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Would you rather WOW (World Of Warcraft) or LOL (League Of Legends) 4 years ago 157 votes 11 comments 0 likes
Would you rather Be a Pokemon Trainer. or Be the President of the United States. 5 years ago 183 votes 14 comments 0 likes
Would you rather Watch TV or Go Outside 5 years ago 802 votes 11 comments 0 likes
Would you rather be Funny or Serious 6 years ago 3,229 votes 18 comments 2 likes
Do you think that Foreign people should stop being jealous of the USA, and just be grateful for everything we've did for them? Yes! or No! 7 years ago 240 votes 26 comments 0 likes
Would you rather Eat the EXACT same thing everyday for eternity. or Live in the EXACT same house and drive the EXACT same car as everyone else for eternity 7 years ago 410 votes 20 comments 0 likes
Would you rather King of The Hill or American Dad 7 years ago 447 votes 8 comments 0 likes
Would you rather eat Cheez-Its or Cheese Nips 7 years ago 307 votes 10 comments 1 like
Westboro Baptist Church....... Yay >:( or Nay! :) 7 years ago 350 votes 18 comments 0 likes
Would you rather get caught watching porn OF your parents or Get caught Cheating on your Partner. 7 years ago 277 votes 6 comments 0 likes
Would you rather Walk 10 miles or Swim 10 miles 7 years ago 323 votes 7 comments 0 likes
(GUYS and LESBIANS) Would you rather do A Girly Girl or A Tomboy girl? 7 years ago 3,889 votes 32 comments 0 likes
Would you rather Distroy all Pedophiles or Kill Justin Bieber 7 years ago 420 votes 19 comments 0 likes
Would you rather Fuck a Dog or Slap a Kitten! 7 years ago 611 votes 18 comments 0 likes
Would you rather Cut off your leg or Listen to Justin Beiber for a hour 7 years ago 367 votes 12 comments 0 likes
Would you rather eat A Dog or Poop 7 years ago 215 votes 7 comments 0 likes

VictoriaLikesNOBODY has posted the following comments:

I wish people would leave their God to themselves. I can't believe they have not realized nobody cares that they believe in God and that everyone can have an opinion. 4 years ago  
I think so... I put A o.O 5 years ago  
I like feminine guys ^^ 5 years ago  
I agree 5 years ago  
At least I wouldn't be alone or get frostbite 5 years ago  
I hate blondes 5 years ago +1
FXck yeah I'd suck him off! 5 years ago  
all dey er'dey 5 years ago  
Kill Yourself. 6 years ago +17
Steven Tyler is so hot 6 years ago +1
Nope, No Sister. WIN. 6 years ago  
Fxcking Terrorists....... 6 years ago  
They both are just awful. 6 years ago +1
Apple Sucks 6 years ago +1
Soccer Sucks 6 years ago +4
I don't want to be famous 6 years ago +68
Seriously?! 6 years ago +1
How's that working for ya'? 6 years ago +1
I'd rather Kill myself. 6 years ago  
Hehe yeah :P ;) 6 years ago  
Wet cat food is healthier than most of the things people eat anyways......FACT. 6 years ago  
No I just have a good taste in music. 6 years ago +1
I hope you're not serious.. 6 years ago  
Good for them. 6 years ago  
Only with the one I love though 6 years ago +2
1D can go suck a railroad spike. 6 years ago +2
Then You'd Still be Happy :) (Probably).... 6 years ago +1
Heaven doesn't exist. 6 years ago  
You're dumb if you believe in a storybook Character. 7 years ago  
Ugh, God isn't real. 7 years ago  
God is impossible 7 years ago +2
No, We're actually in grip with reality and not a storybook character. 7 years ago +1
Amen. 7 years ago +1
still wouldn't make much of a difference but ok :p 7 years ago  
wouldn't matter because every car and house is the same :p 7 years ago  
ANY food of your choice lol sorry i forgot to add that part :p 7 years ago +1
what?!?!?!?!!? how old r u??!?!?!!?! 7 years ago  
i LOVE tokio hotel :D 7 years ago +1
You're ignorant.....aren't you? 7 years ago  
HOT CHEETOS FTW!! 7 years ago +2
i love science :D 7 years ago  
how dare you call a young child ugly?!?!? 7 years ago  
i love them :D 7 years ago +3
ew.. 7 years ago +2
Chuck norris 7 years ago +3
i hate soccer 7 years ago +7
but it was implied.. 7 years ago +3
what? 7 years ago +2
i LOOOVE MICHIGAN :D 7 years ago +2
No he's not, he's the king of pop! 7 years ago  
Not necessarily... 7 years ago  
Why? 7 years ago  
Neither! They both look like Justin Beiber Wannabes.... 7 years ago +1
Yes 7 years ago +4
who? 7 years ago  
U Mad Bro? 7 years ago  
You're pathetic! 7 years ago  
i've never heard of ANY of these.... 7 years ago +2
There's like 8 registered sex offenders in my park sooooooo.... 7 years ago +4
Thats not a hamster...thats a Capybara 7 years ago +7
SOUTH SUCKS 7 years ago +1
i hate both 7 years ago  
hahah you funny... 7 years ago  
you have to listen to it though 7 years ago  
Neither! i hate both! 7 years ago +1
Exactly! 7 years ago  
what the fruck is wrong with you?!?! 7 years ago +4
yup because i'm SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO jealous of that creep. (sarcasm intended) 7 years ago  
Viola and Guitar :3 7 years ago  
it's better to have loved and lost, Than never to have loved at all. 7 years ago +3
GOOD! as long as he's dead! 7 years ago +3
both are REALLLLYYYYYYY good :) 7 years ago +1
hippie. 7 years ago +1
i'm a girl and i HATE the color BURNS my eyes!! 7 years ago  
