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Would you rather buy games from GOG or Steam 4 years ago 104 votes 3 comments 0 likes

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It saves water! 4 years ago +1
"You're a Wizzard, Harry" 4 years ago  
Thumb-wars also count as wars. You retain your destruction powers. 4 years ago  
This is useful information 4 years ago +1
In some places it IS the natural way to go. 4 years ago  
Modern history has more clarity, whereas ancient history is too dependent on a small amount of unreliable sources. 4 years ago  
That spider is harmless unless it flicks its hairs into your eyes/nostrils. 4 years ago  
Some dog foods have higher standards than those of people. That's actually true. Sadly. 4 years ago  
I call it auto-bidet 4 years ago  
Well I hav... wait, you mean in a game? 4 years ago  
A - because then I'd get all the attention of those pesky do-gooders 4 years ago  
Let's face it, our childhood sucked 4 years ago +1
I touched a snail and it gives me *searches Wikipedia*... a host of parasites?! 4 years ago  
Good thing samdill specified the locations, with my luck it would have a choice between Donetsk and Guantanamo. 4 years ago  
Zombies are so passe 4 years ago  
What if the baby grew up to be the next Hitler? Clearly this is the only moral choice! 4 years ago  
Well, I hope I get nice centipals. 4 years ago  
No-brainer - distributed wealth has a positive multiplier. 4 years ago  
...on one condition - I get to pick the innocent. Heh heh heh... 4 years ago  
money = other people's time 4 years ago  
Simultaneously read the minds of several people each trying a different drug = fly highhhhhh 4 years ago  

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