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Hallo, I'm a fat dragoness! I'm a Furry/Fantasy artist and writer who runs the Tails of Lanschilandia online comic and has written the Pelsatia young-adult Fantasy books.

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    I have no idea what an old chat is. Judging by the comments, it's about immature debates. 4 years ago  
    She looks awesome. Also vampire. 4 years ago  
    Who cares? 4 years ago +2
    It's usually bright in my bedroom currently when I sleep due to my sleeping schedule. 4 years ago +1
    Fluttershy > Pinkie Pie > Twilight Sparkle > Rarity > Rainbow Dash > Applejack for me. Then again, I have yet to actually watch the cartoon, so I don't have much to go by. 4 years ago  
    I like swords. 4 years ago  
    Those are both positive things. 4 years ago +1
    Already illegal in most cases, I believe. 4 years ago  
    Tea time for all! 4 years ago  
    I can't actually tell the difference between "flavours" of that kind of thing. 4 years ago  
    I would be able to build that in a cave. With a box of scraps. 4 years ago  
    Yay European swords and armour! And I could save a beautiful dragon from an evil princess. 4 years ago +4
    Subway seems fun. I've never been on one, they're not very common here. 4 years ago  
    CHOCOLAAAAAAATE! 4 years ago  
    Thank you for your analysis, and I wish you the best of luck with your future in the field of psychology. :) 4 years ago  
    Why does the sign say "open"? 4 years ago  
    German can destroy anyone and anything with all the irregular endings, three noun genders and weird grammar rules. Except Russian, maybe. 4 years ago +7
    A duck. 4 years ago  
    Happy Birfday! :3 4 years ago  
    Sorry, I don't have time to watch it right away. 4 years ago  
    A rainy Autumn. 4 years ago  
    Well, horses are kind of like dragons. Except different. 4 years ago  
    Alright. I should start watching it soon. 4 years ago  
    Metal Horse. 4 years ago  
    I don't understand American Football. Sumo wrestling is something I should try myself one day, maybe. 4 years ago  
    East Frisian tea. 4 years ago  
    Non-alcoholic. 4 years ago  
    Only dumb-bots drink liquor, Sonic says. 4 years ago  
    I could still use my hands that way. Losing an eye would greatly harm my depth perception. 4 years ago +1
    A is super beautiful, but it would be so stressful to get to and away from. I walked up the slope to Neuschwanstein castle not too long ago and that kind of thing is no fun for my poor legs. 4 years ago  
    I actually still need to watch the G4 cartoon. G3 was super cute though and G1 has its charms. 4 years ago  
    Pizza pizza. 4 years ago  
    My significant other is shorter than I. 4 years ago  
    Only 76%? What a sad world we live in. 4 years ago +4
    Eating- and/or inflation-related powers, I would imagine. 4 years ago +1
    It isn't any more or less okay to hit a woman than it is to hit a man. I don't know why anyone would or should make a difference based on gender and it's ridiculous that this is even a thing. :s 4 years ago +8
    Squirrel Girl! 4 years ago  
    I have both pretty much permanently but the feet bother me more. 4 years ago  
    Would only do B with a herring. 4 years ago  
    I don't like seeing naked people either. 4 years ago  
    Already living in that world. :3 4 years ago  
    Squirrel Girl would beat him. 4 years ago  
    I play the keyboard and it's awesome, so yeah. 4 years ago  
    Illumanatee? 4 years ago +1
    Would use A. 4 years ago +1
    Dragons. 4 years ago  
    I can't make anything out of paper mache. 4 years ago +2
    He's awesome! :> 4 years ago  
    He does not. It's a long-distance relationship right now. :s 4 years ago  
    My significant other is American. 4 years ago +3
    Fat Princess. 4 years ago  
    I don't care for either but I like MInecraft the least. 4 years ago  
    Castles were built to be easy to defend. 4 years ago +2
    Far from it. 4 years ago +1
    Animal? Dragons are people, too! 4 years ago +1
    Prettier. 4 years ago  
    I'm not. I'm glad my religious beliefs entertain you, though. :) 4 years ago  
    D: 4 years ago  
    Tea is better. 4 years ago +2
    Because magic. I would like to try archery in real life, but only because no magic. 4 years ago  
    Disney comics. 4 years ago  
    Neither. No one cares about super heroes in Germany. 4 years ago  
