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    F*ck the picture and f*ck you. I answered the f*cking question that was asked - the picture is irrelevant.  
    First, how about you suck my cock, 'cause I won't stfu.  
    What if one of my dreams is to be immortal?  
    Dumbass, you do realise that there's other ways to catch HIV, right? Not just through sex? You can be born with it, for example. Also, if we could cure HIV, then we'd have the technology to cure OTHER ERVS. The thing that makes HIV so difficult to cure is the fact that it embeds itself in the host's genetic code permanently, to cure HIV we'd have to be able to deal with that - the method would be transferable to other ERVs. Also, if you're the same douche from North Carolina that called me a bigot for opposing bull fighting, you're a f*cking racist hypocrite. "speak with clicking sounds." Racist c*nt. +1
    It wasn't an explosion - it was an expansion of a singularity - and it's still expanding. We don't know what caused the big bang, or even if cause and effect are still relevant in a singularity, but that doesn't mean the big bang didn't happen. We know it happened, literally every piece of available evidence and data supports it. God, however? Really? You're choosing a bronze age fairytale written by goat herders and nomads?  
    Do Buddhists believe in any gods? No? That makes them f*cking atheists, dumbass. Do they follow a religion? Yes? That makes them f*cking religious, stupid c*nt.  
    On paper both communism and capitalism should work well, but unfortunately both fail to factor in human greed so in practice both of them fail.  
    Definitely prefer to have a rew..... Definitely prefer to have a rewind button.  
    And the unicorns and faries will party together whilst the troll sings under the bridge to the mermaid and the dragons. Meanwhile the elves dance and the Klingons feast on Gagh. Bullsh*t.  
    Just says "a career testing", doesn't say you personally have to wear them and be kicked in the nads/set on fire. You'd more likely be testing them in a lab under controlled conditions. Option B would let me play with fire.  
    I'm sorry to hear that.  
    Neither can you f*ck Hermoine if you're friendzoned. You're more likely to f*ck her if you're best mates with Harry.  
    I didn't go to school to make friends with my teachers...  
    WASD, b*tch. Also the mouse is more precise when aiming, 'cause it can go straight from moving left to moving right or vice versa. With a controller you have to move the analogue stick to the centre first to change the direction you're aiming.  
    I smoke anyway, if someone offered me $300k for it I'm hardly gonna complain.  
    I forgot the question...  
    That's f*ckin' stupid.  
    There's not really any competition. Romeo and Juliet is one of the most influential and culturally important plays ever written, Harry Potter just... isn't. +1
    Shame the Pope isn't an option. +6
    Murder is UNLAWFUL killing. If abortion is legal then how the f*ck is it murder? Women will get abortions whether it's legal or not, the only difference is that making it legal provides a safe, sterile environment and means it's carried out by a professional as opposed to getting it done in a back alley by an amateur. +2
    I'll look 'em up, though it's all 'bout the Yogscast. I am Dave! Yognaught and I have the balls. +1
    Curing AIDS would be a much bigger breakthrough, medically. Providing a cure for an endogenous retrovirus would probably net you a nobel prize. +1
    Right now? A piranha... I'm nowhere near water. +1
    "reasonable force" is a very, very loose term. +7
    No idea who Tobuscus is, but there's no f*ckin' way he could be as mind numbingly irritating as Pewdiepie. Pewdiepie's about as funny being diagnosed with terminal cancer. +2
    Just wear boots. +1
    I'd rather the Legacy of Kain series depiction, but yeah, Dracula's actually a pretty good read if you yet to do so. Twilight just sucks.  
    F*ck Islam, Judaism and Christianity. +3
    Both, because f*ck it. +5
    You can be both religious and an atheist... a Buddhist, for example. +3
    No idea how the snake would use the spoon.  
    Absolute fail. You do parenthesis first, then powers but seeing as there aren't any you do 0 x 1 FIRST. Then addition/subtraction. The answer is 13. You should go back to school. +1
    So out of "get rich eventually." and "get rich now." you chose the former? Genius. +13
    No it doesn't. +12
    Fun and new things like having to learn language, how to form sounds, how to use a toilet...  
    Doesn't say what we'd have to use the toothbrush for so I'll assume it means use the toothbrush to stab someone's eyes out.  
    Didn't read the question... I'd rather watch Aliens (The best in the series.).  