who is iJustine? 7 years ago +1
less pollution! 7 years ago  
lol 69% 7 years ago +1
i am polish :3 7 years ago +2
seriously? it doesn't effect YOU in anyway, so WHY NOT?!!? 7 years ago 7 years ago  
then put a comma or people will mistake you, There's a reason they make you take English class :) 7 years ago  
what are Moams? 7 years ago +2
yummy ;) 7 years ago  
ADELE IS NOT FAT!!!! 7 years ago  
Have the baby and put it up for adaption, EVERYBODY DESERVES A CHANCE AT LIFE. 7 years ago +2
gross 7 years ago +2
I DO YOU B*TCH!! 7 years ago +3
Then Get the f*ck out you ungrateful B*tch 7 years ago  
You're sick 7 years ago +1
She's not chubby! 7 years ago  
i think girls that DON'T are either lying or are just weird... 7 years ago +1
Gross.. 7 years ago +2
All day er'day 7 years ago +2
they look cuter :3 7 years ago +1
Thats sick and inhumane 7 years ago +1
you're very ignorant, aren't you? 7 years ago +3
My thoughts exactly Random^^ 7 years ago  
Yes i do. 7 years ago  
homophobia, racism, and transphobia, are NOT normal.. 7 years ago +2
Why? 7 years ago  
you can get raped during the day too... 7 years ago  
Do research idiot 7 years ago +9
Conceded much? 7 years ago +3
im a girl ;) 7 years ago  
@Mercuryel Agreed xD 7 years ago  
good for you.... 7 years ago  
both! 7 years ago +1
i LOVE cats....dogs are annoying and they always try to rape me... 7 years ago +2
I'd rather have sex with a horse than eat sh*t...... 7 years ago +4
Horror movies ARE comedies to me... 7 years ago +5
the fruck.... 7 years ago +3
i'm sorry, i think you should stop looking in the mirror and read the question... 7 years ago +1
I F***ING LOVE NICKLE BACK!! lmao 7 years ago  
U Mad Bro? 7 years ago  
i love Shakespeare :) 7 years ago +6
pandas actually aren't as big as people think, just about the size of a large dog 7 years ago  
if the shark is hungry it would, or if it's just curious of what you are he would nip at you. 7 years ago  
i couldn't bare losing my parents! 7 years ago +2
Thank you! Thought i was the only one that thought so! 7 years ago  
i think rape shouldn't be an excuse for abortion.. 7 years ago +4
people who care about their children.. 7 years ago +2
no it's called not caring about our future generations.. 7 years ago  
i like older guys ;) 7 years ago +1
it wouldn't hide the fact that you wouldn't have a soul... 7 years ago +2
not if she was a lesbian....she'd dump your ass and move on... 7 years ago  
either way it's VERY dangerous... 7 years ago  
no -_- 7 years ago +1
it said SPEND THE has nothing to do with being straight/gay/bi........... 7 years ago  
I F***ING HATE JB!!!!!!!!! 7 years ago +3
i HATE star wars.. 7 years ago +2
so you like girls that don't even exist?? 7 years ago +2
kesha is gross.... 7 years ago  
how? 7 years ago  
your an ignorant, wait your from Texas nevermind... 7 years ago  
Greedy much? 7 years ago  
Abortion is wrong you D*ck head! 7 years ago  
conceded much b*tch? 7 years ago +2
you think looks are more important than personality? 7 years ago  
yeah but if your a slut, people are liking you for the WRONG reasons.. 7 years ago  
i don't think innocent babies should be killed....if you don't want your baby, give it up for Adoption! Don't kill it! 7 years ago +1
i think child pornography is a bigger deal... 7 years ago +5
Dear All Christians: WE ARE TIRED OF YOUR SHIT. SHUT YOUR FACES. 7 years ago  
"Duh." is not a reason to believe...your argument is invalid. 7 years ago  
do you feel like a total "bad ass" for saying that....? 7 years ago  
why would i if i'm an Atheist.... 7 years ago  
you think reading a book that makes no sense, AND is created by a RANDOM guy, is going to change anyone's views? 7 years ago  
so now your actually stupid enough to start being racist....i'm sorry but YOU'RE the one that's Retarded... 7 years ago  
Go back to school and you would know.. 7 years ago  
yeah way to represent your side moron.... 7 years ago  
there is no "God"...Your argument is invalid.. 7 years ago  
there is no "God" your logic is invalid 7 years ago  
you can't prove god is real either.. 7 years ago  
*weak.....and i'm not weak minded for not believing in god. 7 years ago  
did you eat a bowl of crap for breakfast this morning? -_- 7 years ago  
there is more proof of the big bang than there is for a "God" 7 years ago  
not horrible if your an Atheist... 7 years ago  
prove it. 7 years ago  
"God" created nothing! 7 years ago  
okay one, learn to spell it right....and two, too each their own opinion, so leave him the f*** alone....and it's really hard too believe that a random person created every one... -_- so now YOUR the stupid one here.. 7 years ago  
it's kind of hard to believe in something that has no proof.... that your "god" creates everything...the bible was probably just written by a random guy, and i'm suppose to believe that a "god" wrote it? 7 years ago  
you don't if your an Atheist.. 7 years ago +1
Prove it... 7 years ago  
prove it.. 7 years ago  
a LIVE snake... 7 years ago +1
you'd remember it your whole life... 7 years ago +5
Why? 7 years ago  
PWNED..... 7 years ago  
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