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    I wish people would leave their God to themselves. I can't believe they have not realized nobody cares that they believe in God and that everyone can have an opinion.  
    Nope, No Sister. WIN.  
    I don't want to be famous +68
    I'd rather Kill myself.  
    Wet cat food is healthier than most of the things people eat anyways......FACT.  
    I hope you're not serious..  
    Heaven doesn't exist.  
    You're dumb if you believe in a storybook Character.  
    Ugh, God isn't real.  
    God is impossible +2
    No, We're actually in grip with reality and not a storybook character. +1
    You're ignorant.....aren't you?  
    Not necessarily...  
    it's better to have loved and lost, Than never to have loved at all. +3
    lol 69% +1
    then put a comma or people will mistake you, There's a reason they make you take English class :)  
    Have the baby and put it up for adaption, EVERYBODY DESERVES A CHANCE AT LIFE. +2
    My thoughts exactly Random^^  
    you can get raped during the day too...  
    Do research idiot +9
    Conceded much? +3
    im a girl ;)  
    i'm sorry, i think you should stop looking in the mirror and read the question... +1
    i think rape shouldn't be an excuse for abortion.. +4
    people who care about their children.. +2
    no it's called not caring about our future generations..  
    i like older guys ;) +1
    it wouldn't hide the fact that you wouldn't have a soul... +2
    not if she was a lesbian....she'd dump your ass and move on...  
    I F***ING HATE JB!!!!!!!!! +3
    i HATE star wars.. +2
    your an ignorant, wait your from Texas nevermind...  
    Greedy much?  
    Abortion is wrong you D*ck head!  
    conceded much b*tch? +2
    you think looks are more important than personality?  
    "Duh." is not a reason to believe...your argument is invalid.  
    do you feel like a total "bad ass" for saying that....?  
    why would i if i'm an Atheist....  
    you think reading a book that makes no sense, AND is created by a RANDOM guy, is going to change anyone's views?  
    so now your actually stupid enough to start being racist....i'm sorry but YOU'RE the one that's Retarded...  
    Go back to school and you would know..  
    yeah way to represent your side moron....  
    there is no "God"...Your argument is invalid..  
    there is no "God" your logic is invalid  
    you can't prove god is real either..  
    *weak.....and i'm not weak minded for not believing in god.  
    did you eat a bowl of crap for breakfast this morning? -_-  
    there is more proof of the big bang than there is for a "God"  
    not horrible if your an Atheist...  
    prove it.  
    "God" created nothing!  
    okay one, learn to spell it right....and two, too each their own opinion, so leave him the f*** alone....and it's really hard too believe that a random person created every one... -_- so now YOUR the stupid one here..  
    it's kind of hard to believe in something that has no proof.... that your "god" creates everything...the bible was probably just written by a random guy, and i'm suppose to believe that a "god" wrote it?  
    you don't if your an Atheist.. +1
    Prove it...  
    prove it..  
    a LIVE snake... +1
    you'd remember it your whole life... +5
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