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You know I'm really wired. What do you say I take you home and eat your pussy?

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You are talking to a sweet old lady and you only have one chance to impress her. After flexing your muscles to her to show dominance which would you rather use on her? Harem/Reverse-harem Jutsu or 1000 Year of Death Jutsu 1 week ago 27 votes 4 comments 0 likes
You're in a tickle fight with Putin and Queen Elizabeth II when suddenly a fourth member appears. Would you rather it be Mr. Bean or Kawhi Leonard 1 week ago 68 votes 7 comments 0 likes
Which discussion board is more cancerous /pol/ or The_Donald 2 weeks ago 51 votes 13 comments 0 likes
Which NBA rookie is better Ron Baker or Thon Maker 2 years ago 75 votes 9 comments 0 likes
Would you rather pick up bítches in the Pussy Wagon or Mobile Virgin Conversion Unit 2 years ago 81 votes 4 comments 0 likes
Better NBA player World B. Free or Metta World Peace 2 years ago 58 votes 1 comment 0 likes
Would you rather star in a porno narrated by Sylvester Stallone or Arnold Schwarzenegger 2 years ago 84 votes 7 comments 0 likes
Would you rather star in a porno directed by M. Night Shyamalan or Michael Bay 2 years ago 70 votes 9 comments 0 likes
Better user alexw or alexu 2 years ago 37 votes 7 comments 0 likes
Would you rather Be a victim of the September 12th terrorist attack or Be a douche (you'll be banned and the chat log will be sent to your mom) 2 years ago 61 votes 8 comments 0 likes
Does the #RrratherPurge go far enough No, purged users should be given a full IP ban or Yes, I don't support the cause and should be purged myself 2 years ago 40 votes 2 comments 0 likes
Would you rather Support the purge or Be purged 2 years ago 48 votes 7 comments 0 likes
Who would you rather vote for in the US presidential election Deez Nuts or Fridge 2 years ago 98 votes 6 comments 0 likes
Would you rather bang Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi With a turban or Without a turban 2 years ago 51 votes 2 comments 0 likes
Would you rather be Slim or Shady 2 years ago 82 votes 8 comments 0 likes
Who will Trump marry next Ivanka Trump or Vladimir Putin 2 years ago 79 votes 10 comments 0 likes
Better olympic couple Theisen-Eaton or DeBolt 2 years ago 53 votes 4 comments 0 likes
Would you rather have Old Bay or Young Bae 2 years ago 59 votes 1 comment 0 likes
How can woman's rights best be advanced globally? Through efforts like better access to healthcare and educational outreach programs or Sit back and let Malala Yousafzai do her thing 3 years ago 80 votes 5 comments 0 likes
Would you rather live in The most tolerant country in the world or The only Western country to register high levels of “state-sponsored political violence” 3 years ago 89 votes 7 comments 0 likes
What is Vladimir Putin's ultimate goal? To tear up the post-Soviet assumptions about what Russia will tolerate, and permanently change Russia's relationship with the West or To avenge Evgeni Plushenko's loss to American Evan Lysacek in the men's figure skating competition in the 2010 winter olympics. 3 years ago 61 votes 1 comment 0 likes
Would you rather Roll down the street with all ur bitches or Ride dat pussy 3 years ago 78 votes 8 comments 0 likes
Would you rather hunt a wolf or eat a banana 4 years ago 131 votes 6 comments 0 likes

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It didn't fail though... It got cut due to ideological opposition. Considering the current social welfare system in the US doesn't even cost 1 trillion that cos sounds way overblown. Even then that says nothing if you're not looking at the big picture. "What happens when companies and rich people get poorer?" Considering the current state of the West then the obvious conclusion is the market would open up to smaller businesses and democracy would improve. "They invest less and some move out of the country." Good then leave. "If anything you should want them to get richer." That sounds like an extremely undemocratic and anti-free market position so no thank you. The very existence of billionaires is a market failure. Also, Google is a monopoly, so I'd love if the US would nationalize it and break it up. 1 day ago  
youre like 12 so makes sense 1 day ago +5
You mean a conservative paper with an obvious right-wing agenda "admits" a left-wing program went badly? I'm so shocked. "It was certainly not going to be sustainable." Except that's 100% bs and was never proven. It was a 3 year pilot project and it's expenses were negligible. The Ford government are cutting and slashing anything they can under the guise of "efficiency", but they've been anything but efficient. "It might actually work short term for the government to make a quick profit but it won't work forever." What does that even mean? "Just like raising the tax for rich people to something like 80% may work for a few months but after a few years, the side effects would definitely show." By a few years do you mean decades like in the US? And by side effects do you mean a booming economy that awarded everyone? If you really care you can try this report: 1 day ago  
lol you may be super shocked when you look at the results of the short-run UBI program in Ontario. It was a complete success which is why the fact-hating conservatives ended the program early 1 day ago  
