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Would you rather Instantly reach your dreams. or Work hard for your dreams, and be proud at the end. 2 years ago 26 votes 3 comments 0 likes

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lol 2 years ago +1
I can't sing. >. 2 years ago  
72% wants to die? huh? 2 years ago  
Those potatoes looks delicious!!!! :P 2 years ago  
Well, they give them back at least. lol. 2 years ago  
Knowing everything ruins the mystery. 2 years ago  
Atleast he's not scary. 2 years ago  
You don't live in a car. 2 years ago  
Rarely watch tv. 2 years ago  
There's no point in being popular in school. 2 years ago  
Lasts forever. 2 years ago  
Oink!!!!! 2 years ago +1
Could be neither... 2 years ago  
We'll need to work together, in order to survive. 2 years ago  
That shirt looks cool! 2 years ago  
I'm not religious, but I still celebrate xmas. XD 2 years ago  
Can still enjoy my life. :) 2 years ago +1
Yay! 2 years ago  
I need to dream!!!! 2 years ago  
If you fly, you'll get caugh by scientists. 2 years ago  
Its 2017 now. 2 years ago  
Rain makes you wet. 2 years ago  
Just jump into the snow! 2 years ago  

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