    Because dragons. 4 years ago  
    I do not, sorry. 4 years ago  
    I worship Egyptian deities. 4 years ago  
    I use & to imply a closer connection between terms, especially when talking about multiple groups in one sentence ("Statler & Waldorf and Bert & Ernie"). Whether my intention is clear to anyone else is a different matter, but I like to at least try. :p 4 years ago  
    I grew up with platformers and I love them! 4 years ago +1
    Mmm, chairs. 4 years ago +2
    MARSHMALLOW! Super soft with the ability to grow bigger and bigger. 4 years ago  
    I wear horn-rimmed glasses and I like them. I think I look better with them, almost decent even. 4 years ago  
    Dragons! 4 years ago +1
    The Band Land theme from Rayman is in my head all day anyway lately. 4 years ago  
    Curvy and fat. 4 years ago  
    Being fat > being fit. 4 years ago  
    Hmm, not sure which one to pick here. Mario gets better games, Sonic has better characters in my opinion. It would greatly depend on what I am comparing them by. 4 years ago +1
    Mario had three TV shows. Then again, Sonic had four, actually... 4 years ago  
    Yay for cross-dressing! 4 years ago  
    1990. I guess I'm too old to be here? 4 years ago  
    Never played either and don't intend to but from what I hear, Halo is a pretty cool guy. 4 years ago  
    I approve of this. 4 years ago  
    I am aware. I was just wondering if it's considered so integral nowadays that people talk in a game. To my recollection, it used to be rather uncommon unless the genre required it. 4 years ago  
    Super Mario World would be a better game if it weren't so easy even by Mario standards. The cape feather and Yoshi are unreasonably powerful and even without those, it's hardly a challenge. 4 years ago  
    Is speech that common in games these days? I remember when they didn't even require dialogue. 4 years ago  
    I could go to southern Germany, I suppose. It's kind of like Austria. I don't personally care much for Greece, though I don't know much about the country really. 4 years ago  
    Scotland! I love their culture. 4 years ago  
    Cleverbot can sing the Pokémon theme. 4 years ago +1
    I don't like either but I don't get the point of "shooting" thingies. 4 years ago  
    I don't think Barbie really has a reputation for high-quality entertainment based on the toy franchise. 4 years ago +2
    I'm not even sure how/why there would be something wrong. 4 years ago  
    Although I'm not sure now if that would be considered slavery. 4 years ago +2
    I am full name and a picture of your face, apparently. 4 years ago  
    Why not both, though? 4 years ago +5
    I'm bi. 4 years ago +1
    A is more versatile, so easy to make variations of it. 4 years ago  
    Why is the right whale on the left? 4 years ago +3
    Narwhals are absolutely amazing. I still can't believe they exist. They kind of seem like they shouldn't, but they do, and that's awesome. 4 years ago +3
    Squirrel Girl. 4 years ago  
    I sort of used B in a video I made long ago. I think. 4 years ago  
    Same! 4 years ago  
    I find white to be rather bland. 4 years ago  
    Wish I could, but Halloween isn't celebrated here. 4 years ago  
    Why not Zoidberg? 4 years ago +6
    Mmm, plasma... 4 years ago  
    I don't want to be a parent like my own parents. :s 4 years ago  
    Gandalf is an angelic being. Dumbledore is just a magic-user. 4 years ago  
    There's a difference between stating your opinion and attacking someone. You're free to have an opinion, but there's no need to be rude about it. If you want your opinion to be respected, please show some respect for other people as well. 4 years ago +1
    Swords are cool. 4 years ago +1
    I have no idea what these parties are but I like elephants. 4 years ago  
    Actually, you were making demands of the person who asked the question and insulting them. 4 years ago +1
    Never sleeping = more time for eating! 4 years ago +1
    No one forces you to vote/comment on them, you know. 4 years ago +1
    Not normally a fan of Sony, but the N64 was one Nintendo console I really didn't like. (I like the ones before and after it, just not that one.) 4 years ago  
    I have an Octavia plushie. 4 years ago  
    I went to Denmark not long ago and I didn't find it to be very different from northern Germany. Sweden seems a lot more interesting to me personally. 4 years ago +1
    Yum? 4 years ago  
