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Would you rather be a cereal killer or a serial killer 5 years ago 144 votes 5 comments 0 likes
Would you rather have these puppies or have these kittens 6 years ago 244 votes 13 comments 0 likes

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none of them 5 years ago  
god is real so i choose pokemon 5 years ago +2
o god neither 5 years ago +1
cuz not all people have crappy lives 5 years ago  
The book was also soo extremely sad 5 years ago  
2 eyelashes 6 years ago  
One word, disinfect 6 years ago  
It says EAT 6 years ago  
Doesnt say anything about you know what 6 years ago  
It never says how MUCH you have to eat 6 years ago  
Baby teeth 6 years ago  
open your mouth... 6 years ago  
ummm 6 years ago  
girl 6 years ago  
id just use a wheelchair 6 years ago  
im a girl 6 years ago  
just cuz the pic looks better 6 years ago  
who know what people can learn about me! 6 years ago  
what is kendama? 6 years ago  
just cuz the pic look better 6 years ago  
sorry didnt see that 6 years ago  
assasins creed 6 years ago  
i control my dreams anyways 6 years ago  
at least im under a roof 6 years ago  
what kinda question is that? 6 years ago  
more people have 20 buck then people who visit me 6 years ago  
i would get more money 6 years ago  
we already now that we only have one life except for cats... 6 years ago  
this is obviously for boys so i skip 6 years ago  
who is alexw? 6 years ago +13
one word brush 6 years ago +1
what the heck? 6 years ago +1
we are over populating 6 years ago +3
I learned that on a cooking show 6 years ago  
Id seduce a millionaire 6 years ago +4
i mean thumb 6 years ago  
haha they said finger and finger is not a thumb so i would still have my finger 6 years ago  
had to pass 6 years ago +2
who are u 6 years ago +1
toads are slimy 6 years ago  
i am part of a revolution 6 years ago +1
i just skipped 6 years ago  
one word read 6 years ago +1
i watched mythbusters 6 years ago  
usain is insain 6 years ago  
GOD IS REAL 6 years ago  
you can always get smarter 6 years ago  
hahahaha 6 years ago  
i play tennis 6 years ago  
if there is world peace there is no world hunger 6 years ago  
that is so mean i am christian and i believe that gay marriage should be legal 6 years ago  
i dont care what people choose 6 years ago  
insurance 6 years ago  
why did they turn cookie monster into veggie monster? 6 years ago  
that way i wouldnt remember 6 years ago  
cant sat no to the puppies 6 years ago  
otherwise i would be fat 6 years ago  
there is liquid in food 6 years ago  
have seen supersize me? 6 years ago  
you can live without internet 6 years ago  
one word skydiving 6 years ago  
didnt say they forgot to give it back 6 years ago  
who created the monkeys 6 years ago  
imagine all the people 6 years ago  
my friends could tell me who i was 6 years ago  
im small so i fit in teh locker 6 years ago  
your in the fight both ways why not be innocent 6 years ago  
its boo the worlds cutest dog 6 years ago  
how much? 6 years ago  
i could be the ruler of the earth 6 years ago  
i love the accents 6 years ago  
you can earn money by performing 6 years ago  
golf is soooo boring 6 years ago  
sore throats make make eating hurt 6 years ago  
you can eat chocolate when u are cold 6 years ago  
the helmet is hands free 6 years ago  
inception is soo hard to follow 6 years ago +1
im sorry im selfish 6 years ago  
we already know the history 6 years ago  
superman is just an alien 6 years ago  
i dont really listen to the lyrics...so... 6 years ago  
hey its Cameron Diaz 6 years ago  
wealth comes from fame 6 years ago  
if its curable u wont die 6 years ago  
real friends are all that matter 6 years ago  
piranhas are small fishies 6 years ago  
the queen just wears fancy dresses and lives in a palace 6 years ago  
i love the sea 6 years ago  
camel spit is gross 6 years ago  
i would be used to it 6 years ago  
oh i know kids who scream it is not worth it 6 years ago  
yay women 6 years ago  
lets do the right thing 6 years ago  
cookie dough 6 years ago  
reading is awsome 6 years ago  
hockey is ice skating and i like ice skating 6 years ago  
the books take sooo long 6 years ago  
theres nothing better than having a dog greet you when you come home 6 years ago  
yay Einstein 6 years ago  
i already am 6 years ago  
i love the accents 6 years ago  
that way i wouldnt be sad 6 years ago  
hahaha 6 years ago  
vegan is sooo much better than cannibalism 6 years ago +1
the wolf is soooooooooooo cute 6 years ago  
your less likely to be noticed 6 years ago  
im a girl 6 years ago  
sleep is good for u 6 years ago  
what if the aliens are nice like e.t. 6 years ago  
it would be pretty 6 years ago  
texting is awsome 6 years ago  
that big dog is cute 6 years ago  
u cant say no to the puppy face 6 years ago  
sorry pressed wrong one i like google 6 years ago  
ha ha 50/50 its hard to resist 6 years ago  
snow is soooooooooooo fun 6 years ago  
that is soooo mean i am blonde and i got straight a's in school 6 years ago  
better not seen that overly noticed 6 years ago  
breaking a bone isnt that bad... 6 years ago  
cats r nice 6 years ago  
cats are nice 6 years ago  
if your friends dont like him then they arent your friends 6 years ago  
i love this game 6 years ago  
harry is awsome 6 years ago  
yay johnny depp 6 years ago  
a doctor saves lifes 6 years ago  
totaly star trek 6 years ago  
i mean i would like to give up the computer 6 years ago  
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