I love watching snowflakes get triggered over nothing decisions. "omg the SJWs are making a fictional character a black woman. I'm so fùckin weak to my core I can't handle it" 1 day ago  
I firmly believe A is the best anime of all time. You need to watch it 1 day ago  
you're cute 4 days ago  
lets all just let bygones be bygones and troll like civil people. no need to be caving heads in and such 5 days ago  
oof you sound super triggered 5 days ago +1
it's honestly less fun 5 days ago  
we all love a good dick 5 days ago +1
ok? 5 days ago +1
what? lol people didn't like him because he was hip. They like his policies. His poll numbers have been consistent since May and poll aggregators have him in 2nd. Biden has dropped around 15 points from May. Polls dont mean much right now. Carson also started shooting up at this time before bombing and Cruz didnt gain momentum until November 5 days ago  
Darren is an angel how dare you 6 days ago  
users are a solid 0 6 days ago  
i have all the gay 6 days ago  
lol this early? you must be surprised to hear trump won his primary and not the 6 others ahead of him then 6 days ago  
oh shít the vote is tomorrow? 6 days ago  
that's what happens when you give GOP fascists control of all the levers of government 1 week ago  
no question. nauroto's intro was so dope 1 week ago  
what an embarrassing comment 1 week ago +1
ew biden is an old shítbag. warren is bomb af 1 week ago  
my boi Bernie is #1 1 week ago  
Best franchise is Rainbow 6 no question. The rest of y'all are dumb af 1 week ago  
B wouldnt make sense because ilovefreedom is a pussy 1 week ago +1
shut the hell up. Hibana is best shooter 1 week ago  
who the hell is MustaKrish and why should I care? 1 week ago  
oof racism. classy 1 week ago  
yeah i figured since youre cancer you must be white 1 week ago  
Because they ask stupid fùckin questions like this one 1 week ago  
Then I hope someone comes and punches me in the face because that's what all Nazis deserve 1 week ago  
I dont really care for either. shes just a stellar actor and anyone who says otherwise can rot in hell 1 week ago  
unless you motherfùckers can bring shít back from the dead then i imagine so 1 week ago  
i may be annoying and retarded but at least im not a pussy hiding behind a guest account 1 week ago  
it's an objective fact. thats why they have brown people so much and love disenfranchising black and asian people 1 week ago  
you Nazis are a messed up bunch 1 week ago  
Don't you have better things to do like getting triggered over Nike or milkshakes? 1 week ago  
Everything includes me 1 week ago  
i think you need help bro 1 week ago  
stupid question. if you're right wing the answer is skin colour. white is good. non whites dont have rights in their minds 1 week ago  
wow you thot stay the hell away from my virginity 1 week ago  
I already do that enough every time i see your questions 1 week ago  
texted my mom because shes a god damn angel 1 week ago  
you just gave me a stroke. we needa speed up climate change already. clearly we arent worthy of existing as a species 1 week ago  
dumbass americans tend to do that shít so wouldnt surprise me 1 week ago  
good now delete it 1 week ago  
Everyone is those top 3 tiers except sexy dragah are trash users. that's a terrible list 1 week ago  
me having to see your comments is a fùckin hate crime 1 week ago  
i'll ban Nintara twice 1 week ago  
i'll take both 1 week ago  
lolwut? there a lot worse trash than that. every user still here from 2015 or prior are scum and need to be purged 1 week ago  
and who the fùck are you? 1 week ago  
Whatever genius made the chart in B deserves a nice spot at the bottom. literally every user in that list is pure trash 1 week ago  
send me straight to hell buddy 1 week ago  
lol screw poor people amirite. just stop being poor jeez 1 week ago  
Cool I never argued against that. They are trash 1 week ago +1
Ariel's race had no bearing on whether the movie was made or not, so the recycling wasn't done to cast a black lead. They did do an original story with a black character with the princess and the frog. Ariel is a mermaid, which are fictional, so her race can be whatever Disney chooses. This is a complete non issue. Hollywood is so whitewashed it's a joke, so these moves are important. 1 week ago  
I can sleep in it as God intended 1 week ago  
lol you're so fùckin triggered. It's a cheap attempt to cast black people as main characters in Hollywood movies instead of whitewashing the film or pushing them to side characters as Hollywood has done for a century? I'm sorry that black people existing triggers you. Good luck with that phobia 1 week ago +1
No thanks. Gotta protect that sweet virginity 1 week ago  
Wow would I wanna live under the rule of some moronic neo-fascist prick? Wait that kinda describes both of them 1 week ago  
I want all the gay 1 week ago  
To make a friend for your lonely ass so you can stop jerking off to the models from old sears catalogs 1 week ago  
really? i was trying to be an asshole. i guess i'll have to work harder 1 week ago  
"making the Republican party seem racist even they're the party that has always stood by their key issues" Southern Strategy, War on Drugs, Anti-Civil Rights Movement. The list goes on. Those were a part of the GOP's key issues. Turns out they are racist fùcks 1 week ago +1