    So far, way too much has been going to my legs I think. :( I wish it were mainly in the tummy. 4 years ago  
    Um, only 220 lbs unfortunately. :( 4 years ago  
    Bridges are awesome. 4 years ago  
    Not quite, but probably a decent comparison! (Shares my first name, even.) 4 years ago  
    Gotta keep the tradition alive. 4 years ago +4
    I like my green eyes. 4 years ago  
    Yes. ;3 4 years ago  
    Who wouldn't? 4 years ago +1
    Why would I? ô.o 4 years ago +1
    My country's military would be stopped by bureaucracy. 4 years ago  
    Trying to get really fat but my metabolism is kind of fast. 4 years ago  
    I eat all day anyway. 4 years ago +3
    I don't like either of the films but I like Half-Blood Prince the least out of the two. 4 years ago  
    German Christmas is pretty. Weihnachtsmarkt and all. 4 years ago  
    They overlap, though. 4 years ago  
    Prisoner of Azkaban is my favourite of all the films. 4 years ago  
    Eh, farts are fun! I don't find them gross, I'm not sure if I'd feel differently if I could smell them. 4 years ago  
    Vellidragon is able to become camouflaged. She likewise has the power to confuse the memories of an assailant and she has inherited a fantastic ability to see the past. Vellidragon has learned to transform diamond into fire and she developed the talent to force jackals to flee, but this power only lasts one day at a time. She also has been known to make sloths appear from nowhere and she battles combatants wielding a cruel series of spines that also grants a legendary charisma. Vellidragon brawls using a destructive collection of spikes made from kevlar. Tragically, Vellidragon struggles with being unable to smell. [Whoa, I actually am unable to smell!] 5 years ago  
    Filet-o-Fishes and fries! 5 years ago  
    I whistle all the time, to the point I sometimes don't realise it anymore. :s 5 years ago  
    I like dragons. Maybe I could befriend it. 5 years ago  
    Fat Princess 5 years ago  
    Ooh, that makes sense! Thanks. 5 years ago  
    Why is the better-looking one on the "no way" choice? 5 years ago  
    Mmm, chocolate sprinkles... -w- 5 years ago  
    Never heard of the series. 5 years ago  
    Waddling is fun! 5 years ago  
    Finland is great, but nothing beats Ireland. Celtic culture is very inspiring to me. 5 years ago +3
    David Attenborough. 5 years ago  
    I always want food. 5 years ago +1
    Healthy food is bad for my weight. 5 years ago  
    Never eaten a poptart in my life, but if it's food, it's probably good to have. 5 years ago  
    I like documentaries. 5 years ago  
    (Un)fortunately, the image is edited. The actual question was a different one. 5 years ago  
    Nya~. 5 years ago  
    My school was so poor we had to buy our own chalk, clocks and curtains for the windows. 5 years ago  
    Ooooh, I like! 5 years ago  
    Beijing more specifically means northern capital; Tōkyō means eastern capital. 5 years ago  
    Nothing would change. 5 years ago  
    For everything that calls for potatoes, I would just use chocolate instead. 5 years ago  
    Bananas are both yummy *and* fattening! 5 years ago  
    Garfield! 5 years ago  
    I have very bad luck. 5 years ago  
    Tough choice, but Wales has a dragon. 5 years ago  
    Cake. 5 years ago  
    Unless you're way down in the wealthy south where the Oktoberfest culture is, there really are better places to be than Germany. 5 years ago  
    Kangaroos! 5 years ago  
    I researched A and allegedly, King "had filed to trademark 'candy,' an application which it has since dropped", so it doesn't appear to be true. 5 years ago  
    Italy has better food, but Scandinavia is prettier overall. 5 years ago  
    I know exactly how the purple giraffe dream would come to be in my case. The other option, not so much. 5 years ago +1
    Dinosaurs! Yaaaay! 5 years ago  
    Unusual hairstyles are the best! 5 years ago  
    A looks incredible. 5 years ago  
    Fooood! 5 years ago  
    Tokyo Mew Mew! 5 years ago  
    Vikings! 5 years ago  
    Hinga dinga durgen! 5 years ago +8
    B has more style. And red hair. Red hair is awesome. 5 years ago +1
    I would take it as a compliment! 5 years ago  
    They are young-adult fantasy novels, they should come up if you search for "Pelsatia". You're very friendly. :) I wish you all the best! 5 years ago  
    Gave up both a long time ago. 5 years ago  
    Would require a ton of food, though. 5 years ago +1
