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I have a wonderful bf

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    Why do u guys pick on someone who was just from a little town who had talent from the start i only picked this movie because iv seen never say never. The way that i think of the movie or of all the movie out the as celberty lives is an insperstion justin bieber had some rough times his parents were split up scince justin was a baby and the mom had to take are of him but thats what i call a miracle +1
    No the real question are u such a bit[h to say that to someone who likes him and wven thought im voting for rebecca black i have justin biebers album so screw u you just wanna hurt other ppls feelings and make them fell bad but guess what ur the JOKE!  
    I really like both  
    Not all of them  
    God exsits b*tch  
    What if they dont pick up ur call -____-  
    I do stuipid  
    Im loosing my friends. God i hate them  
    Enemy so i can KILL her +1
    No one knows im daiting this awesome guy besides my parents and bro but friends no way he was our enemy to my friends but cute and sweet to me  
    I already have a bf and he use to be a jerk to some ppl but hes so nice my family loves but my friends hate him  
    You would be a slut if u chose B  
    My friends already hate him  
    Toronto isnt a losing team bishes  
    If it was my bf then call otherwise text  
    If it was my boyfriend then a call but otherwise text  
    Whats so good about porn the "aaahhhh"  
    Big dick  
    Michaeld2 ur wrong jokes on u u lose all ur money then +2
    I already am the hottest girl in my class all the hot boys fall for me  
    Im just a teen  
    JUSTIN BIEBER!!!....... Jk hahahahah no i wouldn't date him. I would date this cute guy in my class.  
    I picked the wrong one... Shit  
    Really u can watch porn on ur phone  
    Im a girl  
    Anyone who said justin said he sucks ur a b!tch even u abbiekat  
    Hey stevenl how dk u know tht were lying and how do u know were not lying u cant speak for us BITCH  
    It depends what game  
    Igloos r cool  
    It depends on what game u play duh u guys r stupid  
    Its just beeing sick no cancer nothing u guys are stupid. Wow  
    Both. Lol  
    Romney is sort of a liar  
    Hey guest from turkey u can shove tht money up ur ass  
    Gordan ramsie or whtever  
    Yo maaan dont talk about drake like tht u guys r STUPID  
    Im already smart and the hottest one in my whole school  
    Okay nymeria stop little dogs armt brats ur a freaking b**ch and a brat combined  
    I would have both  
    God does  
    God is awesome b*tches  
    I would have both  
    I would save up and i already have a lot of money from working b*tches  
    Free itunes maaan  
    Good does exist and he mad the world. The ppl thts choose the big bang and said tht god exise watch out karmas a b*tch  
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