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i hate both turtles AND unicorns, my friends just made me choose this name

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Would you rather have the baby or make the baby 6 years ago 348 votes 24 comments 0 likes
Would you rather have sex with Patrick or Spongebob 6 years ago 202 votes 9 comments 0 likes
Would you rather do it with Dora or do it with Spongebob Squarepants 6 years ago 202 votes 13 comments 0 likes
Would you rather have a pet dinosaur or a pet polar bear 6 years ago 340 votes 19 comments 0 likes
Would you rather have a (GIRLS ONLY) hello kitty plush or a barbie doll 6 years ago 168 votes 14 comments 0 likes
Would you rather dance with a funny hat... or laser surf with this dude... 6 years ago 194 votes 7 comments 0 likes
When you wear your pj's outside, is it because you have given up on life or you are living it to the fullest 6 years ago 209 votes 11 comments 0 likes
Would you rather be a... babysitter of three annoying kids for no pay(except NOT happy...) or nanny for one little stuck-up kids for 1 dollar a month 6 years ago 201 votes 9 comments 0 likes
Would you rather rule the world or have any 5 girls/boys you want 6 years ago 192 votes 12 comments 0 likes
Would you rather be so desperate to have a boyfriend and have to find one online or have a boyfriend that you don't want anymore and cheat on him 6 years ago 138 votes 8 comments 0 likes
Would you rather admit to cheating and break up or not admit and get caught 6 years ago 152 votes 2 comments 0 likes
Would you rather get pregnant at the age of 16 or be a virgin at 40 6 years ago 165 votes 9 comments 0 likes
Which are cuter? Newborn Puppies or Teenage Girls 6 years ago 184 votes 7 comments 0 likes
Would you rather have bigger boobs or have a bigger butt 6 years ago 685 votes 13 comments 0 likes
Would you rather have a kitty that scratches you or have a puppy that pees on you 6 years ago 188 votes 1 comment 0 likes
Would you save Twinkies? Yes or No 6 years ago 301 votes 23 comments 0 likes
Would you rather kiss a 16-year-old or kiss a 50-year-old 6 years ago 12,963 votes 227 comments 0 likes
What is the most believable? Unicorns or Narwals 6 years ago 301 votes 16 comments 0 likes

TurtlesandUnicorns88 has posted the following comments:

i do, i dont think you should know... 6 years ago  
that is gross 6 years ago +1
you don't want to know 6 years ago  
well, whatever you do, don't look up what it is... 6 years ago  
where they hell do you get those pics? 6 years ago  
well, not really... 6 years ago  
i already dont have any "genitals" 6 years ago  
this is disgusting 6 years ago  
i dont get it 6 years ago  
well thats easy, CAUSE I DONT GOT NO D*** HOLE. 6 years ago  
I can lick my own boob 6 years ago  
This is f********** GROSS 6 years ago  
i am a vampire!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 6 years ago  
what the hell are those? 6 years ago +1
well then, ill stay indoors 6 years ago  
I am a kid who acts like an adult, whats wrong with that? 6 years ago  
how about, neither 6 years ago  
uh, im a girl and can only choose choice b 6 years ago +4
the girl on the right is me, but i don't remember taking that picture... 6 years ago  
sleep on the side and toss around every half hour 6 years ago  
can you read? 6 years ago  
skip 6 years ago  
I would be a doctor that does law... 6 years ago  
my sibling could save him/herself, problem soled 6 years ago  
true 6 years ago +3
same freakin thing 6 years ago  
you can if you are a girl... 6 years ago  
gift cards, problem solved............... 6 years ago +1
those are dudes and there is only one dog, can you not see??????????? 6 years ago  
MJ had an ape, let's have his legacy live on... 6 years ago  
do they really fly? 6 years ago  
get permission from the parent to beat the crap out of them, that will make them shut up 6 years ago  
THIS TIP IF FOR ALL OF THE IDIOTS ONLINE...european football is actually spelled futbol and is soccer. 6 years ago  
fame=wealth, i win, THE END 6 years ago  
facebook was a stolen idea from someone else so they came back and made twitter 6 years ago  
i love my grandma, even though she is a little bit annoying... 6 years ago  
same damn thing 6 years ago  
same 6 years ago  
You did get one thing right about this comment, you sure do sound like a dick 6 years ago  
im only 12, i dont speak this liquor talk... 6 years ago  
i dont get this question 6 years ago  
the egg came before the egg which held a chicken...if you know what i mean... 6 years ago  
i love polar bears, i adopted one and named it Helium... 6 years ago  
give me a thumbs up if you saw that allstate commercial with the pig and fruit ninja... 6 years ago  
neither 6 years ago  
american idol sucks now that Simon Cowell left 6 years ago  
i have already seen both 6 years ago  
ps3 6 years ago  
ima girl, i ain't gay, and it is fine to say penis on here, i just did... 6 years ago  
three words: buy. new. clothes. four more words: take your sh*t back 6 years ago  
the real question is cute or comfy 6 years ago  
niether 6 years ago  