lol please just stop. literally everything you said it wrong. congrats 1 week ago  
You expect Republicans to be able to understand such a simple idea? You give them too much credit 1 week ago +1
As long as Meliodas can keep up with him he'd just reflect every single attack back at Naruto. 1 week ago  
oh damn self-deprecating sarcasm. so clever 1 week ago  
Yeah, that show is awesome 1 week ago  
Wow omg like you are so cool 1 week ago  
Black Clover is good, but the fight scenes are so trash 1 week ago  
Yeah and then those scummy Dixiecrats went to the GOP after the Civil Rights Act. Pretty common knowledge that the parties flipped in the 20th Century. But Lincoln would think Trump is a traitor and a disgusting human and would never support him. Can't believe you'd disrespect him like that having a pic with that trash hat 1 week ago +4
Misinformed people are worse than ass cancer. The right-wing is embracing neo-fascism while the centre is doing their best to keep hold of the last life raft while they sink this planet 1 week ago  
It doesn't work out like that in reality though 1 week ago  
Bloomberg is a tool bag 1 week ago  
All that matter is knowing the one true goddess of this mortal realm: Vanna 1 week ago  
You do you girl 1 week ago +1
Why waste your time on that trash when r6 siege exists? 1 week ago  
What a sexy beast 1 week ago +1
Same 1 week ago +1
Inject some Majority Report right into my veins 1 week ago  
Using the term "redpill" is super cringe. Go back to your cave you incel 1 week ago  
Going out to get some dick? I can relate 2 weeks ago  
Mary, Nathan Vargas (FO3), Lois Lane, Wong, Michael Scott, Michael Jordan (Space Jam), Charlie Sheen, MattDamon 2 years ago  
damn thats hot 2 years ago  
This joke is so 2012. You need new material 2 years ago +1
That's not what your dad said last night 2 years ago  
uncultured swine 2 years ago  
looks like your mom 2 years ago  
What winter? It went straight from fall to spring. Fùck you climate change 2 years ago +1
Oh sh*t bro my bad my bad 2 years ago  
Grandma, Grandpa, Mom, and Dad. Yeah that is pretty short 2 years ago +1
Well I'd hope you know your mom's name 2 years ago  
I remember when you were one of the worst... well you still are 2 years ago  
Story of my life 2 years ago +2
the nerve of that guy #BanAlexw 2 years ago  
*zed you dumb f*ck 2 years ago  
Just with pussies like you cause i know i can kick your ass 2 years ago  
No sh*t but there is anecdotal evidence you dumb f*ck. Plus, I am an accident so the jokes on you 2 years ago  
lol pussy 2 years ago  
Obviously Canadian James Naismith is the creator of life since ball is life 2 years ago  
Yeah well there is scientific evidence to prove you're a fgt 2 years ago  
you probably wipe her ass too 2 years ago  
We never even got to see him in his olive green suit and he still killed it at the town hall debate 2 years ago  
You should just leave. Ken Bone is a f*cking saint 2 years ago +1
users are all loser on this site. except vanna. the rest of you suck 2 years ago  
yeah tell that to the people i have locked in my dungeon 2 years ago +1
the classic "ill kick you ass but im a pacifist" line. we all know youre a pussy 2 years ago +1
fite me b*tch 2 years ago +1
lol media conspiracy totes 2 years ago  
of course the jew would ruin it 2 years ago +2
you even voted for yourself like the twat you are 2 years ago  
fite me pussy 2 years ago  
cook up some bacon 2 years ago +1
A is an overrated twat while B is a wanker 2 years ago  
For the visually impaired. duh 2 years ago  
best question maker of 2016 2 years ago  
alexw is being such a thunder c*nt 2 years ago  
so its a win win 2 years ago  
you sob. i swear to god i better forget this sh*t by the time the super dub comes out or i will f*ckin mutilate you you spoiler c*nt 2 years ago +1
ew f*ck off n00b 2 years ago  
alexw needs to stop being a twat and actually come on the site first 2 years ago  
dance around in the skin of my victims with my dog 2 years ago  
you should change your gender 2 years ago  
Whats with this amateur ass trolling. "Omg look at me i'm some pussy as b*tch who made an easy trigger" Step up son 2 years ago +2
fck u sjw scum 2 years ago +1
this site crashes 2 years ago  
No sh*t. Youre just some fgt nobody 2 years ago  
Only gypsies and Israelis 2 years ago  
I hope I dont get any socialist transmitted diseases 2 years ago  
ok...kk 2 years ago  
ew libertarianism = only rich white people prosper 2 years ago +1
lol I'd get them to kill more people 2 years ago  
Ive got my eyes on you bromacho 2 years ago  
You just copied your profile description from BrittanyS-Pierce. Way to be original 2 years ago  
yeah i wanted my motherf*ckin ice cream 2 years ago  
The point is if I'm not making it neither will the rest of the plane 2 years ago  
I can't land the plane. That's the point ;) 2 years ago  
That's good. If Im gonna do it I plan on doing it right 2 years ago  
What if there's no tree near me. Can I use a street light? 2 years ago  
tear tear sniff sniff 2 years ago  
Omg so creative. But seriously we souldnt change the subject. You have a weird attachment to that account. Like you were literally crying when it got banned. I know you have trouble with simple concepts but theres something called rules 2 years ago  
and im trying to get you to stop whining. its messing with my mojo 2 years ago  
So cute trying to act tough. Its ok to cry. You dont needa stop on my account 2 years ago  