    Just to f*ck with Americans.  
    Maybe, but I'd end up gettin' pissed and running along that huge ass table singing Parklife.  
    I'd rather sh*t out my own eyeballs and be forced to eat them.  
    Be pretty funny to sing God Save the Queen at the Super Bowl.  
    Congratulations on getting friendzoned by Hermoine.  
    Italian, personally.  
    So? This isn't 1939...  
    So do Republicans. The only difference is whilst Democrats want to give rich people's money to the poor, the Republicans want to give all the poor's money to the rich. Which sounds fairer - someone working 2 jobs and 50 hour weeks just to stay above water but still living in poverty whilst giving all their money to the rich, or the rich (Most of whom don't lift a finger - just sit back and watch their money roll in.) giving their money to the one working 2 jobs that makes the rich their money? Sure, people abuse the latter system by not working, but at least it does help bridge the gap between rich and poor. Speaking like the majority of people who benefit from a Democratic government (At least, how the Democrats should be, Obama's administration is more Republican than Democrat so far.) are a bunch of lazy layabouts who do f*ck all and expect to get paid for it is simply wrong.  
    When you tell them how much money you made off of it, I'm sure they'd all try and be your bestest best friend ever in the whole f*ckin' world.  
    Sure, keep telling yourself that if it helps you sleep at night.  
    Was a difficult decision. Private jet or Air Force One. Whilst AF1 is badass, my own private jet would be win.  
    A Queen Elizabeth II class Aircraft carrier counts as a boat, right?  
    In the middle of a metal festival, laying on the ground in the middle of the village, pissed outta my skull. F*ck yeah.  
    My thoughts exactly.  
    Blanks at point blank would probably still pierce your skull. Sure, it's only burning card, but it comes out of the barrel at such a high velocity that the end result wouldn't be much better.  
    That's because getting hit by a baseball running through a baseball field would probably kill a chicken.  
    Sorry, I forgot the question.  
    Parthenon's in Athens, the Colusseum's in Rome, dumbass. They're not even in the same country.  
    Having a real one is MUCH better for the environment. For starters fake ones are plastic, the process of making them pumps pollutants into the air, and they're not biodegradable. Real ones, however, covert CO2 to oxygen whilst they're growing.  
    Guess so. Competing in the Hunger Games as a wizard would be funny.  
    Owning a ps3 would be pointless, I don't have any games for it. Makes more sense for me to own a 360 seeing as I have plenty of 360 games.  
    If you went back and killed Hitler then the Geneva Convention wouldn't've existed.  
    Then I can replace it with a buzz saw. :D  
    Seriously? You have no idea who Bill Gates is but know who Steve Jobs is? Faith in humanity lost.  
    Pretty sure I'd be safe. I'd be miles and miles away from the hungry lion - who lives in grassy plains and not a jungle.  
    Italy has Venice. Not to mention Rome is basically filled with interesting landmarks, not the least of which being the Colosseum.  
    Blackadder > Mr Bean. Imo.  
    In retrospect I probably should've picked dust. Dust is mostly comprised of dead skin cells, which - although minimal - hold more nutritional value than gold. Pure gold is worthless when it comes to survival. Dead cells made of carbon that my own living cells can actually metabolise are a lot better.  
    A hobo's sh*te would be more nutritional, but c'mon... +2
    Sometimes I wear corpse paint, but I could live without it. F*ck stinking.  
    Girls who play tabletop wargames (Warhammer 40,000, Warmachine, Infinity, Dark Potential, etc.), or P&P RPGs (Dungeons and Dragons, anything using the D20 System, the WHFRP, etc.).... yes please.  
    If I had a son/daughter I really couldn't care. +1
    Um, dumbass... two adults not being able to get married because they're gay IS discrimination. +3
    Saddens me that people put more value on Harry Potter than Romeo and Juliet. Really? +2
    Skip. Don't own a PS3.  
    Doomsday kills Superman without needing Kryptonite.  
    Jean Luc Picard in the Enterprise E.  
    What if the memory how to read/write is reset, too? +1
    Prove it.  
    Turn the briefcase into the Enterprise E.  
    Doesn't matter which side he means, he didn't state it in the question.  
    Do we get to keep their skin?  
    Camille Saint Saens.  
