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    I actually hate yolo  
    Why kill a baby they're one of us  
    While everyone is paused I will steal their money  
    Wait no I change my mind I wanna be the richest person  
    Fame means people love you +1
    I'm moving to America I need money  
    best friends with josh because poor him he's got no one while Tyler's with his new wife  
    Can't swim  
    They didn't say you couldn't bring the person of you chose with you  
    Sorry love. I really wanted you to become president  
    How dare you twilight is amazing  
    This life better not be memory jeez. If it's imaginary then it's not real yay  
    Aliens are scary  
    That was a dumb question  
    Don't care about sex  
    You can ride unicorns but you can't really do anything with mermaids cus they live under water  
    So what if you can't go home it's basically like living in a hotel and you lost the keys  
    You can buy anything off amazon and you have more money then  
    Ninjas are silent I could get away with anything  
    I only picked this one cus the people in it look better  
    Yea but you wouldn't able read minds  
    This is exactly what I want  
    What does prolong mean  
    Immortal means you live forever and never die  
    If you lived longer you would see all your friends and relatives die one by one.....  
    Fame means people love you  
    I wanna be Josh's best friends poor him he's being pushed away cus of Tyler's new wife  
    They never said you had to spend those two weeks alone  
    Oh really  
    True love dies hard  
    I love chocolate too much  
    I live in England I would do anything to move  
    I don't want I lightsaber and those kids are dying  
    I don't know  
    The guest from Wisconsin, seriously sorry but being alone does make you lonely +1
    Actually I change my  
    Youngest to a brother oldest to a sister  
    Oh my god I'm twelve I don't want work war three thanks and no I don't know what anarchy means and I don't care I saw Nazi and Germany and common sense appeared!!!  
    What's an anarchy  
    I'm twelve and a girl  
    I don't care if they hate me asking as they listen  
    Unless I had a hot body but I don't  
    Do it for my family I would say everyday to get my way though the day  
    I don't care about memory  
    This is really hard  
    I have no idea  
    What if the teepee falls down while your getting dressed  
    Vampires are hot  
    I've already got insomnia and social anxiety and depression and ADHD and OCD and bipolar disorder so I don't think it could any worse than this  
    Doing what  
    Actually I change my mind I wanna go LA +1
    I don't know  
    I have no idea  
    Aww I didn't get my money  
    If you live forever you would watch all your best friends and relatives slowly die  
    I don't know jeez im twelve  
    I like deadpool best but fine  
    You are killing the baby when you have an abortion that's basically murder but nooo no one cares cus the baby hasn't been born +2
    I would be a hot queen but I would rather run the country  
    For me dates are awkward  
    Pain is hell  
    Well if you don't get caught then why not  
    Wolves are so cute  
    Less puke to clean up  
    America America America America America  
    I don't know what acid would do and it would funny if someone asked you why you had no big toes and you had to say a camel ate them  
    I love potatoes  
    Its easier  
    I don't have a wife or a son so it don't amyteft +1
    Racism is worse l than sexism and matthewr that is really rude  
    I don't need to have a god car as long as I look good in it  
    Neither to be honest  
    If you climb it you could fall but if you jump off it you're already falling  
    I'm really picky with what I eat and don't ear  
    American girls can be really funny  
    I have no keys  
    I don't need someone who cares I need someone that listens  
    I don't know what that means  
    I don't know what they are but I looked at the photos And decided I would rather be killed by a stranger than kill a stranger  
    Buy a new house  
    They never said you couldn't live in a city of your choice after you've traveled the world  
    Kids are innocent they can get away with anything  
    Acoustic is beautiful  
    Men don't appreciate anything  
    Limbo all da way  
    War can never be stopped  
    I pressed the wrong one. But what would you do alone like seriously  
    I'm obsessed with America  
    I love babies just so you know I twelve not like thirty  
    I hate being ill I feel so useless and pushed away  
    I want to know my future. When will I die how many friends will I have  
    I am scared of being alone  
    More sympathy  
    I was part of the popular crowd then I got pushed away and now I only have two friends....  
    My family are so nice they would never hate me  
    I hate my enemies and that is that  
    I can't read properly  
    Outside. Scary things. Shadows....  
    Less awkward  
    I am generally scared of doing both  
    Mates before dates  
    I would stop all rude comment and abuse that people get on Facebook  
    I only have three hours of sleep everyday so this would me a bit more mentally healthy  
    Yea calls are awkward  
    I say stupid things sometimes just cus they are on my mind  
    I actually hate gangnam style  
    After what I saw on the Jeremy kile show I would to be anything like that horrid woman  
    Christmas is for everyone not just me so I don't mind it. I don't really like being the centre of attention  
    I have a reason to kill them then  
    Who needs love like really  
    They never said you would get caught  
    They never said you would het  
    Don't know either but Natalie Portman is really pretty  
    I have ocd so don't expect me not to shower  
    They are both disgusting  
    I hate both cus of seasonal depression and stuff with friends but I like snow more than rain  
    There are so many people I am jealous of cus of their looks And friendships  
    This confused me so I just guessed...  
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