Thats all you got pussy. Maybe after you stop crying from getting your account banned 2 years ago  
Dont shoot the messenger, especially one that never got to deliver his message. You dug you're own grave by doing what you did #RrratherPurge 2 years ago  
I would never hate a fellow brother of the cause #RrratherPurge #RrratherFamilyValues 2 years ago  
alexw actually accepted this. wow he should be purged for this #RrratherPurge 2 years ago  
He's Roger Ailes level scum 2 years ago  
You sir are going to hell 2 years ago +1
Suck it bromacho the cause would never turn against me 2 years ago  
Doubt has crept into my mind. My judgement is off. Is the cause really just? Is it really good? I need to do some soul searching and figure this out 2 years ago  
the cause is more important than friendship 2 years ago  
If I need to make that sacrifice I will. Anything for the cause 2 years ago  
alexw needs to keep his foot down and support the fascist cause. I support the #RrratherPurge 2 years ago +2
Its time we rid rrrather of the scum. #RrratherPurge 2 years ago +2
suck it bruh 2 years ago  
Did we learn nothing from our experience with the Lorax? 2 years ago  
You racist twat 2 years ago +1
We need to gradually move towards one world government so we can systematically take away all rights for bronies and then execute them 2 years ago +1
I don't give a f*ck if its your problem. I dont even know who you are 2 years ago  
Both lost for being embarrassments 2 years ago +1
How the f*ck is one supposed to do B if they aint some n00b ass user 2 years ago +3
It's a private company. Freedom of speech doesn't legally apply on a private forum such as this one. He can do whatever he wants 2 years ago +2
Fùck off attention whore 2 years ago +1
Fùck off witch doctor 2 years ago  
Until its socially acceptable to do a line of blow or chug some Jack daniels in the middle of class you should be able to take a break and go to the bathroom 2 years ago  
theyre dead so now its fine to look through their private messages and look for nudes. Also you can send messages to people from the account and pretend youre a ghost or some sh*t 2 years ago  
Well you have fun with that 2 years ago  
Thats stupid. You made that up 2 years ago  
Bill Nye is an engineer not a scientist 2 years ago  
Something either has consciousness or it doesn't. That sh*t aint got nothing to do with spirituality. Me and nature are bros 2 years ago  
Being undereducated in science has nothing to do with empathy 2 years ago  
"You scored fairly poor on the 'Mirroring Others Unconsciously' portion of the quiz." except they gave me 13 out of 15 on that part. This quiz is dumb af 2 years ago  
"Plants and animals have consciousness." How is this an opinion? 2 years ago  
So pretty much be a puppy 2 years ago  
al-Qaeda has infiltrated the US entertainment. What's next? The Voice? Game of Thrones? 2 years ago +2
Its not really consistent across Canada since Provinces decide not the federal government but it should be 18. If you're old enough to join the armed forces you should be old enough to drown out your PTSD with booze 2 years ago +1
Whats the difference between stepping in sh*t and stepping into Walmart? I may as well get it over with if im heading to that sh*thole 2 years ago  
Jesus was Mexican. He tried to come to America but some minute men stopped him and crucified him 2 years ago  
The United States as founded on secularism... 2 years ago +1
or laugh cause youre a cold hearted b*tch 3 years ago +1
What Vanna aint hosting this one? Thats bullsh*t you know she was the brains of the operation 3 years ago  
quite yoself punk ass niqqa 3 years ago  
Windsor is actually way safer and nicer. Plus it's full of white people well detroit is just black people. white > black 3 years ago 3 years ago  
whatever that is sounds gay 3 years ago +1
cause i aint no pussy ass b*tch 3 years ago  
i hate n*ggers 3 years ago +1
My ancestor was a UEL. Ill tell Washington hes a fgt 3 years ago  
Aint no one lettin your chompers near their twat 3 years ago  
He also the best hip hop producer. Or at least on the West Coast. My n*gga Timbaland is f*ckin legit too in da producing 3 years ago +1
I feel like theres some heavy homoerotic sh*t that goes down in the maze. Some hardcore BDSM and sh*t. 3 years ago  
You can tell this bro got some mad pussy 3 years ago +1
i already hold the record for most cocks sucked in one night 3 years ago  
hes sexy af 3 years ago  
blonde white women are huge sluts 3 years ago  
Because babies arent in the womb. Fetuses are. Jesus get your terminology right 3 years ago  
like ur mom 3 years ago +1
i think of this hug twat who thinks shes smart but shes just dumb b*tch 3 years ago +1
her promiscuousness 3 years ago  
Carl Sagan is a god. Delta looks like some dumb slut 3 years ago  
Who the f*ck is Dizzy Wright and how the hell is dis n*gga even close to Method Man? Method Man is a f*ckin legend. The site is f*ckin retarded confirmed 3 years ago +1
truest sh*t ive ever heard in my life 3 years ago +1
you got some demons in you bruh 3 years ago  
the bin laden family is wealthy as f*ck. whoever picked A is stupid 3 years ago +2
ben carson is a f*ckin retard 3 years ago +3
No one cares abut your gay life story fgt 3 years ago +4
dis some Chrysalids type sh*t 3 years ago  
Ew why are you talking to me. No I dont wanna have sex with you. You have problems 3 years ago  
