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Would you rather date a blonde or brunette? Blonde or Brunette 7 years ago 10,526 votes 132 comments 0 likes
Would you rather die young and it be a quick painless death, or die old and it be a long torturous death? Die young, painless death or Die old, torturous death 8 years ago 10,964 votes 60 comments 1 like
Would you rather get your hips pierced, or your septum? Hips or Septum 8 years ago 2,758 votes 23 comments 0 likes
Would you rather date a person with low self-esteem, or someone who is cocky? Low self-esteem or Cocky 8 years ago 259,959 votes 1,203 comments 9 likes

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zumiez definitely.. 7 years ago  
eric is so hot... 7 years ago +10
42% of people don't know what blue waffle is. 8 years ago +11
well im a girl, and the first guy is kinda hot, so i choose the 1st option (: 8 years ago +9
ALL TIME LOW FTW! 8 years ago +10
both=♥ 8 years ago  
dude, i WANT to be old when i die, that was kinda what i was hoping for 8 years ago +2
Women for the win! 8 years ago  
As sick as this sounds, when I was younger (maybe 7), I accidently hit my grandma in the head with a golf club. 8 years ago +1
Kill myself. 8 years ago  
Pam is old... 8 years ago +1
Eric is so hot... 8 years ago +5
SMH... A katana IS a sword.... This is so stupid.... 8 years ago  
i choose fat nerd. sorry but at least they have souls... 8 years ago +2
Iced coffee ftw 8 years ago +2
Hahahahhahaaa. 8 years ago  
I do live in NY♥ Not the city though, dammit. 8 years ago +1
Hahahahaha, agreed. 8 years ago  
I chose car crash? Will someone please explain to me why the majority of people chose plane crash?? 8 years ago  
I chose utterly miserable. Is that a problem? 8 years ago +4
who? 8 years ago  
Fender ftw. 8 years ago  
Getting hit with a dodgeball is a whole lot different than getting hit with a f*cking baseball bat... 8 years ago +1
Blockbuster. And by the way, "guest from Australia", nobody gives a flying f*ck whether or not you were first. 8 years ago  
same here 8 years ago  
Difference? 8 years ago +1
...Where did you get "78%" from? 8 years ago  
Both... 8 years ago  
How about converse? 8 years ago +2
It's just not the same without the original guy. 8 years ago +4
You can't exactly "live" in either of those situations for a year anyways... 8 years ago +2
I have a question everybody... What does CVS stand for? I have been trying to figure this out for so long!!! 8 years ago +1
i agree hahaha 8 years ago  
not a big fan of either, but since i'm not gay i choose bieber 8 years ago  
i ♥ death metal 8 years ago +3
look it up on google images. then you will know what blue waffle is. 8 years ago  
well that's your fault your daughter saw this. 8 years ago  
"hey preggo...who's da father...well ah...u r...gotta keep da luv n da family"... Some people are so stupid, it makes me want to punch myself in the face. You don't get f*cking pregnant from swallowing jizz. SMH. 8 years ago +1
ewwww. 8 years ago  
i chose the hobo foot, because i'm a girl and not gay... 8 years ago  
i wouldn't wish rape upon anybody... 8 years ago +1

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