    Pink is pretty. 5 years ago  
    Oh, cool! Hope that works out well for you. I have two books out right now (self-published) and they're not selling very well. Maybe you'll have more luck! :) 5 years ago  
    Headaches are no fun, they pretty much ruin my day. At least with a sore throat, I can still focus. 5 years ago  
    Hobbits have the best food. 5 years ago  
    Who needs that many socks? 5 years ago  
    I don't care about sex. 5 years ago  
    B is what I already am sometimes. 5 years ago +1
    Vive le Québec libre! 5 years ago  
    Knew which one it would be right when I saw the giant McDonald's arches. 5 years ago  
    I like swords. Much more stylish. 5 years ago  
    Fooooood! 5 years ago  
    With meat-free patties! 5 years ago  
    I'm fond of fatness, so it would be a compliment. 5 years ago  
    It annoys me when it's the other way around. :s 5 years ago  
    I'd eat that. 5 years ago  
    I couldn't last that long without food! 5 years ago  
    Gouda! 5 years ago  
    I like hair. 5 years ago  
    "Would ponies win?" has as obvious an answer as "does Twilight sparkle?". Ponies not winning would be quite a rarity. 5 years ago  
    A hoe? I don't like gardening. 5 years ago  
    Same. 5 years ago  
    I like round things, I'm fairly round myself. 5 years ago  
    Country and folk, please. 5 years ago  
    Pink is pretty and I don't drink alcohol. 5 years ago  
    Yay, fat trees! 5 years ago  
    Jogging in place seems tiring and may be harmful to my weight. :( 5 years ago  
    Been attempting A for a while. :s 5 years ago +2
    Yeah, I would think of the one that's actually being said. 5 years ago  
    Princess Sally. 5 years ago  
    Since when are those opposites? 5 years ago  
    The world needs more fat cheerleaders. 5 years ago +1
    A lot of the animated shows I grew up with were international co-productions with Japanese animators, so this was a tough choice. I ended up going with western animation as there are more western works that I personally like and the animation often looks a bit smoother and less restricted, which makes it more entertaining for me to watch. 5 years ago +3
    Black Mages are adorable. 5 years ago  
    Sick of green beans. 5 years ago  
    Super fat! 5 years ago  
    Not sure what the point of A would be. 5 years ago +2
    Only thing I've ever used a phone for was phoning people. 5 years ago  
    Sooo many Sonic characters I like. 5 years ago +1
    Fabulous fat female fox Furries forever! 5 years ago +1
    Is she holding a sausage chain? 5 years ago  
    My mother hates me. 5 years ago  
    Sonic! He can really move, Sonic! He's got an attitude, Sonic! He's the fastest thing aliiiiive...~ 5 years ago  
    I'm fairly tall and it makes it hard to visibly put on weight. 5 years ago  
    I need the extra space. 5 years ago  
    I, for one, welcome our new alien overlords. 5 years ago  
    It's odd that it still contains that even though the constitution guarantees freedom of religion. 5 years ago +4
    Don't like rice, don't eat poultry. 5 years ago  
    Assuming all that stuff is vegetarian meat replacement. 5 years ago  
    Multiple actual cakes. 5 years ago  
    They're grrrreat! 5 years ago  
    Interesting culture, nice cuisine. 5 years ago  
    Filet-o-fishes and fries! 5 years ago  
    I like the left one's design. 5 years ago  
    As a German, I have to go with the UK. 5 years ago +3
    Can't eat a knife or flashlight. 5 years ago  
    Two people. (I got better.) 5 years ago +1
    They do grow up in the play/book, only Peter doesn't. 5 years ago  
    I like swords. 5 years ago  
    Michelin Starscream. 5 years ago  
    I'm a semi-professional artist so having incredible skills in that area would really help. 5 years ago  
    I'm under no kind of pressure at home. 5 years ago  
    Firefox! 5 years ago +1
    A fat Gardevoir. 5 years ago  
    Poyo. 5 years ago  
    Snorlax, Miltank and Dragonite! :3 5 years ago  
    Fat Pokémon are the best Pokémon. 5 years ago +1
    Never liked Deoxys's design. 5 years ago +1
    It's not hard to do better than George Bush. 5 years ago +10
    I made my vote because I would rather have a daughter than a son in general. I'm bi (among other things) and couldn't care less what people like. 5 years ago +6
    I like serif fonts. 5 years ago  
    So it doesn't get mistaken for the ground. 5 years ago +3