50/50-2013, awsome 6 years ago  
whatev 6 years ago  
I was born with no cucumber to start with, i am a girl 6 years ago  
I would rather be a mixture of a turtle and a unicorn, a turticorn 6 years ago  
You could always make new friends. And plus, did anyone know that when vamps have sex, they take blood out from down there... 6 years ago  
same... 6 years ago  
umm, we are talking a bottle, but that doesn't mean that you can't drink one of the tiny bottles... 6 years ago  
Option A don't look like no woman... 6 years ago +4
neither 6 years ago  
what? 6 years ago  
i have been on 2 relaxing Caribbean vacations and they are really fun... 6 years ago  
you would have time to watch 2 really good movies for 1 hour longer than option B 6 years ago  
big dogs can protect you from other big dogs and robbers 6 years ago  
this sounds like the giver, you would know that if you read \ 6 years ago  
niether, im only 12, i don't want to be in jail longer than i have been out, and what the hell is the human centipede?! 6 years ago  
and it all started with a big bang.....HEY! 6 years ago  
it is called tie dying 6 years ago  
im 12 and i have a 13 year old bf 6 years ago  
same here, IMA LONER 6 years ago  
people always ask you where the cake is and when will the cake be eaten...one less problem 6 years ago  
i like sushi with no raw fish...i hate raw fish, it taste like you are eating your own flesh... 6 years ago  
you are the dumbass cause he didn't say that the strippers were fat. 6 years ago  
that is true, i would have totally shot him before the military got involved, just sayin... 6 years ago  
I would shoot him in the head just to make sure he was completely dead. And i would have been the reason why he would be dead, 'CAUSE I SHOT HIM... 6 years ago  
if you take the 150,000 dollars illegally and get caught, you will ave to give back the money idiots. Whereas I will have 50,000 free and clear to rub in your face while you are in handcuffs 6 years ago  
i am literally best friends with Sasha Obama. It works... 6 years ago  
it is?! 6 years ago  
she is not sexy, but she isn't unattractive. She is somewhere in between 6 years ago  
well, the way you phrased it made it sound like you were gay, just not openly gay...no offense 6 years ago  
i can see is know, but i was refering to the silent one, cause i picked the wrong one 6 years ago  
You never said that there couldn't be captions and subtitles... 6 years ago  
Yes He does. I'm guessing that u ain't Christian... 6 years ago  
Best friends for life... 6 years ago  
i don't 6 years ago +1
thats a lie 6 years ago  
yeah, but they cute... 6 years ago  
you don't have to do as much with a boy... 6 years ago  
im black, what does skin color have to do with it? 6 years ago  
when you have sex with vamps, they take out your blood from your...private areas 6 years ago  
no wine, im 12 6 years ago  
it is called.....REMODELING. 6 years ago  
ou talk for long periods of time. its called TALKIN LIKE U'R NOT TAKIN DA SSATs 6 years ago  
I don't eat no pork. but i still like to hear the word BACON every once in a while... 6 years ago  
what would happen to the stuff inside the briefcase? 6 years ago  
My friends initials are E.T cause she don't have no middle name. I always call her Extra Terrestrial 6 years ago  
neither 6 years ago +185
im only 12, so i choose neither since i would probably die after drinking one, cause i don't even drink soda pop 6 years ago  
i look pretty without make-up anyway 6 years ago  
how about.................NEITHER! 6 years ago  
neither can i, its called live and learn 6 years ago  
same here... 6 years ago  
niether, and it would be raping if you were to choose your daughter 6 years ago  
don't know or care about what they are... 6 years ago  
i don't get the question 6 years ago  
i don't know or care... 6 years ago  
yes there are...sunglasses are cute technically... 6 years ago  
how about..........NEITHER! 6 years ago  
:-D LOL 6 years ago  
same here, i did gangam style just this week 6 years ago  
you could just bring a face mask 6 years ago  
president of what, the "America's most wanted kid killers" club? 6 years ago  
the question never said that you were smart... 6 years ago  
niether, the real question is, would you rather be dead, or dead? 6 years ago  
ITZ BOO! 6 years ago  
this is hard 6 years ago  
ima girl... 6 years ago  
i have more than five in mind... 6 years ago  
just watch a silent film, like those movies from like, the sixties 6 years ago  
forever... 6 years ago  
I fit into ALL groups... 6 years ago  
i would finally get to put on my bikini... 6 years ago  
Family guy has NEVER been better 6 years ago  
well, i hope my friend has a horrible fashion sense and only takes my ugly clothes that i forget to give to the poor 6 years ago  
uh, ima girl... 6 years ago  
well, to be honest, you do make out with your dad every once in a while. remember this," Bye dad, love you (KISS). Bye!". 6 years ago  
neither, seriously! r U a hoarder or a heroin addict 2CRAZYGUYS? 6 years ago  
How about a cute pair of sneakers... 6 years ago  
