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Would you rather Have Pokemon Become a reality or Have Minecraft: Real life edition 10 months ago 58 votes 6 comments 0 likes

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i think i have already been attacked by 70 house cats 10 months ago  
i already have 2 10 months ago  
changes weight of feather to heaviest possible, then walks up to the strongest man in the world and tells him to lift it up in front of a million people. 10 months ago  
i would tell my friends to go look in the mirror with me 10 months ago  
i already use chrome 10 months ago  
stuck on a broken ski lift one inch off the ground and no seatbelts. 10 months ago  
i would be the genius to cure miserableness. 10 months ago  
YOU SHALL NOT PASS! 10 months ago  
im not gay 10 months ago  
i would rule knowledge 10 months ago  
i hope the prison comes with fancy sandwiches. 10 months ago  
for my first wish i want a money making machine. 10 months ago  
Me: hey mom i totally did my 5 years worth of homework i'm gonna go play videogames now. Mom: Ok sweetie have fun 10 months ago  
sometimes i think i'm already deaf in one ear 10 months ago  
i can just teleport through the sky. 10 months ago  
i sneak up behind my best friend in an empty room and then... 10 months ago  
i like caramel better anyways 10 months ago  
Animals are humans 10 months ago  
For the rest of my daaaaaaays! 10 months ago  
i'm a cat person 10 months ago +1
i can use the lightsaber to cut the watermelon i will give to the children :3 10 months ago  
i'm gonna go throw this brown shruiken at someone :3 10 months ago  
i shall paint a vaporeon and a masterball! 10 months ago  
I don't have a phone anyways so it wouldn't matter :3 10 months ago  

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