The US sh*tbag 3 years ago  
ur a fgt so yes it does make him better 3 years ago  
I called this b*tch a c*nt so she killed my dad. That B stung me bad 3 years ago +2
I hate when Im doing some hardcore f*ckathon and forget the safeword 3 years ago  
Nah after my PS3 shot himself his vehicle flipped over and blew up 3 years ago  
I like to have my men shoot into a fan and have it blow all over me. 3 years ago +6
My PS3 committed a murder suicide last week. Killed a hooker. I accidentally left GTA in it. Shits rough 3 years ago  
f*** u hetero fgt. go back to slaying pussy 3 years ago +1
RIP Proof 3 years ago +1
Or everyone has to submit themselves to Lord W and vow to always do his bidding. And annually we all gather in Ottawa and have a week long f*ckathon 3 years ago  
with cum because im a whore 3 years ago +5
well im second best but we dont needa wory about that. Ur like the 6,744,657,243rd best 3 years ago  
Because when you're the best you have to make people feel worse about themselves so you stay on top 3 years ago  
ok herpes queen 3 years ago  
Oh sh*t I thought the question said "is favsllover13 a big fgt" 3 years ago +3
But if the answer aint Maryland then go f*ck urself 3 years ago  
f*ck you commie. hitler is bae 3 years ago  
until you realize no one likes iranians 3 years ago +5
most people are fgts 3 years ago  
This is literally the gayest sh*t ive ever seen. 3 years ago +2
no one likes grammar nazis so f*ck off fgt 3 years ago  
hes white 3 years ago  
I thought Jesus was working on a plantation down in Mexico 3 years ago +3
Libya is irrelevant. Also, that second question doesn't even make any sense. 3 years ago  
The wars in Somalia and Afghanistan were cold war proxy wars. Syria is different 3 years ago  
So you're delusional. 3 years ago  
Your point makes no sense since you cant do B so by default you have to do A 4 years ago  
you fgt shoulda put me in not those pussies 4 years ago  
Then how the f*ck are you supposed to have sex with one dumbass 4 years ago  
Yes you are you fgt 4 years ago  
I'd rather date Zac Efron cause he can hook me up with Dave Franco whos a total babe 4 years ago +1
omg this question is so deep 4 years ago  
no youre a fgt 4 years ago  
Its f*ckin stupid 4 years ago +1
Jesus f*ck buddy stop being a weird ass pedophile f*ck 4 years ago +2
a dick's a dick 4 years ago  
You're just repeating yourself. If you know it cant be logically proven which means its false then why the f*ck do you believe it? 4 years ago +1
I honestly don't care about what you have to say if you can't support any of that with evidence. Your witnesses are dead. Also, you witnesses have a lot of inconsistancies in their stories. Their stories cannot be taken as evidence of sh*t. Plus, eyewitnesses are not a very strong source of evidence. You texts have no evidence to support them and mounds to refute them. I dont care about your God did this and that sh*t because until you can validate the truth of your bible nothing you say can logically be listened to. 4 years ago  
So your everything you have just said you are backing up by using a book as evidence that you know is not credible. This is the weakest argument I've ever heard. You just admitted you have no evidence. Whats with this believe it or not believe it bs. Your position is if i dont believe it im gonna spend an eternity in hell. Like are you so malevolent that you wont try and change that. 4 years ago  
You still have not answered my question: how do you know the bible is telling the truth? Also Jesus only applies to the new testament which was first written down long after his death. 4 years ago  
How do you know he's able to come down and save us and that he created the universe? Also how do you know the bible is telling the truth? 4 years ago  
If he's the perfect being then why couldnt he not make bad stuff happen cause of the fall or just not make the fall happen? Or better yet how do you know he's a perfect being? 4 years ago  
aint that the truth 4 years ago  
There is. Someone forgot about Alaska. 4 years ago  
Lolwut. Ok do billions of people live in poverty and millions of children die from lack of nutrients? 4 years ago  
Do you even know what a theory is? Let's hear you define it. 4 years ago  
If he's so powerful why did he have to kill himself to save us? 4 years ago  
Go camping with the pedophile. Wow im so looking forward 4 years ago +1
Neither because they are both clearly high on shrooms. 4 years ago +3
ok puss puss 4 years ago  
lol you must be from the south 4 years ago  
Dont be f*ckin retarded now 4 years ago +1
If God is such a forgiver why doesnt he just forgive us all. He only forgives those that become blind followers of him. Hes just a tyrant and a dictator. Hes envious, malevolent, and power hungry. 4 years ago  
So either be lead the life of an ignorant sociopath or use confirmation bias. 4 years ago  
a couple of fgts 4 years ago  
lolwut Christianity is not a theory nor will it ever be one. Yes we actually have as much proof for macroevolution as we do for the theory of gravity. Yeah cause gravity is a theory too NOT a hypothesis. You need to learn the difference between the two. 4 years ago  
yes it is genius 4 years ago  
So f*ckin email alexw about dat sh*t 4 years ago  
Just make an account and troll like a man 4 years ago  