    Pretty sure if you were throwing up your whole life you wouldn't be able to breathe... +1
    Everyone has to wear a traffic cone on their head on Thursdays. Punishable by death.  
    I'd suffer for it. Please don't make me eat any more bacon, I couldn't possibly take it, it's too delicious.  
    Realistically? They'd both happen.  
    Sure you do. Where is this God, then?  
    If you had all the money in the world then money would be pointless.  
    Can't f*ck Hermoine if you've been friendzoned, either. Different story if you're mates with her friend.  
    What's a democrate? A box full of TNT?  
    Who cares? "Visit" not "live there".  
    What's the difference? +1
    Dumbass, the Colosseum is in Rome, the Parthenon is in Greece, they're not even in the same country.  
    Unless you're sleeping next to them 'cause they're your cellmate.  
    Green. 'Cause then I could grow tusks and be an Ork.  
    Invent the internet.  
    You already have your current face and your current body? No sh*t.  
    Thrash and Metal were very much alive in the 80's.  
    Paris Hilton.  
    Don't care about the "seductive" part, jus' so long as I'd be like Kain from the Legacy of Kain series.  
    I'm not even American and I'd vote Ron Paul. +1
    It'd be possible to survive the former. If you pass out as you fall your body would go limp and absorb the impact better. Sure, you'd be f*cked, but there's a greater chance of survival than drowning.  
    Blind from birth. Technology exists now to literally cure blindness. If you've already experienced sight then you know what to expect. Imagine being blind from birth and then suddenly being able to see for the first time.  
    I rolled a die to find out. 1-3: £1 mil, 4-6 $1 bil. Obviously I'd've got 0 if I went for $1 bil.  
    Australia. Stereotypically friendly, forward thinking, amazing weather and ass everywhere. America... land of the fundamentally ignorant Christians and fat ass everywhere. +1
    f*cking hate coffee.  
    "The past history." As opposed to the future history, right?  
    Um... 53% voting for "Richest". Obviously couldn't be the "Smartest" people in the world, seeing as they can't even work out that if they weren't so stupid they could become the richest person in the world with their superior intellect.  
    Is that why the computers at CERN run on iOS? Oh wait... they don't. They run on Windows.  
    So owls reproduce through mitosis?  
    Game theory.  
    If I'm crossing with them, I'd go with crocodiles. I could take a ride on their back.  
    Really f*cking hard question. In the end I had to roll a die to choose randomly. Which is exactly why it doesn't matter which I'd prefer. >_  
    Son's gay? If I had a gay son I couldn't care less. There's nothing wrong with it. If I had a lesbian wife? Well... f*ck.  
    Fuuuuuck, thought this was which is better. Clicked computer. >_  
    If we got rid of sexism who would make my sammiches?  
    This is basically just asking "Are you from America, or from literally anywhere else in the world?" Pretty sure everyone who's not American (And even some Americans) said the EU.  
    Went for "forgotten", but really couldn't care less - I'll be dead.  
    Every single sperm cell in my bollocks has a chance to live. Why do you not cry when I get sucked off?  
    Why the f*ck is Dumbledore winning? Seriously?  
    Depends whether or not it includes Ep 1-3.  
    I went for war, because war contributes to a large percentage of world hunger. However, I can't ignore the medical and scientific advancements that come along with war. Ultimately, ending war would eventually be a massive contributor to ending world hunger.  
    Acid. So long as it's lysergic diethylamide and I can lick it off.  
    Equally, if you're rich you'll also have fame. Fame can be brought. However, being famous doesn't always equate to wealth.  
    Italy has Pizza and the Colosseum. Been to Paris, it's boring.  
    I'd wish to be able to wish for money.  
    Seriously? 55% would rather be completely stupid than intelligent and disabled? What if your disability was having no legs, and you were really intelligent in the field of bionic enhancements?  
    Don't forget the question is "Would you rather..." not "Which do you believe in.". Assuming the God is the Biblical Judeo-Christian one, I'd still rather the Big Bang. The Judeo-Christian God is a self-righteous, jealous, twisted and sick f*cker, whereas the big bang means that every atom in the entire universe is inseparably linked. The Big Bang has some truly beautiful connotations, whereas if God were real, it'd mean all life in the world is a slave to his vanity. +1
    This isn't asking "Which is true and which isn't." This is asking "Which would you rather.".  
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