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I'm 16, I love sports, hiking, and rock climbing (extreme hiking :D ). I am Dutch, nothing else. I am musically inclined at the guitar and am a pretty good singer. I am great at impersonation. My real name is Stacey (I'm a guy though), and my mom apparently has it going on...

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    Death is at the center of this controversial issue. Everyone is afraid of what might come after it. 5 years ago  
    That's a good question to ask. I assume you would say that people made God in a sense. But here is a definate answer. We won't know until we die. 5 years ago  
    And might I add that Great Britain was in need of help? The Americans and Russians finished the job I would say. 5 years ago  
    If my great grandfather was a racist bigot, would that make me a racist bigot? 5 years ago +1
    Because I am ethnically dutch. 5 years ago  
    the right one looks like it has more meat.. 5 years ago  
    wrong... 5 years ago  
    what's wrong with the South? We're all racist, hillbilly bigots right? NO 5 years ago  
    Whoa wait a minute! Political Correctness check! Please refer to the "indians" as Native Americans. (acting like a liberal douchebag) 5 years ago  
    Don't disrespect Israel, they are the only beacon of civilization in that wretched place called the Middle East. 5 years ago  
    Who gives a f*ck about Canada? 5 years ago  
    Europeans are conceded... 5 years ago  
    I would be D'Jango 5 years ago  
    hahaha you guys don't know how to play Risk! 5 years ago +1
    YAO MING 5 years ago +1
    this is public internet, and you be flirt'n 5 years ago  
    BATTLEFIELD 4 + HALO 5 years ago +1
    Yeah, let's waste money on a disproven theory! 5 years ago  
    "saving earth from pollution and stuff" wow... 5 years ago  
    I'm 16, conservative, and informed. 5 years ago  
    no, wrong 5 years ago  
    13,000,000....where did you get your statistics from? 5 years ago +1
    why? 5 years ago +1
    I don't like your flag...it's a leaf 5 years ago  
    and you live in mexico? 5 years ago  
    i'm christian, and you are exactly right 5 years ago  
    said brainwashed progressive 5 years ago  
    Obama is an idiot. I mean come on. (present tense) 5 years ago  
    thanks for promoting a stereotype! 5 years ago  
    that is very false... 5 years ago  
    wow, the society we live in these days... 5 years ago  
    Let's all get really angry at one another point of views and solve nothing! 5 years ago +1

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