Another Canadian bro. Im liken dis tourney 4 years ago  
wow hes my wigger then is it makes you feel better. Just f*ckin create an account so you can be trolled properly. Youre giving yourself more work than you need to 4 years ago  
*right 4 years ago  
*you're cmon bruh get it together. Lol so your intellect is al warn out and deteriorating? Nah bruh not 20. Close enough tho I guess. Yeah sure maturity of a 12 year old. I think we need to focus on the real issue tho. Its that youre a fgt 4 years ago  
And so is ebola you stupid f*ck 4 years ago +1
Gotta support my canadian n*gga 4 years ago  
lol what the f*ck are you talking about. Yeah I'm 39. How much I talk about sex? I made one comment about it... but whatever floats your boat. Andyes you were actually boring but these last few comments were not. Should have done this the whole time. And conclusion? No I've only just begun 4 years ago  
lolwut 4 years ago  
How the f*ck do you have over 35,000 votes than there is questions if you "go on sometimes"? 4 years ago  
youre f*ckin boring 4 years ago  
F*ck no. I just hate your gay ass 4 years ago  
Yeah I do you're from Florida. That's the state of being a cokehead fgt 4 years ago  
Ok there queer buy. You shove so many sticks up your ass you may as well be 4 years ago  
You ask too many questions. First thing they teach you in church is don't question. 4 years ago  
The same one... 4 years ago +2
I think youre a fgt that needs to stfu 4 years ago  
No sh*t. All freedom is bad. We should all be slaves. 4 years ago  
Cause Florida is responsible for that sh*t show that put GWB in power. 8 years of lolz 4 years ago +1
dafuq did your fgty ass just say. Speak f*ckin english 4 years ago  
Well f*ck buddy dont be a fgt then 4 years ago  
Cause it's irrelevant. Start making sense. I've never heard anyone use love as evidence in an argument. 4 years ago  
You should just accept you live on the wrong side of DC 4 years ago  
No it means just because you have faith in it doesn't make it true. And if you can't provide certainty or near certainty of it's truth then it doesn't belong in an intelligent argument. You can't say "the chair is sturdy. I know this because I have faith in it." What you can do is sit in it then say "...I know because I sat in it and it never broke". 4 years ago  
Cause that is completely irrelevant. 4 years ago  
At least Im not too pussy to make an account so people knw whos talking sh*t to them. Grow a pair. 4 years ago  
lol good one. Thats like so insulting 4 years ago  
The US is a sh*tty place. Except Maryland. It's the only oasis there. 4 years ago  
Sounds good nigs. Good luck :) 4 years ago  
Yeah theres a lot of greasy fgts on this site 4 years ago  
Then that makes your whole comment irrelevant. So why the f*ck did you comment it? 4 years ago  
How about you grow a pair and use an account to insult. Good job pussy 4 years ago  
Way to point out youre a dumbass 4 years ago  
You used to be part of that 99% which would be awesome if you were again 4 years ago  
I already tinychat with 99% of the n*ggas i like anyway 4 years ago +1
Canadian or American b*tches should have won. 4 years ago +1
No, sh*t. Your selection of A shows this. 4 years ago  
Wear protection 4 years ago  
"I have faith that the chairs I sit in will not be pulled out from under me" That doesnt mean someone won't pull the chair out from under you. 4 years ago  
No it doesn't. Love is not faith. Either way what's your point. You haven't explained how its not a logical fallacy to use faith in an argument. 4 years ago +1
Goddess actually and her name is VannaBanana 4 years ago  
Cool none of us give a sh*t when you get a hard on. 4 years ago  
get your f*ckin hormones in check 4 years ago  
AppleBottomJeans- 4 years ago  
Nah she's funny and a babe 4 years ago  
This is such a greasy comment bud. 4 years ago  
Couple fgts but B makes me laugh 4 years ago  
Bunch of f*ckin pessimists in this question. We established so many safeguards against another World War. Although with Ukraine sh*ts looking bad thats only temporary. The general trend right now is superpowers are moving towards better relations. This time around there is something that neither of the times before the previous world wars had: the United Nations. Yeah pre-WW2 had the League of Nations, but the USA wasn't a part of it which made it virtually powerless. 4 years ago +2
Cause they're f*ckin queer 4 years ago  
VannaBanana 4 years ago +1
your moms pussy for breakfast, lunch, and dinner 4 years ago  
SHUT THE F*CK UP DONNY!!! 4 years ago +4
At least one id smokin. The rest are meh 4 years ago +1
No -_- 4 years ago  
stfu fruitcake 4 years ago  
the guest bruh 4 years ago  
stfu fgt and go brush your sh*tty teeth 4 years ago  
VannaBanana is American and she's da hottest b*tch out there 4 years ago  
Maybe you should change that attitude and stop being a fgt 4 years ago  
Cause I'm not a pussy ass b*tch 4 years ago +1
F*CK YOU CHINA!!! 4 years ago  
What the f*ck you talkin bout fgt 4 years ago  
Whoever picked Manny didnt watch the fight 4 years ago +1
wow stop lying. You hate freedom 4 years ago  
No its not ok. 4 years ago +1
Then why do you care about rights and freedoms if you just disregard the law? You just sound like a freedom hater. Why do you hate freedom? 4 years ago  
It's ok to admit it. You probably have it all just bottled up inside. It's ok. This place is a happy place. No need to be scared. 4 years ago +1
