Most of the people in the world are stupid anyways.  
    Who wants to be ridiculed for peeing your pants?  
    I'm typing this on a Mac and it sucks for games.  
    Didn't say how long it took to go blind. Be like 80 or something and just be like "my vision! ruined my day"  
    I am grateful for what you have done.  
    I'd like to live a life that could qualify as a Tom Hanks movie in the 90's.  
    If you do what you hate for a long enough time you never have to worry about bills and can get a job doing what you love after you quit with a lot of money.  
    Just swim back up to the surface. +1
    But they are Olympians, they can't do the math.  
    Except a bullet to the face.  
    What about not being able to see, feel, taste, and hear for 5 hours all at the same time?  
    Depends on the situation.  
    No computer to be asked this question.  
    All life just seems to be great. Even the littlest of things make you happy.  
    I hope I'd have a cool comeback.  
    I'm a guy soooo.....  
    Problem with the "on Alaska" part. And it doesn't say how far you live from normal society. And your friends could live in Anchorage or something.  
    Capitalism is what decides who is smart and who is poor - Ron Swanson +2
    Games can tell amazing stories  
    Anyone who types swag or yolo in their internet posts gets banned for a month from the internet.  
    Could end the rain of One Direction, Justin Beiber, Iggy Azalea, and all those other idiots.  
    Didn't specify which type of cheating.  
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