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Hallo, I'm a fat dragoness! I'm a Furry/Fantasy artist and writer who runs the Tails of Lanschilandia online comic and has written the Pelsatia young-adult Fantasy books.

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    I'm under no kind of pressure at home.  
    I like serif fonts.  
    People still make music?  
    What's a minecraft?  
    I can already listen to music in my head. My dreams are frequently amazing and would make great films.  
    So many things I'd rather not know. Depressed enough as is.  
    I don't like sex.  
    Triple my weight!  
    Google is despicable. Firefox has Furry style!  
    I have very bad luck.  
    I have very bad luck.  
    The fact that the holocaust happened brought up a lot of morality questions and shaped the modern world view. 9-11 caused nothing but pointless hate and war.  
    Yo-ho, yo-ho, a pirate's life for me!  
    I don't care about sex.  
    I have extremely bad luck.  
    Maybe women do want to answer this. -.- Punching bags are fun. +1
    Squirrel Girl. Enough said.  
    Potatoes are icky, but they don't do strange things to my body.  
    Antz. But out of those, the closest equivalent. :>  
    I'm a pescetarian.  
    Grolar bears are skilled in the art of spoonsmanship. A huge venomous snake lacks the limbs to use one.  
    I love the rain! It's beautiful and calming. Snow is nice too, though.  
    I want to be a millionaire, but only if the price is right. +1
    Gotta catch 'em all.  
    Squirrel Girl!!  
    Meat-free burgers! Meat-free hot dogs come very close, though. I should combine the two into Frankfurter's burgermonster.  
    Oh golly, math. :s  
    I don't trust Facebook.  
    I am a professional pudding. I puddng all the time.  
    I'd rather eat fruit and be unhealthy.  
    I get the blame whether I want it or not.  
    I am 6-foot-something and would marry me.  
    Italy has the best cuisine! :3  
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