Then why are you attacking my opinion about the law if you don't give a f*ck? Rights and freedoms are part of the law. 4 years ago  
I think you were violated 4 years ago  
No that's not true. If I think you're cool it means the same thing to say "I think you're cool" as "You're cool". The thinking part is implied. Of course that's what you think. That's why you said it. 4 years ago  
OJ was not found guilting of murder and is therefore not a murderer under the law. 4 years ago  
Im talking about your feelings... which are hurt 4 years ago  
Yes you do 4 years ago  
It doesnt matter what happens in court. The court acquitted OJ but people still hold the opinion that he's a murderer. 4 years ago  
It's still an opinion tho. 4 years ago +1
lol good that's the objective. Are your feelings hurt? Aw that's cute. I don't know why you're angry. This is exactly what you support. I'm the fascist here 4 years ago  
Cause you want to f*ck me 4 years ago  
Right then why do you want me to shut up? Do you have a problem with my opinion? I thought you supported all opinions being expressed. 4 years ago  
Oh really. Well what if it's someones opinion that he raped that lady. Because I know people that think that. Just like I know a lot of people that think MJ molested kids. And these people tell everyone that too. 4 years ago  
Well you never answered it after i said that. I had to ask it again. I can't tell if you're a retard or just... wait no you're just a retard. 4 years ago  
Why i'm the one that wants opinions limited not you. Stop trying to join my side. 4 years ago  
lolwut 4 years ago  
Right you were making a sarcastic statement mocking the opposition which is me. Of course I know what irony is. Way to assume I don't. I asked what was ironic about what you said not how to define it Way to sound like a dumbass tho 4 years ago  
No sh*t 4 years ago +1
No sh*t I'm not specifically talking about hate speech. Did I say it was hate speech? No. 4 years ago  
I don't give a f*ck what you chose. Cuase you know I'm an uptight c*nt. You still havent answered my question: what is the irony? 4 years ago  
Because some opinions can cause a lot of harm. For example if my opinion is that you are a child molester and I tell everyone that that could easily cause you to lose your job, friends, and your life. 99.9999% of opinions should be legal to say. But not those that infringe on other's rights. 4 years ago +1
Ok what's the irony then oh great omniscient god? 4 years ago  
No sh*t hate crimes are bad but thats not the only thing thats bad about completely free speech. If you keep assuming that I'm just talking about hate crime then you are just being a dumbass 4 years ago  
Yeah go tell that to Dominique Strauss-Kahn 4 years ago  
lolwut yeah totally 4 years ago  
What the f*ck are you talking about? This isnt about people making fun of you. You're a f*cking idiot of you think that what I stand for. 4 years ago +1
Right me telling everyone that you are a rapist is not criticism. 4 years ago +1
No what. Not is not at all what I'm saying. I have never said that once but ok 4 years ago  
You gotta problem? 4 years ago +1
That's assuming they are all opinions. Someone could easily say something without believing it. 4 years ago  
Ok so you are open to limiting free speech. But lets clarify this. At the end of the day you are free to say whatever you want. You just need to be held accountable for things you say. 4 years ago  
Obviously hate crimes are a big part of it, but we aren't specifically talking about just hate crimes. 4 years ago  
It really depends on the severity of the crime. 4 years ago  
See the key would there is "also" meaning his reputation is still damaged. Plus no actually many times the one making the defaming statement is held to no repetitional punishment after it's discovered of what he did. 4 years ago  
Lol you can't just ignore defamation. You're talking about completely free free speech which means no protection against defamation. You can't just rub it off as "a small part" and not address it. 4 years ago  
Who said i support imprisoning a man? Not ever law is punishable by prison time. 4 years ago  
Well I can't comment on exactly what he says since I dont know. Either way hate speech is not the only thing being limited. 4 years ago  
Right cause someone not being able to get a good job because some douchebag made the false claim that he likes to touch little boys is not of any concern to you. 4 years ago  
Yeah totally I hate free speech. 4 years ago  
Hate crime isnt the only thing that's being protected here. Defamation is an example of another thing that is being protected against. 4 years ago  
I have no clue what you just said. Would you mind speaking English? 4 years ago  
If those opinions infringe on others rights and only serve to spread hate and discrimination then yes of course. Lol why did you link a map to the Kyoto Protocol. That's an international treaty to deal with greenhouse gas emissions. It's completely unrelated. 4 years ago +1
Considering pretty much all of my fav users have been here since 2012 4 years ago  
When are you gonna leak your sex tape? 4 years ago +28
Two sh*tty countries 4 years ago +1
A least we know how to brush and floss. Plus we have a thing called braces.. 4 years ago  
homepage this sh*t alexw 4 years ago +4
