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i hate both turtles AND unicorns, my friends just made me choose this name

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    i do, i dont think you should know...  
    that is gross +1
    you don't want to know  
    well, whatever you do, don't look up what it is...  
    well, not really...  
    this is disgusting  
    i dont get it  
    well thats easy, CAUSE I DONT GOT NO D*** HOLE.  
    This is f********** GROSS  
    i am a vampire!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  
    sleep on the side and toss around every half hour  
    can you read?  
    I would be a doctor that does law...  
    my sibling could save him/herself, problem soled  
    true +3
    you can if you are a girl...  
    gift cards, problem solved............... +1
    those are dudes and there is only one dog, can you not see???????????  
    MJ had an ape, let's have his legacy live on...  
    do they really fly?  
    get permission from the parent to beat the crap out of them, that will make them shut up  
    THIS TIP IF FOR ALL OF THE IDIOTS ONLINE...european football is actually spelled futbol and is soccer.  
    fame=wealth, i win, THE END  
    facebook was a stolen idea from someone else so they came back and made twitter  
    i love my grandma, even though she is a little bit annoying...  
    same damn thing  
    im only 12, i dont speak this liquor talk...  
    the egg came before the egg which held a chicken...if you know what i mean...  
    give me a thumbs up if you saw that allstate commercial with the pig and fruit ninja...  
    american idol sucks now that Simon Cowell left  
    i have already seen both  
    three words: buy. new. clothes. four more words: take your sh*t back  
    the real question is cute or comfy  
    50/50-2013, awsome  
    I would rather be a mixture of a turtle and a unicorn, a turticorn  
    umm, we are talking a bottle, but that doesn't mean that you can't drink one of the tiny bottles...  
    i have been on 2 relaxing Caribbean vacations and they are really fun...  
    you would have time to watch 2 really good movies for 1 hour longer than option B  
    big dogs can protect you from other big dogs and robbers  
    this sounds like the giver, you would know that if you read \  
    niether, im only 12, i don't want to be in jail longer than i have been out, and what the hell is the human centipede?!  
    and it all started with a big bang.....HEY!  
    it is called tie dying  
    same here, IMA LONER  
    people always ask you where the cake is and when will the cake be eaten...one less problem  
    i like sushi with no raw fish...i hate raw fish, it taste like you are eating your own flesh...  
    that is true, i would have totally shot him before the military got involved, just sayin...  
    I would shoot him in the head just to make sure he was completely dead. And i would have been the reason why he would be dead, 'CAUSE I SHOT HIM...  
    if you take the 150,000 dollars illegally and get caught, you will ave to give back the money idiots. Whereas I will have 50,000 free and clear to rub in your face while you are in handcuffs  
    i am literally best friends with Sasha Obama. It works...  
    i can see is know, but i was refering to the silent one, cause i picked the wrong one  
    You never said that there couldn't be captions and subtitles...  
    Yes He does. I'm guessing that u ain't Christian...  
    Best friends for life...  
    you don't have to do as much with a boy...  
    im black, what does skin color have to do with it?  
    when you have sex with vamps, they take out your blood from your...private areas  
    no wine, im 12  
    it is called.....REMODELING.  
    ou talk for long periods of time. its called TALKIN LIKE U'R NOT TAKIN DA SSATs  
    I don't eat no pork. but i still like to hear the word BACON every once in a while...  
    what would happen to the stuff inside the briefcase?  
    My friends initials are E.T cause she don't have no middle name. I always call her Extra Terrestrial  
    neither +186
    im only 12, so i choose neither since i would probably die after drinking one, cause i don't even drink soda pop  
    i look pretty without make-up anyway  
    neither can i, its called live and learn  
    same here...  
    niether, and it would be raping if you were to choose your daughter  
    i don't know or care...  
    yes there are...sunglasses are cute technically...  
    :-D LOL  
    you could just bring a face mask  
    ITZ BOO!  
    this is hard  
    i have more than five in mind...  
    just watch a silent film, like those movies from like, the sixties  
    I fit into ALL groups...  
    i would finally get to put on my bikini...  
    Family guy has NEVER been better  
    well, i hope my friend has a horrible fashion sense and only takes my ugly clothes that i forget to give to the poor  
    well, to be honest, you do make out with your dad every once in a while. remember this," Bye dad, love you (KISS). Bye!".  
    How about a cute pair of sneakers...  
    who's that?...  
    then DONT cheat...  
    earth is not a city... +4
    wat is the big deal about SEX  
    i could kiss him longer without people asking me where we would eat the cake...  
    At least with the dogs you have more room for yourself in the elevator. and there is only one dog...0_0  
    shut up  
    you can if you are a girl...  
    whoever chose the arm is really stupid. think about it, you wouldn't even be on this website with out an arm. your arm has hands on them, remember?  
    Seriously, only 2 months ago in October 2012, the scores were 50/50. You people are sick!  
    Well, to be honest, even though i chose tattoos, with piercings, you have the ability to take the piercing out. But still, i want to get a tattoo of a UNICORN when i get like 2 or 3 years older, not now...  
    that's not the question...  
    same...i had a twitch in my hand that made my hand chose option b...  
    yes, that is exactly why. I wanted to see how the picture would influence a person to change a vote. Plus, no one noticed that the girl in the picture is only 11-years-old. So...all of you 16-year-olds better rethink your answer!  
    What if it really was a good gift, but the receipt shows that the gift was only 50cent? what would you do?  
    do the math, 88 divided by 8 plus 5. Obviously I am 16. Why else would this question be directed to 16-year-olds? +31
    obviously, that's why I chose the picture  
    I think that ROCKS96621 was making sure that you were not gay. But it is none of his business anyway  
    yes this is a question!  
    At least with a bad gift, you at least know that they care a little bit! +914
    hated by most, not all  
    He looked more like a girl with his old hair style, but that doesn't mean he still doesn't look like a girl!  
    A hot tub IS a heated pool  
    Sorry chocolate lovers, but I HATE CHOCOLATE  
    Long live MJ  
    i love sign language. I speak a little  
    My face is perfect, my body isn't  
    May the power be with you!  
    I didn't pick choice B but my grandma isn't annoying  
    Technically, 14  
    Ramsey can go culinary on him!  
    Movies don't take any work +1
    In football, you watch 38 year old men punch each other over a stupid ball. stupid,,,but hilarious  
    Tough question  
    When is the last time you saw a person walking down the street with a blackberry. EXACTLY  
    I am a ballerina, i need to be skinny!  
    text are so much faster now a days  
    You will never be able to stop pollution!  
    You can talk a little boy out of being gay, but not a full grown woman.  
    May the force be with you  
    Justin Bieber makes my ears bleed. Literally, I have had to go to the doctor twice.  
    Having a photographic memory can help you remember all of the answers to a test - don't tell +373
    Macs work and look sooooooo much better!  
    I got to ace school. can't do that while watching the 7th harry potter movie!  
    Puppies are too cute.  
    I know I might be late but...WHAT THE HECK IS YOLO!!!  
    Cash is the best gift you can give and receive!  
    i'm a girl, i chose games  
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