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    Have a private wedding  
    You can marry anyone you want to don't pet people tell you no because your boy and boy or girl and girl it's your life and your in control not anyone else only you  
    It didn't say you can't wish for change  
    13% of Despret people  
    I'm 11 so hello  
    You picked by/gf though ( fail)  
    No sis  
    To gross for me  
    My love is rich(I don't love him for his money but him for him  
    I love edward  
    Skip dating if you love him go straight to marriage +1
    I know he likes me he asked me to be his valentine  
    29% of Despret people  
    I think they wanted to se how many people would pick joe(all of them should pick joe)  
    It means would to have sex with them and I'm lesbian so  
    Nether never  
    I don't care I would be horny with great sex  
    It's non of there fing business  
    A hot guy is better then a horse why wouldn't you be happy  
    If you have everything you have love (logic mart one)  
    Red fog=sexy  
    If he hates u your to good for him  
    I'd f*ck with her crush (pay backs a b!tch like u)  
    It happens any way  
    If there hot it means it's good if there weak it means it sucked  
    Kill or be killed  
    Break or be broken  
    Cliff hurts less  
    Train hurts less  
    Hot accents  
    My love is to important  
    My crush is hottest guy ever and I see him every day  
    What's life without love (hooking up with no passion)  
    I only care a bout the body  
    My true love is rich (but I don't love him for his money)  
    My friends would support me  
    The gifts may be cash  
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