    I could get royalties when someone inevitably makes a musical about my life. 5 years ago  
    I'm polytheistic and primarily worship a Goddess, which one should I vote for? 5 years ago +1
    Didn't I vote on this already? Yay obesity! 5 years ago  
    I'd like to move to some place with mountains. Getting tired of the seaside. 5 years ago  
    Mario can kill the sun with a turtle shell. 5 years ago  
    Wii U is now in the conversation. 5 years ago  
    Wii (U). 5 years ago +1
    Silver isn't complemented by the blue very well, in my opinion. It's both too similar to stand out and not similar enough to truly blend in. 5 years ago +3
    Dragons! 5 years ago  
    Squirrel Girl!! 5 years ago  
    People still make music? 5 years ago  
    What's a minecraft? 5 years ago  
    I can already listen to music in my head. My dreams are frequently amazing and would make great films. 5 years ago  
    So many things I'd rather not know. Depressed enough as is. 5 years ago  
    I don't like sex. 5 years ago  
    Triple my weight! 5 years ago  
    Google is despicable. Firefox has Furry style! 5 years ago  
    I have very bad luck. 5 years ago  
    I have very bad luck. 5 years ago  
    The fact that the holocaust happened brought up a lot of morality questions and shaped the modern world view. 9-11 caused nothing but pointless hate and war. 5 years ago  
    Yo-ho, yo-ho, a pirate's life for me! 5 years ago  
    I don't care about sex. 5 years ago  
    No one could possibly be a better choice than the koala. SO CUTE! 5 years ago +2
    I have extremely bad luck. 5 years ago  
    Maybe women do want to answer this. -.- Punching bags are fun. 5 years ago +1
    Squirrel Girl. Enough said. 5 years ago  
    Potatoes are icky, but they don't do strange things to my body. 5 years ago  
    Antz. But out of those, the closest equivalent. :> 5 years ago  
    I'm a pescetarian. 5 years ago  
    Grolar bears are skilled in the art of spoonsmanship. A huge venomous snake lacks the limbs to use one. 5 years ago  
    I love the rain! It's beautiful and calming. Snow is nice too, though. 5 years ago  
    It would be awesome to weigh 500 lbs. 5 years ago  
    I want to be a millionaire, but only if the price is right. 5 years ago +1
    Overweight and trying to get bigger. 5 years ago  
    I'd rather weigh at least 500 pounds, but that's a good start. :3 5 years ago  
    I'd make myself and people I like fatter. :3 5 years ago  
    I want to gain weight, so the other option makes no sense for me. I have a problem with being tired a lot, though. 5 years ago  
    I'm trying to gain weight anyway. If the butter would help, great! 5 years ago  
    Fat is awesome! 5 years ago  
    I'm already a Furry. :3 5 years ago  
    If they're ignorant enough to be judgemental in the first place, being wrong won't change their opinion. 5 years ago +1
    I like beng called fat, I take it as a compliment. 5 years ago  
    Used to the non-stop crying. 5 years ago  
    No real advantage to seeing colours if everything's a blur. 5 years ago +1
    From experience, remote controls taste a lot better. Excellent snack foods. 5 years ago +1
    Food is super important. 5 years ago  
    I'm used to construction noises. 5 years ago  
    I don't celebrate Halloween, but I like the idea of free candy. 5 years ago +2
    They're both cute. :3 5 years ago +3
    Gotta catch 'em all. 5 years ago  
    Maybe people would stop trying to force me to use Facebook. Then again, maybe not. 5 years ago  
    I tried Club Penguin once, it's actually somewhat fun. Never heard of the other choice, but it looks like another unnecessarily sadistic "game". 5 years ago  
    I'm a Furry artist, so yeah. :3 5 years ago  
    Squirrel Girl!! 5 years ago  
    My hair does what it wants. I'd love if it remained straight. 5 years ago +1
    Meat-free burgers! Meat-free hot dogs come very close, though. I should combine the two into Frankfurter's burgermonster. 5 years ago  
    Oh golly, math. :s 5 years ago  
    I'm a big fan of fat! 5 years ago  
    I don't trust Facebook. 5 years ago  
    I am a professional pudding. I puddng all the time. 5 years ago  
    I'd rather eat fruit and be unhealthy. 5 years ago  
    I get the blame whether I want it or not. 5 years ago  
    I am 6-foot-something and would marry me. 5 years ago  
    Italy has the best cuisine! :3 5 years ago  
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