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I like cats

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    who says we cant move? 1 year ago  
    i would listen to him die 1 year ago  
    it doesnt say we have to eat the jellyfish 1 year ago  
    HE NEED SOME MILK! LOL. 1 year ago  
    how do you lick the bottom 1 year ago  
    I'm a Siberian tiger, i dont brush my teeth 1 year ago  
    IT WOULDN'T FIT IN MY DICK!!!!!!!!!! 1 year ago  
    im am a cat... 1 year ago  
    im a Siberian tiger, i dont have fingers, i have paws 1 year ago  
    what if i dont know or love anyone' 1 year ago  
    if only i could do both 1 year ago  
    it says "dead jellyfish" not "eat a dead jellyfish" Lmfao wtf 1 year ago  
    they are dead 1 year ago  
    didnt say how muvh 1 year ago  
    didnt say when 1 year ago  
    it woudnt fit!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 1 year ago  
    didnt say how much we have to drink 1 year ago  
    how do we rip it out......... 1 year ago  
    wish that you could wish for money 1 year ago  
    i lost my are, made my own metal one i can move, and i also lost half my leg... 1 year ago  
    if i stole, my theme song would be, "I write sins not tragedies" 1 year ago  
    i already live there XD 1 year ago  
    i dont have keys 1 year ago  
    what if you already had sex O.o 1 year ago  
    them; We hate him!! me: well then, F*ck you your not meh friends! 1 year ago  
    what if im lazy and dont do that stuff O.o 1 year ago  
    they never said how fast.... 1 year ago  
    already half deaf °~° 1 year ago  
    WHAT IF IM STILL TEN O.o 1 year ago  
    if you shoot nothing then you would still get the money 1 year ago  
    like if you hate justin beiber 1 year ago +2
    i believe i can fly *hits wall* i believe i can die, i believe i can hit the ground 1 year ago  
    wish that you could wish for money, THUG LIFE 1 year ago  
    if you do it before and you are a girl then if you break up you will be pregnant and then your kid wont have a dad 1 year ago  
    i would just sit down instead of plain 1 year ago  
    what if your mom lives in a different state O.o 1 year ago  
    who was this made by, hannibal? 1 year ago  
    i made a sword, i could use it.... 1 year ago  
    yoda: you are a sith!! me: yes and you are dead * uses lightsaber to cut head off 1 year ago  
    she looks about as dark as me 1 year ago  
    brush 1 year ago  
    It said be=rush your teeth, not clean ;) 1 year ago +1
    how are we supposed to rip it out 0_0 1 year ago  
    the picture was so funny so I just clicked on it 1 year ago  
    what if being in love with the person of your DREAMS was your dream O.o 1 year ago  
    Im not scared of haunted houses 1 year ago  
    it didnt say how much we have to eat, so I would just eat a hair, I WIN!!!!! 1 year ago  
    at least it isnt real sh*t! 1 year ago  
    didnt say how much we have to eat, so eat a hair from it 1 year ago  
    shoot at nothing and you win!!!!!!! 1 year ago  
    i belive i can fly, weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee 1 year ago  
    same 1 year ago  
    this is the stupidest question ever 1 year ago  
    sorry im not gay 1 year ago  
    hanibal!!!! 1 year ago  
    im not gay 1 year ago  
    dont even have a job 1 year ago  
    i want to see rejection 1 year ago  
    this is f*cking messed up 1 year ago  
    who ever made this is a dumbass 1 year ago  
    it had a cat 1 year ago  
    what is i dreamed of being in love with the girl of my dreams 1 year ago  
    i dont have an ex i win 1 year ago  
    im satin 1 year ago  
    wwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwweeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee 1 year ago  
    i like trains!!!!!!!!!!!! 1 year ago  
    dont care, already had sex 1 year ago  
    im not gay 1 year ago  
    my love loves me back so... 1 year ago  
    i picked the one with the cat just cuz it had a cat' 1 year ago  
    i would f*ck him up just to get her to love me 1 year ago  
    this is f*cking stupid 1 year ago  
    yes cuz i would just marry some ugly ass stranger 1 year ago  
    i would take the role of "master'' 1 year ago  
    what if i already fell in love 1 year ago  
    rich would make you famous and unlonely 1 year ago  
    what if he is super hot.......' 1 year ago  
    i would kick his ass 1 year ago  
    i already had sex i winnnn 1 year ago  
    what if you already had true love lol 1 year ago  
    with money cant you get true love? 1 year ago  
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