who's that?... 6 years ago  
then DONT cheat... 6 years ago  
earth is not a city... 6 years ago +4
wat is the big deal about SEX 6 years ago  
i could kiss him longer without people asking me where we would eat the cake... 6 years ago  
sh*ting your pants is a awkward moment... 6 years ago  
At least with the dogs you have more room for yourself in the elevator. and there is only one dog...0_0 6 years ago  
and some cats eat people, cats like tigers, lions, etc. 6 years ago  
shut up 6 years ago  
you can if you are a girl... 6 years ago  
i seriously want to meet the people who want to kill themselves. Something is wrong with them... 6 years ago  
well, ARE u a slut? just askin... 6 years ago  
whoever chose the arm is really stupid. think about it, you wouldn't even be on this website with out an arm. your arm has hands on them, remember? 6 years ago  
true... 6 years ago  
i was bored when i made this question... 6 years ago  
Seriously, only 2 months ago in October 2012, the scores were 50/50. You people are sick! 6 years ago  
Well, to be honest, even though i chose tattoos, with piercings, you have the ability to take the piercing out. But still, i want to get a tattoo of a UNICORN when i get like 2 or 3 years older, not now... 6 years ago  
true... 6 years ago  
that's not the question... 6 years ago  
same...i had a twitch in my hand that made my hand chose option b... 6 years ago  
i have more than 5 boys in mind... 6 years ago +1
well, they are good, so you need one 6 years ago +1
you should 6 years ago  
no they aren't 6 years ago  
well, did you like them! 6 years ago  
you need one 6 years ago +1
whatevs. who cares what you think, i am still going to embrace my inner unicorn 6 years ago +1
Unicorns are believed as real in japan! 6 years ago  
yes, that is exactly why. I wanted to see how the picture would influence a person to change a vote. Plus, no one noticed that the girl in the picture is only 11-years-old. So...all of you 16-year-olds better rethink your answer! 6 years ago  
What if it really was a good gift, but the receipt shows that the gift was only 50cent? what would you do? 6 years ago  
do the math, 88 divided by 8 plus 5. Obviously I am 16. Why else would this question be directed to 16-year-olds? 6 years ago +31
obviously, that's why I chose the picture 6 years ago  
I think that ROCKS96621 was making sure that you were not gay. But it is none of his business anyway 6 years ago  
yes this is a question! 6 years ago  
At least with a bad gift, you at least know that they care a little bit! 6 years ago +902
hated by most, not all 6 years ago  
I am a ballerina, i learned from that movie. I learned not to get obsessed with ballet 6 years ago  
At least you agree with me 6 years ago  
Doesn't everyone what to ride a unicorn! If only they were real. BTW to everyone else, First I know that I spelled Narwhals wrong, and Second, I know that narwhals freaking exist, i meant which one do you believe in, real or not! 6 years ago  
ew neither 6 years ago  
He looked more like a girl with his old hair style, but that doesn't mean he still doesn't look like a girl! 6 years ago  
A hot tub IS a heated pool 6 years ago  
Freezing actually takes a lot longer 6 years ago  
I am not choosing, i am having nightmares now 6 years ago  
Sorry chocolate lovers, but I HATE CHOCOLATE 6 years ago  
I can't swim, i can die in a kiddy pool 6 years ago  
Long live MJ 6 years ago  
i love sign language. I speak a little 6 years ago  
My face is perfect, my body isn't 6 years ago  
I chose the wrong one, I love puppies 6 years ago  
May the power be with you! 6 years ago  
I didn't pick choice B but my grandma isn't annoying 6 years ago  
Technically, 14 6 years ago  
Ramsey can go culinary on him! 6 years ago  
Movies don't take any work 6 years ago +1
In football, you watch 38 year old men punch each other over a stupid ball. stupid,,,but hilarious 6 years ago  
Tough question 6 years ago  
17% of people are evil. 6 years ago  
When is the last time you saw a person walking down the street with a blackberry. EXACTLY 6 years ago  
I am a ballerina, i need to be skinny! 6 years ago  
text are so much faster now a days 6 years ago  
You will never be able to stop pollution! 6 years ago  
You can talk a little boy out of being gay, but not a full grown woman. 6 years ago  
May the force be with you 6 years ago  
Justin Bieber makes my ears bleed. Literally, I have had to go to the doctor twice. 6 years ago  
Polar bears are endangered, but they eat people too. But still, they are so cute! 6 years ago  
Having a photographic memory can help you remember all of the answers to a test - don't tell 6 years ago +366
Macs work and look sooooooo much better! 6 years ago  
I got to ace school. can't do that while watching the 7th harry potter movie! 6 years ago  
Puppies are too cute. 6 years ago  
I know I might be late but...WHAT THE HECK IS YOLO!!! 6 years ago  
Cash is the best gift you can give and receive! 6 years ago  
i'm a girl, i chose games 6 years ago  
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