Omniscience just sounds like a curse to me. The beauty of life if not knowing what will happen next. 4 years ago +1
Vancouver has the best riots though. In a Vancouver riot people get laid: 4 years ago +2
Right cause the most peaceful countries in the world are all secular. 4 years ago  
lol you're cute 4 years ago  
No, I just looked up the specific number of Canadians. Knew it was around that number but wasnt 100%. The rest is common knowledge if you know anything about the NHL. And no I don't hate Chicago. 4 years ago  
Yeah because 13 of Chicago's 23 players are Canadian including your captain, two assistant captains, and your starting goalie. Hell even your GM and head coach are Canadian too. So I guess you agree when I say f*ck Chicago. 4 years ago  
F*ck Chicago. Except Sharp. Sharp's my boy. 4 years ago  
How is this sh*t not 100%? The NYR are the best team in the league and they are gonna ass rape the Caps. 4 years ago  
Go f*ck yourself 4 years ago  
I'm weird. How the f*ck am I weird. You obviously havent seen Vanna. She's way hotter than these chicks. 4 years ago  
F*ck dat sh*t. Only b*tch I wanna take home is VannaBanana ;) 4 years ago  
whatever helps you sleep at night 4 years ago +1
The same thing weed and Netflix do 4 years ago  
No cause I don't have more than 1 eight year old cousin. ad yes your STI medication has to do with what you need money for. Money you have decided to spend on weed, netflix, and meds instead of charity. It has as much to do with what you're saying as the weed and netflix do. But I guess this would only make sense if you weren't a complete retard such as yourself. 4 years ago  
of course i am 4 years ago  
Well in that case I dont give a f*ck. Still douchebags 4 years ago  
Obviously my Nimbus 2000 4 years ago +1
Only douchebags are A 4 years ago  
Maybe if you're a dumbass 4 years ago  
How is it non sequitur? You need that money to pay for your STI medication along with your weed and netflix. You f*ckin retarded or something? 4 years ago  
Lol cause you're so special. I'm totally out for you. No you clearly had something rude to say about this young ladies question so I'm am implicitly telling you to f*ck off 4 years ago  
Ill join ISIS 4 years ago +2
I love the pic of the Jew for B 4 years ago +1
Then I'd tell you you're a fgt 4 years ago  
We can start with your greasy genes 4 years ago  
And medication for your gonorrhea 4 years ago +4
Oh gettin smart with me now. You better check yoself before you wreck yoself 4 years ago  
good fgt 4 years ago  
I've seen a lot worse on the homepage. Plus this question isnt even that bad so dont be such a whiny b*tch 4 years ago  
Did I say you could laugh fgt? 4 years ago  
Doesn't take a brain surgeon to figure that one out. Gold star for you. 4 years ago  
You would want to touch Kanye's dick 4 years ago  
Says the guy that's too pussy to get and account and put a face to those words. 4 years ago +2
Don't be such a pussy 4 years ago  
F*ck that imma spread the desease 4 years ago  
You do realize that the vast majority of users think you're a fgt, right? 4 years ago  
Im so happy this douche got rid of his Canadian citizenship. Now we just need Nickelback and JB to follow his example. 4 years ago  
*fetus It's not a baby until after it's born. Also, this same argument could apply to masturbation, contraception, and protected sex. Yes, the fetus could grow up to be a very productive member of society or it could end up being a stillbirth among an infinite amount of other possibilities. Depending on your definition of "great" the fetus may actually be more likely to become a stillbirth since it occurs in 1 in 160 pregnancies. itllbeok 4 years ago  
No science doesn't have the answers for everything. Life on other planets is irrelevant. Science has shown that it is highly likely that life, even intelligent life, exists on other planets. You have to understand the only planets humans are within reach of are the ones in our solar system. Screw science ok. Then I guess screw medicine, food, even the f*ckin internet. If your belief conflicts with the evidence then you need to reevaluate your beliefs. Also if you say luck exists then you have no idea what luck it. 4 years ago  
yes some people do it. It all depends on your position when you were hit and the speed of the car. This isn't luck. Luck is just a word we give so something when chance rolls our way. If you're playing a board game with dice and you need to roll a 6 to win and you roll that 6 that's not evidence for luck existing. It had to fall on a number. It wasn't gonna roll forever. If luck existed there would be evidence for it. What you said is not evidence for sh*t. Scientific method exists for a reason. 4 years ago  
Yeah cause cars will kill you every time they knock you down without exception. I hope you know most people hit by cars are not killed or suffer serious injury. 4 years ago  
Of course it doesnt exist. Thats retarded 4 years ago +1 4 years ago  
Don'tgive a f*ck. He's probably some queer boy American with an IQ on par with GWBs. 4 years ago +3
Looks like youve smoked some eh? You really calmed the f*ck down. 4 years ago +1
F*ck legalization. I'd rather watch the world burn 4 years ago  
Who ever says DBZ is the best anime ever is a bandwagon dumbass that hasnt seen Dragon ball. Dragon Ball >DBZ>>>>>>>>GT 4 years ago  
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