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If a tree falls, of course it makes a sound, you damn fool.

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    Too big for a locker  
    The toaster is unplugged  
    This is the most easiest question ever. Hmmm... Save 1000 cute little kitties or meet a boy who sounds like he's getting kicked in the groin repeatedly... +1
    Didn't say how many times I had to step on it  
    Didn't say how much he'd do it  
    Keep these things as pets. Cute af  
    Barely use Twitter  
    I'd be the zebra on the motorcycle holding a tank filled with lobsters and weightlifting them screaming, "FREEDOM" +2
    Lego skyscraper  
    Never said if those snakes were real  
    Free all the lobsters +1
    Do what? I would rather jam out to music in a shopping center  
    I'd gently punch her hair which is really poofy and white  
    There are no lions and if there were I'd climb a tree  
    It'd jump because it's a stupid puck  
    5 years is pretty long for a dog. Especially a Chihuahua. Maybe that dog has cancer and you have to put it down  
    Doing what? I'll probably get caught not doing my New Years resolution  
    Due to my personality, I would be leading that stampede mounted on a battle horse with shining golden braids and throwing my Thor hammer into the air... With a viking helmet  
    Wear a tank-top  
    You don't die in Heaven so I would be immortal  
    Never said how long. I could give up using my computer for 2 seconds  
    If I could never eat meat.. I would die because that means no bacon or sausage  
    Get a paper cut and dip it in lemon juice. BAM instant acid  
    I ain't a good swimmer, but if it's life and death, I'll swim to China  
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